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Are Bon Bons Vegan? Which UK Bon Bons Flavours are Vegan?

Last updated on December 13th, 2023

Everything you need to know about vegan bon bons in the UK

Are bonbons vegan

As more and more things become vegan-friendly these days, it made me ask questions about bon bons. Well, let me fill you in on what I’ve learned. 

Let’s first start by making clear what we are talking about here. By bon bons, I mean the small round sweets that are quite hard and chewy. They are usually pink, blue, yellow or white and have a powdery coating. 

I’m clearing this up because Bonbon is actually a French word and I believe it can be used to describe many different types of sweets including round chocolates.  

But today, I’m asking, are the round chewy sweets vegan? And if we wanted to be really accurate we’d be asking are bonbons vegan? But it seems it’s more commonly spelt as two words, so I’m going with that.

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Are Bon Bons Vegan? 

If you want a black-and-white answer, then no, bon bons are not vegan. Most of the regular ones you can pick up in your local supermarket are not vegan-friendly. 

Read on to find out why they aren’t typically vegan and where to get your hands on some vegan versions of these delicious and super chewy sweets.

Do Bon Bons Have Gelatin In Them?

Yes, most regular bon bons have gelatin in them. It seems it’s common to find both pork or beef gelatin in them.

Do Bon Bons Have Milk In Them? 

Yes, I’m sorry, more bad news, you will often find some type of milk in bon bons. Not all the time, but quite often. It could be condensed milk, milk powder or whey powder. 

Are Bon Bons Vegetarian?

No, bon bons are not usually vegetarian, the milk is ok, but it’d because of the gelatin. If the ingredients list doesn’t mention gelatin then they are probably vegetarian but you’ll notice unfortunately most bon bons do contain gelatin. 

Where To Buy Vegan Bon Bons?

What would I be here for if it wasn’t to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And I’m guessing that because you’re here you’re looking to sit down, maybe watch a movie and devour a big bag of bon bons. 

Well, I love a vegan-related challenge so I’ve searched to find you the best out there. 

Little Vegans Sweet Company 

These vegan bon bons come in a few different flavours such as bubblegum, rhubarb and custard. They are made using natural flavours and of course, dairy-free, gelatine free.

Take a look at Little Vegans Sweet Company’s Bon Bons on Amazon

Sugar Noms

Sugar Noms are a fabulous vegan, family run business. Along with lots of other sweets, they do 8 flavours of bon bons! All vegan! They also use compostable packaging and offer gluten-free and palm oil-free options. Not only do they have an amazing selection of sweets, they are also a great business to support!

Take a look at Sugar Noms bom noms here.

Bear & Bee

This is another wonderful place to get vegan sweets. Bear & Bee offer different-sized bags of mixed bon bons. They have three flavours; strawberry, blueberry and lemon.

Take a look at Bear & Bees Vegan bon bons here.

Pink Vegan Bon bons

Are Blue Bon Bons Vegan?

No, blue bon bons are not usually vegan because they typically contain pork gelatin. But it is possible to get some.

You can get vegan blue bon bons here.

Are Strawberry Bon Bons Vegan?

No, strawberry bon bons are not typically vegan because they often have milk powder and butter in them. And may also contain gelatin too. 

You can get vegan strawberry bon bons here.  

Are Vimto Bon Bons Vegan?

Yes, it seems Vimto bon bons are vegan. I’m talking about original Vimto bon bons made by Vimto. And these ones made by Sweet Love of Mine are vegan too. 

But, I can guarantee that all the Vimto ones are vegan so please check any other ones yourself. 

Are Toffee Bon Bons Vegan?

Again, toffee bon bons usually contain milk and often gelatin too. So normally they are not suitable for vegan unless you find ones that especially say it, they will probably be no good for vegans. 

Are Co-Op Strawberry Bon Bons Vegan?

Yes, Co-op do have a bag of strawberry bon bons that are suitable for vegans. On the front they say natural flavouring and they also say vegan. So if you find these in your local Co-op. then enjoy!

Are Tesco Raspberry Bon Bons Vegan?

According to Open Food Facts, there are no non-vegan ingredients in Tesco Chewy Raspberry Bonbons, so, this would make them suitable for vegans. But it doesn’t take into consideration processing methods and it only says suitable for vegetarians on the Tesco description. So, it seems we don’t have a definite answer to this one. 

Are Bon bons vegan


No, most bon bons are not vegan because they typically contain gelatin and milk. But it is possible to find them either online or if you see a bag with the vegan logo on them like the ones in Co-op. 

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