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The Perfect Vegan Selection Box

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

Find Your Perfect Vegan Chocolate Selection Box this Christmas!

Vegan Chocolate Selection Box

I’d like to say I’m writing this post to make sure all the vegan kids out there can enjoy some tasty chocolate this Christmas with a vegan Christmas selection box. 

But, in all honesty, you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy the delights a chocolate selection box can bring at Christmas time. 

So, whether you’ll be shopping for yourself, your child, your grandchild or the man down the road, I’ve done the research so you can get the chocolate. So, if you’re looking for a vegan selection box I’ve got you covered. 

Please note that this page contains affiliate links. While I only recommend products that I believe in, I may benefit financially, at no extra cost to you, from any purchases you make.

The Best Vegan Selection Boxes for Christmas this year: 

Vegan Chocolate Gift Box

This vegan selection box ticks so many boxes. It is vegan, of course, but it’s also free from gluten, nuts and palm oil. It also uses organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. It’s packed with goodies from NOMO and Moo Free. It really makes the perfect vegan Christmas selection box!

Take a look.

Vegan Chocolate Letterbox Gift Box

This simple vegan chocolate selection box from the Sweetie Post Store gives exactly what you need for a Christmas morning selection box. With chocolate from Doisy and Dam, Moo Free, Ruffles and Nomo your sweet tooth will be satisfied. 

Take a look.

Moo Free Vegan Selection Box

I remember getting selection boxes that looked huge and the pictures on the front were so festive, but when you shake it, out comes only a few small bars inside. Well, that’s this vegan selection box, but I’m not complaining because the colourful Christmas box builds the excitement and maybe in certain situations less chocolate is good and it’s cheap as chips.

Take a look at this Moo Free vegan selection box on Amazon.

Skittles Rainbow Hamper

For most, selection boxes mean chocolate, but they don’t have to. This one is perfect for your candy-loving bestie. A box full of skittles is a winner for most and there’s more than enough for the whole family to share with 6 regular bags and 5 large bags, all different flavours!

Take a look.

Vegan Snack Box by Dandy Snacks

This one has more variety than most I’ve seen. Yes, it’s got plenty of chocolate. And the chocolate selection is a bit different from most of the other vegan Christmas selection boxes. But it also has some savoury snacks too. Perfect for your not-so-chocolate-mad friend. This box comes in small, medium and large. 

Price starts at £10.50 – take a look.

Moo Free Vegan Chocolate Gift by Rockhopper and Rhubarb

This beautifully presented selection box looks great and is full of Moo Free chocolate. You can choose from a small, medium or large box and you can even pick what ribbon colour you want. If you fancy a mixture of vegan chocolate and a smart-looking gift, this could be the one. 

Price starts from £7.95 – take a look. 

Vegan Chocolate Selection Box – Oat Milk Chocolate

This one has the look of the original selection boxes I used to know and love as a kid. The chocolate comes in a bright colourful box that shouts ‘I’M CHOCOLATE’ as soon as you see it. Inside you’ll find 4 vegan bars and a hot chocolate spoon. It’s all gluten, palm oil, and soya free.

Take a look.

The list doesn’t end there, if I kept looking I’m sure I’d be able to find even more vegan selection boxes, but I was getting hungry. Anyway, I’m glad no vegan chocolate lovers need to miss out this Christmas, especially the kiddies. 

Merry Christmas! May it be full of happiness, love and chocolate! 

What else does every home need at Christmas? Maybe a Vegan Christmas Hampers or how about a Vegan Candle?

Vegan Selection Box

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