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Is Soy Sauce Vegan-friendly? – Why you Need to Watch out!

Is Soy Sauce Vegan-friendly?

Last updated on December 15th, 2023

Welcome to the sauciest blog post you’ll read all day!  Today, we’re going to tackle a question that should be straightforward and to be honest, it is. Is soy sauce vegan?

Is Soy Sauce Vegan?

The short answer is yes, soy sauce is vegan, well usually. Let’s dive deeper into the delicious details…

Soy sauce comes from soybeans, right? So, of course, it’s plant-based! Soy sauce is typically made from fermented soybeans, wheat, water and salt, and some brands may add other ingredients like sugar or preservatives.

However, not often, but sometimes, brands may add non-vegan ingredients too. You might find bonito (fish flakes) or oyster sauce, so always read the ingredient list carefully before buying a bottle of soy sauce.

What Soy Sauce Is Not Vegan?

While the vast majority of soy sauce brands are vegan. The rare time, a brand’s recipe may contain non-vegan ingredients like fish flakes or oyster sauce. So it’s super important to read the label before buying. 

Some brands may even use enzymes that come from animals in the fermentation process, so, it’s always a good idea to look for a vegan label and do your research.

Is Soy Sauce Vegetarian?

Again, yes soy sauce is usually vegetarian. However, it’s the same situation as before, the rare occasion a brand may use non-vegan ingredients like fish flakes or oyster sauce.

Is There Fish In Soy Sauce?

Ah, you might be thinking of fish sauce, which is a different condiment altogether but looks pretty much the same as soy sauce.  

Fish sauce is often used while cooking Southeast Asian dishes, and it’s made from fermented fish. Soy sauce, on the other hand, is made from soybeans, wheat, and salt, and sometimes sugar or preservatives may be added too.


Is Kikkoman Soy Sauce Vegan?

Yes, Kikkoman soy sauce is a vegan-friendly sauce. It’s usually made using only four simple ingredients: soybeans, wheat, salt, and water.

You can buy a bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce on Amazon here. 

Is Tamari Sauce Vegan?

Yes, tamari sauce is vegan. It is a type of soy sauce that’s usually made without wheat. This means it’s a great option for people who are gluten intolerant. And just like the traditional stuff, tamari is also vegan.

What Are The Best Plant-Based Alternatives To Soy Sauce?

Even though soy sauce is almost always completely plant-based you may want to see what else is out there, and why not.

Coconut aminos is a popular alternative to soy sauce. It’s made from the sap of coconut trees and has a similar umami flavour and is gluten-free and soy-free. So, it’s ideal for people that want to avoid soy and gluten or reduce their salt intake.

You can also try liquid aminos, a sweeter and less salty alternative to soy sauce. Liquid aminos comes from soybeans too but without the fermentation process. 


So, let’s sum it up: soy sauce is vegan, tamari is vegan, and there are plenty of other plant-based sauce options out there. Things are looking pretty great for us vegans right now! 

Is there anything else about soy sauce that we should know?

Just one more thing: always read the label! 

Some brands may add ingredients like bonito (fish flakes) or oyster sauce. so it’s important to check the ingredient list when looking for vegan soy sauce. But with a little bit of label-reading, you can easily enjoy the saucy goodness of soy sauce without any animal products.

So, go ahead and pour that soy sauce on your stir-fry or sushi roll with confidence, and enjoy the delicious umami flavour it brings to your meal. 

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