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The Best Vegan Pancake Mix Options in 2024

The best vegan and plant based pancakes

Last updated on January 17th, 2024

Pancakes, a breakfast classic for many, have recently become an option on my vegan menus. In 2024, the vegan pancake mix market is full of many tasty plant-based options. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a protein boost or just craving a guilt-free indulgence, the choices are abundant.

Let’s explore the top five vegan pancake mixes that redefine breakfast bliss.

1. My Vegan – Protein Pancake Mix:

Experience American-style pancakes with My Vegan’s Protein Pancake Mix, offering Golden Syrup, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, and Unflavored options. The reformulated mix gives a smooth and easy cooking experience, maintaining a light and fluffy texture. With 10g of plant-based protein, low sugar content, prebiotics for gut health, and high fibre, it’s a great choice for a hearty breakfast or post-workout treat.

Take a look at My Vegan’s Protein Pancake Mix here.

2. Just Wholefoods Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix:

Made using gluten-free oat flour, Just Wholefoods’ Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix is a healthy addition to your breakfast or brunch. This mix, a Great Taste 2021 winner, offers light and fluffy pancakes in minutes. Made with natural ingredients and a great source of fibre, it’s a wholesome choice for the whole family.

Take a look at Just Wholefoods Organic Pancake Mix here.

3. My Protein – Vegan Protein Pancake Mix:

Next up, My Protein’s Vegan Protein Pancake Mix. It’s available in Banana Pudding, Natural, and Summer Berries flavours. Each stack of four pancakes packs an impressive 19g of protein, along with 42g of carbs and just 202 calories per serving. At My Protein they have created a quick, easy, and flavorful breakfast to kickstart your day.

Take a look at My Protein’s Protein Pancake Mix

4. Creative Nature Gluten-Free Pancake & Waffle Mix:

Creative Nature’s Pancake & Waffle Mix is a gluten-free and vegan delight. Providing deliciously light and fluffy pancakes and waffles, this mix is a time-saving option without losing out on quality or flavour. Free from the top 14 allergens and made with all-natural ingredients, it’s a guilt-free treat suitable for pretty much everyone.

Take a look at Creative Nature’s Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mix here.

5. Tesco Vegan Pancake Shaker Mix:

For a hassle-free vegan pancake experience, Tesco’s Vegan Pancake Shaker Mix comes in a convenient bottle. Just add 290ml of plant-based milk, give it a shake-shake-shake, and create thin, golden pancakes in minutes. Perfect for a quick and satisfying breakfast, this mix goes really well with oat milk, giving a delightful and easy morning meal.

Take a look at Tesco’s Pancake Shaker Mix here.

The Best Vegan Pancake Mix in 2024


In 2024, vegan pancake mixes have changed to meet pretty much all tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you crave protein-packed stacks, convenient shaker options, or gluten-free delights, these top five vegan pancake mixes promise a delicious and satisfying breakfast experience. Join the plant-based world and change your mornings with these innovative and flavorful vegan pancake mixes.

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