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Vegan Donuts In Manchester – The 5 Best Places in 2024

Last updated on December 9th, 2023

Find the Tastiest Vegan Donuts in Manchester

vegan donuts in Manchester

There might be some debate on the spelling, maybe you’re looking for a vegan doughnut in Manchester or maybe you’re after a vegan donut in Manchester…

Either way, it is not always easy to get your hands on one, but a soft, fresh, sweet vegan donut really can be a treat. So I did ‘the work’ and found us 5 great options for vegan donuts in Manchester.

Need Your Vegan Donut RIGHT NOW?

If there’s no time to wait, or read, I’ll just give you the short answer, for the best vegan in Manchester go to:

Krispy Cream in the Arndale Centre – Check it out on Google Maps

But if for some reason that isn’t the perfect choice, or you want to try them all (good plan) then read on…

After researching the best vegan sushi and the best vegan pizza in the city, it’s only right that I tell you about the sweet stuff too. So, that’s what I’m doing now.

Donuts are often my brain’s default answer when it comes to a sweet treat. That and Toblerone. But I haven’t found a vegan one of those yet, so my brain has put that in storage. There aren’t many places in the city where you can get your hands on a vegan donut, but don’t worry, there are some. So, let’s talk about them.

The 5 Best Vegan Donuts in Manchester in 2024:

1. Siop Shop

Find Siop Shop on Google Maps

Siop Shop is one of those super cool cafe-shop-coworking spots that are popping up all over Manchester City. They’re not fully vegan, but they do offer amazing vegan donuts and coffee. You’ll usually find at least two vegan-friendly donuts, along with some other goodies.

You’ll find Siop Shop in the Northern Quarter, if you’re nearby pop in and give them a go, it might become your go-to place in the city for a caffeine and sugar hit.

Here’s where you can find Siop Shop on Google Maps.

2. Krispy Kreme

Find Krispy Kreme Arndale Fresh Shop on Google Maps

Vegan Krispy Kreme Donut Manchester

Yes, I know this place comes with a lot of hype, and I have to admit, I’m on the bandwagon! I love vegan donuts from Krispy Kreme and if you’re in Manchester you’re in luck because there are several locations including the Arndale Centre and Piccadilly Station. Take a look here to find your nearest Krispy Kreme store

Let’s talk about the donuts now, so it depends on what store you go to and the time of day but vegan Krispy Kreme donuts include vegan strawberry iced ring, fudge brownie bliss, vegan caramel iced ring, original glazed vegan dozen and my personal favourite vegan chocolate custard. 

You can often find Krispy Kremes in supermarkets but they usually only have a small selection and often no vegans options so I’d recommend going to an actual store. 

3. Batch’d

Find Batch’d in Victoria Station on Google Maps

Batch'd Vegan donuts

Batch’d is another spot to find vegan donuts while out and about in Manchester. They aren’t all about donuts though, they’ve got other sweet treats such as brownies and cookies, some even vegan too.

Again, there are several locations around the city, including the Arndale Centre, Victoria Station and The Trafford Centre. 

Again it depends on when you go but the vegan donuts you can find are a super chocolaty one called Speculoos, a caramelised biscuit donut and a Victoria sponge one. 

Find your closest Batch’d here. 

Vegan doughnut delivery in Manchester

The final two places worthy of mention are both delivery/collection only.

4. Crosstown – Vegan Donut Delivery Manchester

Order Crosstown for delivery in Manchester here.


Crosstown have lots of outlets in London and other parts of the country but until they open a Manchester store you can take advantage of their next-day delivery service.

They’re not fully vegan, but they offer a number of vegan options and a selection box. They do have a fully vegan shop in Marylebone, and I often dream about going back to that place! They’re not cheap though, at over £4 a pop you’d be understood if you ran off to your nearest Greggs and picked up a few simple glazed treats.

But wait, Crosstown does give you a lot for your money. I haven’t made it through the full menu yet. But what I’ve had so far has all been more like a restaurant-quality desert. Their donuts truly are something special.

Order Crosstown vegan donuts for delivery here.

5. Teatime Collective

Oder Teatime vegan donuts for collection in Manchester here.

And here’s your option for vegan donut collection in Manchester. Teatime Collective has been around Manchester in one form or another for a while now. At the moment there’s no shop or cafe but that doesn’t stop them from providing the people of Manchester with vegan donuts. So, if you’re looking for a donut place that’s completely vegan this is the one. 

First you place your order online, then they will contact you with collection times and if you’re happy you go ahead and pay. You can place your preliminary order here on Teatime Collective’s website. 

But I haven’t told you the best bit yet, they have so many vegan donuts to choose from, my favourites are Chocolate and Hazelnut, Peanut Butter and Cherry and ​Lemon Cream

So, if you just want to grab a quick vegan donut right now, this isn’t the place but if you’ve got a celebration or event coming up this could be the perfect place to order your vegan donuts from. 

So, there you have them. my top places for vegan doughnuts in Manchester. I’ll be back with a few more guides to vegan food in Manchester soon, until then, here are the links to my thoughts on the best vegan pizza and the best vegan sushi in the city.

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