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The Best Vegan Asian Food in Valencia, Spain in 2024

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023

Chinese, Thai, Indian and Japanese – Vegan Options for all!

Best vegan Asian food in Valencia

The best vegan Asian food in Valencia is easy to find if you know where to look. It took me some time to find, try and test enough places to put this list together. But, ya know, there are worse jobs out there! So, if you love Asian food as much as I do, then stick around because I’m going to share some real gems.

Yes, it may feel like Valencia is filled with little Spanish-style tabernas. And it is.

But there are plenty of other cuisines out there just waiting to be found. And to my surprise finding vegan Asian food in Valencia wasn’t too hard.

7 of my Favourite Vegan-Friendly Asian Restaurants in Valencia:

1. Pato Beikin – Best Vegan Chinese Food in Valencia

Find Pato Beikin on Google Maps

I’ve been to Pato Beikin countless times, and for good reason. This place has real Chinese food, with lots of local Chinese customers.

Pato Beikin - Best Vegan Chinese Food in Valencia

They have a choice between a regular menu and a vegan menu. On the vegan menu, you can find pretty much every meal you’d expect to find on a Chinese menu was on it, but vegan. I’ve probably tried 20+ different dishes from their menu and they have some really tasty stuff.

Vegan Chinese food Valencia

But some of my favourites are – the sweet and sour mock chicken, the black bean mock beef and the curry fried rice. Their mock meats have a chewy texture and hold the flavour of the dish, I love them. I can’t wait to go back. If the vegan Asian food in Valencia you’re looking for is Chinese, then I’d recommend you head to Pato Beikin for the best vegan Chinese in Valencia.

2. Lemongrass – Asian Fast Food at its Best!

Find Lemongrass on Google Maps

This one was a pleasant surprise. Lemongrass seemed fairly basic but the food was fresh and full of flavour.

You can choose a dish from the menu or you can build your own. All the ingredients are fresh and there’s a choice of some really tasty sauces, we had a few that certainly packed a punch! Every item on the menu has a dietary symbol so it’s simple to know what’s suitable for vegans.

I was served my food on an actual plate, rather than in a box, like in other places like this. This meant there was no soggy veg coming my way. Everything was fresh, crisp and delicious. If you’re nearby give it a try.

3. Indian Garden – Best Vegan Indian Food in Valencia

Find Indian Garden on Google Maps

It took a bit of time but I did eventually find quite a few Indian restaurants in Valencia that sell vegan food but I didn’t find many I liked. I think I’ve been spoiled by living in Birmingham – Indian food’s second home.

Indian Garden - Best Vegan Indian Food in Valencia

Indian Garden is my favourite Indian restaurant in Valencia. I’ve eaten here and had takeaways a bunch of times. They serve consistently good food.

The downside is that the menu doesn’t clearly label vegan items so you do need to talk to them about what you want. One of the guys that works there is really friendly and was kind enough to speak English. So it was easy for us to understand what dishes he could veganise.

The restaurant has beautiful decor and just feels like a nice experience. And they serve beer in a really cool bronze mug – I love quirky little touches.

All the dishes we ordered had loads of flavour. And make sure to go in with an empty belly because their starters are great too.

4. Thai Mongkut – Best Vegan Thai Food in Valencia

Find Thai Mongkut on Google Maps

I absolutely love this place! Thai Mongkut has a prime position in my dreams!

All the food that I’ve tried from this place has been scrumdiddlyumptious but the khao soi is something truly special. It’s creamy, rich, spicy and fresh all at the same time. There’s so much depth to the flavour of the soup and the crunchy noodles on top are just perfection. Ahhh! 

Thai Mongkut Vegan Thai food in Valencia

I’ve also tried some of the other famous Thai dishes, including, their red curry, pad thai, spring rolls and mango sticky rice – all excellent! Again this place is not all vegan but there are plenty of options and they’re clearly marked on the menu.

The decor is wonderful, filled with colourful lights and lanterns, it creates a really great vibe. The staff are great too, they are friendly and professional. Have I mentioned I love this place!?! So go here to soak up the atmosphere and imagine you’re in Thailand.

5. Miss Sushi – Best Vegan Sushi in Valencia

Find Miss Sushi on Google Maps.

Miss Sushi is the place to go if you want vegan sushi in Valencia. You’ll find a bunch of these restaurants around Spain and three in Valencia.

Miss Sushi’s prices are very fair and even though the decor’s a bit out there, hot pink and silver, it’s still a relaxed and quite casual place.

Miss Sushi - Best Vegan Sushi in Valencia

There’s a full vegan menu available and it does so much more than just the usual avocado and cucumber rolls. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every vegan option – so that makes me an expert…in eating sushi, at least!

If you can’t decide what to choose, you can try the combo plate. They’ve also got a great selection of less common vegan options that make you feel like you’re not missing out just because you’re eating vegan food. If you’re going with someone who doesn’t like sushi, no sweat, there are other things like noodles, poké bowls and Japanese potatoes – YUM!

Vegan sushi Valencia

So, to get your vegan sushi fix in Valencia don’t waste your time searching and trying others, head straight to your closest Miss Sushi to get some of the best vegan food in Valencia.

6. Okay Lah – A Nice Mix of Vegan Asian Food in Valencia

Find Okay Lah on Google Maps

When you’re walking down the street and there’s an A-board outside a restaurant with a long list of vegan options it’s hard to walk past. So we didn’t! We went inside Okay Lah and had lunch.

Okay Lah Vegan Asian food Valencia

There’s a selection of different Asian cuisines such as Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian and Malaysian. Sometimes I can’t decide what country to imagine I’m in, here I don’t have to.

At lunchtime, you can get the menu of the day and it’s a great deal. So, whether you’re after a nice dinner out or grabbing a quick lunch this place will work out.

7. M2M Noodleshouse – Best Vegan Ramen Soup in Valencia

Find M2M Noodleshouse on Google Maps.

M2M Noodleshouse only just about made it to the list because it’s not great on vegan options. But I’ve got a soft spot for it, I found this place one windy and drizzly afternoon – I know, not typical for Valencia but you get a few of these days in the winter. We were hungry and didn’t want to go too far so we decided to try this little noodle place that looked warm and cosy inside.

M2M Noodleshouse For vegan Asian noodles in Valencia

They had one ramen soup that was vegan, so that’s what we ordered. And while waited we watched the woman prepare handmade noodles in front of us – she’s got talent.

We got a big bowl of thick broth filled with diced veg and incredible homemade noodles. It felt like a big hug on a grey and miserable day. I’m not sure it’s the ramen we’re used to but it was super tasty.

So, M2M Noodles is the place to go for a unique vegan ramen in Valencia.

There you have it, 7 of the best places to get vegan Asian food in Valencia.

I’m always on the search for great vegan Asian food so if you’ve found any other great spots in Valencia I’d love to hear about them.

Of course, Asian food isn’t all you can get in Valencia, or even the main choice, if you want to find other vegan options in this wonderful city check my other posts:

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