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How To Become Vegan – Becoming Vegan Can Be Easy!

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023

Starting a vegan lifestyle doesn’t need to be as hard as you think!

How To Become Vegan

So, you’re thinking of becoming vegan but just one or two things holding you back…

  • “I just can’t drink tea without dairy milk”
  • “I live for my poached egg breakfast every Sunday”
  • “My grandma makes the best chicken curry”

Does it feel like becoming vegan is overwhelming and you’ll give up everything you love? Is the sacrifice too much? Or are you worried you might inconvenience others?

All these questions and worries are common while thinking about making the jump to a plant-based diet and becoming vegan. And totally normal….it’s a big decision after all!

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How to Become Vegan

You really want to but you don’t know how to become vegan. I’m going to help you become vegan by simply letting you in on a secret… because I have the answer. 

Okay, full disclosure, I’m going to tell you to cheat!

Here’s how to make becoming a vegan easy…..

Just do your best!

There, I said it! Just give it a try. (that’s not very helpful, I hear you say, but hear me out…)

If you really think you can’t do it just because of a couple of things then continue eating the stuff that’s too hard to give up and cut out the rest.

How to start a vegan lifestyle

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It really doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Every single time you make a decision to choose a vegan alternative you’re making a difference.

But what about being judged by judgy vegans? They’ll tell me I’m wrong.

Yes, we all know or have read comments from judgy vegans. They believe you have to be the world’s most perfect vegan or you’re a complete failure!

And I do get why they have these feelings – they’re hurt by what’s happening in the world. But surely a good attempt is far better than no attempt. We all need to see that people have different beliefs and are ready for change in their own time and their own way.

Vegan for the animals

Does it really help to just be a ‘part-time’ vegan?

Yes! It really does!

Let’s think about why you want to follow a plant-based diet, what are the benefits you want to see?

For me, I started for the animals but now I also love knowing my contribution to climate change is less. And the health benefits are a big plus. I love having more energy! 

Becoming Vegan for the Animals

Become vegan for the animals

So, time for an analogy…

If you’re thinking about reducing meat and dairy because you care for animals and don’t like the idea of factory farming. Then think of it like this…..

There’s a huge explosion and 10 people were seriously injured, there’s only one doctor on the scene, she simply doesn’t have enough time or equipment to save all ten people. Does she…

A: Save as many lives as she can.
B: Say “I can’t save them all so I won’t bother saving any” and sits down to play on her phone.

The answer is obvious…

So, what I’m saying is simple, just do the best you can. Some days you will trip up, or allow yourself something. But all the other times you will be making a big difference.

In the last 60 years, the world’s population has more than doubled and it’s estimated that the production of meat has quadrupled. It seems inevitable that the growth will continue rapidly. This clearly isn’t sustainable for a healthy planet!

But is the only answer for everyone to immediately stop eating all meat? While this would be world-changing it may not feel doable for many.

But maybe the answer is immediate reduction. This will also have a big positive impact, who can argue with that?

Becoming Vegan For the Planet

Become vegan for the planet

Next, if you’re thinking about moving to a plant-based diet because you realise we’re facing a huge climate crisis and you want to be part of the solution the same idea applies.

Doing something is better than doing nothing everytime you choose the vegan option on a menu you’re being a positive force for change. 

Take a look at some of Cowspiracy’s facts to see the impact of animal products. Here’s an interesting one: “1 burger = 2 months showering: based on taking a 4-minute daily shower with a 2.5 GPM showerhead.”  So skip one burger or skip 2 months of showers….. hmm…tough choice! 

Little changes can make big differences. 

If someone asks you to give money to a charity you don’t give them every penny you own, you give what you can afford. Okay, by now you see what I’m getting at!

Becoming Vegan for Your Health

Become vegan for health

And finally, if you’re considering the idea of following a plant-based diet because you’ve heard it’s healthy or you’re suffering from a health problem and research has told you a plant-based diet will help, it’s true! I’ve heard time and time again from people who have reduced meat and dairy and felt much better.

According to Switch4Good “Cows’ milk allergy mostly affects infants and children, but also up to 1 in 13 adults!” and what about this statistic “According to the National Institute of Health, 65% of adults experience dairy intolerance”.

So again, if you love drinking fizzy drinks and drink two bottles a day you’re going to feel some pretty bad consequences. But how about if you put a limit on it and only allow yourself one bottle a week? Is it going to help? Of course!

And that’s how to make becoming vegan easy!

You’re here and reading this so I’m guessing you’ve got some interest in a vegan diet. Just remember, do what you can and be proud of that! You’re doing it because you think it’s right, don’t worry about what others have to say, give it a go and give it your best!

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