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Vegan Angel Delight – Does It Exist In 2023? And What Dairy-free Milk can be used?

vegan angel delight

Last updated on November 8th, 2023

I know that one thing many of us vegans have been holding out hope for is that one day there will be a vegan Angel Delight option.

Well, read on, because I’m going to share with you exactly what our options are when it comes to vegan-friendly Angel Delight.

Those of us operating in the plant-based world have been spoiled in recent years. Beyond Burgers, Richmond Sausages, Ben & Jerry’s, Domino’s Pizza, McPlant burgers and the list goes on. We really can eat crap just like the mear-eaters out there if we want. But there’s still one thing that seems out of our reach, and that is vegan Angel Delight. Is it really not possible??

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Is angel Delight Vegan.

Sweet memories of…not so vegan…Angel Delight

The name brings back memories to so many who were kids in the 80s and 90s. Parents must have loved it. All they needed was a cheap packet of powder, some milk and a little bit of chilling time, but to us kids, we were getting the most elegant of desserts. Maybe second only to the classy Vienetta. 

Is Angel Delight vegan?

Sadly, the answer to ‘is angel delight vegan?‘ is…no, Angel Delight is not vegan.

The problem we have is that Angel Delight is doubly not suitable for vegans. Firstly it contains the devil ingredient that is milk powder. Secondly, it won’t set properly unless it’s mixed with cow’s milk. I’m not sure which evil scientist designed it that way, but no amount of soy, oat or almond milk seems to bind it together. Not that it matters, it contains milk anyway so it’s a no-no.

Can You Make Angel Delight with Oat Milk?

No, you can’t make Angel Delight with oat milk, sadly it just won’t work with oat milk, it simply doesn’t set. So, if you aren’t vegan but were hoping to reduce your dairy consumption, that’s amazing! But oat milk doesn’t set in Angel Delight. However, there are so many oat milk brands becoming available, so maybe one will eventually work.

Can You Make Angel Delight with Plant-Based Milk?

Can you make Angel Delight with almond milk?

Yes, one plant-based milk that can work in Angel Delight is almond milk. But because it is thinner than dairy milk you just need to leave it to set for longer.

Is Angel Delight Vegetarian?

The answer is a simple yes, Angel Delight is vegetarian but not vegan. In something like this, as a vegetarian, you’d be on the lookout for gelatin, there is none in Angel Delight so it is suitable for vegetarians, but sadly not vegans.

What’s a Good Dairy-Free Vegan Angel Delight Alternative? 

Looking for a good vegan Angel Delight alternative is probably a good idea because if we’re honest, it probably hasn’t stood the test of time to keep its position at the dessert top table. It’s nostalgia that makes us want it, well maybe that mad scientist added something addictive along the way too! We do have some great options though.

The Best Vegan Dairy-Free Angel Delight Alternatives:

1. Simply Delish Sugar-Free Instant Vanilla Whipped

Full disclosure, I haven’t tried this yet but I just came across it on Amazon, it looks quite Angel Delight-like, right? It’s sugar-free, and vegan, of course.

Simply Delish Sugar-Free Instant Vanilla Whipped – Amazon

2. Alpro has a great range of mousse in most supermarkets and Tesco makes a great chocolate mousse too. 

3. Make your own vegan Angel Delight at home.

If you’re not giving up so easily there are a few recipes out there that are offering a vegan Angel Delight. Most seem to be in butterscotch, which makes sense to me. Surely that’s everyone’s favourite isn’t it? Anyway, here are a couple of links to some dairy-free angel delight recipes, that on the face of it look like they’re worth a try if you’re hellbent on recreating your youth.

Vegan Angel Delight Recipes:

Vegan Angel Delight recipe

So, while unfortunately, we don’t have the simplicity of a vegan Angel Delight, we do have options. And with how things are moving I’m sure one of the forward-thinking brands out there will have something on the shelves before we know it.

If you feel that Angel Delight is going to be the thing that drags you back to the dark side, check out my post on what it is to be a part-time vegan.

There are still plenty of sweet treats out there for us plant-based folk. I recently wrote about the best vegan jellies currently on the market. My next one might have to be about the best dentists near me!

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