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Gorgeous Gower Candles – Vanilla Bean Vegan Candle Review

Gorgeous Gower Candles’ Vanilla Bean

Last updated on December 16th, 2023

Today I’m bringing you a Gorgeous Gower Candles, Vanilla Bean Candle Review.

These days I’m all about that calm and relaxing feeling you get from a flickering candle. I’ve even added lighting a candle to part of my daily routine because it helps me to feel instantly calmer.

I’m always looking for another beautiful-smelling, vegan and cruelty-free candle to add to my collection. And the latest addition is one that’s quickly becoming a favourite. It’s Gorgeous Gower Candles’ Vanilla Bean.

Gorgeous Gower Candles is a luxury candle company that’s all about vegan and cruelty-free candles. They use eco-friendly wax that’s not only better for the planet but better for your environment too! 

And vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly ingredients aren’t even the things that make Gorgeous Gower Candles so unique. The thing that really stands out to me is the story behind the brand. 

This small company is run by Leeanne and Warren, a couple that are super passionate about what they do. And every fragrance creation and every hand-poured candle is made with love. The scents come from inspiration they find from their shared love for nature and adventure.

Vanilla Bean Candle

So, let’s talk about the candle that’s currently lit next to me – Gorgeous Gower’s Vanilla Bean.

Firstly, it arrived packaged in a cute little gift box which immediately made it feel special. Then, before I even lit it, the smell was divine. But of course, candles of for lighting, so I did.

Candle packaging - Vegan vanilla candle

And it absolutely has the vanilla scent you’d expect from a vanilla candle but it’s not a strong overpoweringly sweet smell. This candle slowly builds and fills the room with a natural scent. 

This isn’t a word I often use about things like candles, but this candle is more sophisticated than other vanilla candles because as it burns other notes come through too such as lime, jasmine and another favourite of mine, coconut.

Would I recommend Gorgeous Gower’s Vanilla Bean Candle?

Yes, this is a fabulous candle and if you’re looking for a luxury candle that really feels like a treat, a Gorgeous Gower Candle won’t let you down. So far, I’ve only tried their Vanilla Bean candle and some of their wax melts, which I’ll tell you about soon but I’m looking forward to trying some of their other candles too such as their Gingerbread and Palo Santo.

Where to buy Gorgeous Gower‘s Vanilla Bean Candle?

You can buy this candle, and any of their other candles or wax melts from Gorgeous Gower’s online shop

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