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The Best Vegan Leather Boots for 2024 – For All Styles and Budgets

The Best Flat Vegan Leather Boots

Last updated on December 15th, 2023

If you think finding the perfect pair of vegan leather boots is going to be a challenge, boy have I got a surprise for you! There really are so many incredible options available these days.

In this post, I’m going to share a huge range of fantastic vegan boots and boot brands for all styles and budgets. My hope is that no matter what you’re after you’ll find your perfect pair, vegans should never miss out!

Getting your hands on a pair of regular leather boots is super easy, in any style and for pretty much any budget. And not so long ago, getting good quality vegan leather boots was tricky but things really are changing!

With the demand for vegan, ethically made and more sustainable products growing every day, the list of amazing vegan-friendly items is growing too. That means with each passing day it’s getting easier to get the perfect pair of vegan boots. And I’ve made it even easier by creating a list of my top picks of the best vegan leather boots.

Best Vegan Leather Boots for 2024

The Best Vegan Leather Boot Brands in 2024: 

1. Prologue Shoes

  • What’s to love: Vegan, made using recycled materials, budget-friendly
  • Price range: £60 – £110

Check out some of my favourite vegan Prologue boots ⬇️

Prologue Shoes is a completely vegan shoe brand that creates a large selection of vegan and sustainable footwear including trainers, heels, sandals and of course, vegan boots. 

They’re a great option because not only do they offer stylish boots, such as combat boots, knee-high vegan leather boots and ankle boots but they also come at a really fair price. 

Another great thing about Prologue shoes is that many of their styles are made using recycled materials such as nylon, rubber, cork, and PET plastic.

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from Prologue Shoes are:

  1. Mallory Vegan Leather Combat Lace-Up Boots
  2. Anelise Vegan Leather Knee High Boots
  3. Esme Vegan Leather Ankle Boots

Oh and Prologue Shoes has kindly offered my readers the value of $10 off their boots by using my link.

2. V.GAN

  • What’s to love: Vegan, huge selection of styles, made using recycled materials
  • Price range: £80 – £130

Check out some of my favourite V.GAN boots ⬇️

V.GAN are a vegan, ethical and sustainable fashion brand based in London. They seem to be rapidly expanding and spreading the word that there’s an alternative to real leather. 

Their brand is PETA-approved and their entire range is made free of all animal products and many styles include recycled materials.

They have a huge selection of different styles, so whatever vegan boots you’re after you’ll find an option including vegan Chelsea boots, platform boots, biker boots, knee-high boots, western boots and so much more. 

Another great thing about V.GAN, their products are not only excellent quality but super affordable too! 

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from V.GAN are: 

  1. Green Women’s Vegan Leather Chelsea Boots
  2. Hibiscus Women’s Vegan Leather Heeled Chelsea Boots
  3. Leaf Women’s Vegan Leather Knee High Boots

3. Dr. Martens

  • What’s to love: Vegan options, long-lasting, timeless
  • Price range: £185 – £215

Check out some of my favourite vegan Dr. Marten boots ⬇️

Dr. Martens is a brand that needs little introduction. The company that created Docs as we know them today has been around for more than 120 years and the first 1460 Dr. Martens boots were created over 70 years ago. 

But of course, the problem for such a long time was that all their boots were made of real leather. But that’s not the case any more! Dr. Martens has a growing collection of vegan boots including classics as well as some of their newer styles. 

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from Dr. Martens are: 

  1. 1460 Felix Rub Off Vegan Boot
  2. Sinclair Black Oxford Laced Vegan Boots
  3. 2976 Black Felix Rub Off Vegan Boot

4. Heavenly Feet

  • What’s to love: Vegan, very budget-friendly, huge selection of styles for all ages
  • Price range: £50 – £65

Check out some of my favourite vegan Heavenly Feet boots ⬇️

Heavenly Feet is a great example of how change is possible. When they first started out, not all of their footwear was vegan but as they grew they realised the importance of this, they made the change. Now all of their products are completely vegan as well as using recycled packaging, compostable shipping bags and green electricity at their head office.

In addition to the Heavenly Feet being vegan and cruelty-free, there are two other things I really love about them. Their vegan boots come at a great price, so it really helps the argument people have about vegan options being too expensive. The other thing I love is their incredible selection of styles meaning there’s something for everyone. 

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from Heavenly Feet are: 

  1. Justina Women Red Glitter BootHeavenly Feet
  2. Litesoles Alana Womens Black BootHeavenly Feet
  3. Bramble Women Black Calf Boot – Heavenly Feet

5. Bohema

  • What’s to love: Vegan, Stylish, unique styles using innovative materials
  • Price range: £130 – £200

Check out some of my favourite vegan Bohema boots ⬇️

Bohema brings some true style to the table. If you’re the kind of person who thinks your footwear makes the outfit, then you’ve got to check out Bohema.

Their vegan boots are made from incredible materials such as cactus leather, grape leather and pinatex, which is vegan leather made from pineapples.

Bohema offers an exciting range of vegan boots that are all made by the family or by local factories in Poland. And if you’re looking for a pair of white vegan boots this is the place to find them.

