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What’s the Best Dairy-Free Milk to Give Your Non-Vegan Friends?

Dairy free milk

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023

If you’re here to find out the best dairy-free milk for tea, or the best dairy-free milk for coffee, you’re in the right place.

Let me first tell you about a question I’ve struggled with since becoming vegan.

Deep down I know what’s right but other pressures get in the way when trying to convince others, why to drink plant-based milk, or why I’ve got no cow’s milk in my house.

Dairy-free milk options are available everywhere now…but should you offer milk – the one that comes from cows – to guests?

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What's the best dairy free mil

Great, I’ll pop around later for a catch up” – they say

No problem, I’ve got a nice coffee machine, a bunch of cool different teas and some accidentally vegan biscuits (you know the ones that are vegan but never meant to be, like bourbons and gingernuts). And of course, I’ve got milk – soy milk! – And other dairy-free options…..but no cow’s milk! 

Now, things are getting easier because so many people are actually choosing to drink milk alternatives and this could be because of all the options out there.

Dairy-free milk options available today:

And the list keeps growing.

Nut milk, dairy free milk

Which dairy-free milk option is the best?

The answer is… it depends on what it is for?

What’s the best dairy-free milk for coffee?

From what I’ve experienced and read the overwhelming choice for coffee is soy milk. My favourite is Alpro’s Vanilla Soy Milk.

And if you’re looking for a sweeter and heavier option than soy milk, I think oat milk is a good choice for you.

Now, by no means will soy or oat milk be everyone’s favourite dairy-free milk option. So, I say TRY THEM ALL!

What’s the best dairy-free milk for tea?

By far my favourite dairy-free milk for tea is Alpro Soya My Cuppa. It’s light and doesn’t separate when you pour it into the hot tea.

Personally, I think almond milk in hot drinks is worse than adding a drop of swamp water. So, I wouldn’t put my guest through that misery. But that’s just one of a long list of alternatives to dairy milk.

Dairy Free Milk - no cow milk

So, back to my impending visitor…and the milk dilemma

For those who haven’t yet got on board maybe they’ll give the soy milk in my house a try.

But to be honest, on their first taste, it’s unlikely they’ll enjoy it because it won’t taste like what they’re used to. It took me a long time to actually LIKE the taste of soy milk. But now I think some brands are really tasty.

Then others will just straight out say “No, I’m okay” once the idea of anything but cow’s milk is mentioned to them.

Now, look at the situation I’m left with; my guest is drinking a drink they don’t like or no drink at all.

So, what do I do? When I know someone’s coming who would like cow’s milk in their tea or coffee, against my better judgement, do I pop round to the shop and buy a small bottle of cow’s milk?

Possibly you can argue, they’re going to drink it anyway, it’s just the same as if they brought some with them, as long as I don’t drink it then it’s all good.

Or I could have every vegan milk option in so they can find what they like, but then I’m suddenly hosting a tea-tasting!

I really struggle with these points, so do I stick to my guns or am I the hostess with the mostess?


Recently I’ve been sticking to my guns, and while I want my visitors to enjoy their cuppa they’re having plant-based milk in it. I’ve been working on my persuasion skills. So, I’ve found two kinds of plant-based milk that seem to be a favourite:

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