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from Bohema are: 

  1. Workers No. 3 Desserto Cactus Leather Vegan Boots – White
  2. Squared Chelsea Grape Leather Vegan Boots
  3. Pinatex® Vegan Leather Heeled Cowboy Boots

6. Good Guys Go Vegan

  • What’s to love: Vegan, plant-based materials, great selection of styles
  • Price range: £160 – £270

Check out some of my favourite vegan Good Guys Go Vegan boots ⬇️

What I love about Good Guys Go Vegan is how transparent they are, all their products have detailed descriptions. They explain what materials they use, why they use them and where they get them from. As someone who cares about vegan and sustainable fashion, the more information the better. 

Good Guys use innovative materials, such as appleskin, to create many of their styles along with other plant-based and sustainable materials. 

They have an extensive collection of styles to choose from including vegan clog boots, cowboy boots, desert boots, Chelsea boots and many more. 

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from Good Guys Go Vegan are:

  1. Oliver Vegan Leather Chelsea Boot – White
  2. Blaze Apple Leather Vegan Ankle Boots – Burgundy
  3. Lucky Unisex High Top Cowboy Boots


What’s to love: Vegan, against fast fashion, budget-friendly

Price range: £60 – £100

Check out some of my favourite vegan Dogo boots ⬇️

Dogo is a fully vegan brand and has been since its inception. A pair of boots from Dogo is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for something cute and unique. They make an endless choice of vegan boots with beautiful pictures and patterns, which is great if you want a traditional style boot with something that feels unique to you.

Dogo doesn’t only focus on vegan products but they are also standing strongly against fast fashion. They’re pushing the message that they create timeless products with a sustainable design.

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from Dogo are:

  1. Zipsy Mid Calf Boots – Dogo
  2. Long Fashion Boots – Dogo
  3. Long Fashion Peace Boots – Dogo

8. NAE Vegan Shoes

  • What’s to love: Vegan, use recycled materials, a large selection of choice
  • Price range: £120 – £200

Check out some of my favourite vegan NAE vegan boots ⬇️

NAE Vegan Shoes is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand that sells, among many other things, some beautiful vegan boots.

The name stands for No Animal Exploitation. So, that says a lot in itself. They were established in 2008 and were driven by a desire to make the world a more sustainable, animal-friendly, and free place to be.

Their vegan leather boots are made using natural and synthetic materials such as Pinatex, organic cotton, apple skin, cork and corn. They also use recycled materials such as PET and their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.

NAE make all kinds of vegan boots that suit many styles including vegan heeled boots, ankle boots, biker boots, Chelsea boots, lace-up boots many more. They even offer a range of unisex boots. 

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from NAE are:

  1. Odet Vegan Leather Biker Boots
  2. Lydia Women’s Apple Leather Heeled Vegan Ankle Boots
  3. Sisi Women’s Vegan Leather Chelsea Boots

9. Minuit sur Terre

  • What’s to love: Vegan, transparent, use recycled materials 
  • Price range: £130 – £170

Check out some of my favourite vegan Minuit sur Terre Vegan boots ⬇️

Minuit sur Terre might sound fancy, and their vegan boots certainly look fancy but their prices aren’t. They’re very fair and transparent about all the costs that go into producing and delivering the final product. 

Minuit sur Terre has both fashion and ethics in mind when designing and making footwear. They make super stylish boots that are made from all sorts of materials such as apples, cereals, plastic bottles, and recycled cotton. And not to forget they were the first in France to use raisin d’être, a revolutionary material made from grapes and vegetable oils.

They offer styles such as leather-look vegan boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots, lace-up boots, heeled boots and so much more. 

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from Minuit sur Terre are:

  1. Fantasy Recycled Grain Leather Biker Vegan Boot
  2. Manchester Recycled Grain Leather Knee High Vegan Boots
  3. Jupiter Lace-up Recycled Grain Vegan Lace-Up Boots – Kaki

10. Blowfish

  • What’s to love: Have a vegan range, a large selection of styles
  • Price range: £40 – £90

Blowfish is a popular footwear company in California. And while they’re not a fully vegan company, so you do need to be careful which pair of boots you pick, they do have a large vegan collection. Including some vegan leather boots made entirely of vegan products including vegan ankle boots, lace-up boots, combat boots, Chelsea boots and so much more. 

Another great thing about Blowfish is that they are involved in many fantastic initiatives including Soles 4 Souls and The Surfrider Foundation.

Three of my favourite pairs of vegan boots from Blowfish are:

  1. Women’s Leith Ankle BootBlowfish Malibu
  2. Women’s Roben Chelsea BootBlowfish Malibu
  3. Women’s Ritz Mid Calf BootBlowfish Malibu

I’ll finish this post with the same sentiment that I finish many of my other posts with. Being vegan really isn’t hard if you know where to look. Whether you’re after style, comfort, or something a little out there, here’s a long list of places to find incredible vegan leather boots. I hope you’ve found the perfect pair. 

What’s next? My posts are here to make vegan life just like everyone else’s, only a little better. Here are some other posts that might help you love your vegan life – The Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Lip Balms, The Best Vegan Crossbody Bag and The 9 Best Vegan Omega 3 Supplements.

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