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Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Moseley in 2024

Last updated on December 4th, 2023

The 12 Best Places to Eat Vegan Food in Moseley, Birmingham

Vegan Indian street food selection Moseley

Looking for vegan food in Moseley? I’ve got 12 incredible spots you won’t want to miss!

Since moving to Birmingham about 7 years ago, the Moseley-Kings Health area has always been one of my favourite places. You’ll find cool pubs, nice spots to eat, plenty of interesting shops to browse around and a great mix of people.

In regard to vegan food, there’s always been some vegan choice. But recently it has upped its game big time. There are an absolute ton of great places to get vegan food in Moseley now.

There’s actually more than I realised when I decided to write this. So, in this post, I’m just going to focus on vegan food in Moseley.

12 Incredible Places for Vegan Food in Moseley

1. The Dark Horse – Brum Mi

Check out The Dark Horse on Google Maps

Tofu Banh Mi - The Dark Horse, vegan food Moseley

The Dark Horse offer a really interesting menu, with a load of vegan options.

This place has a nice pub vibe inside with one of the best outdoor seating areas in Moseley, perfect for the warmer days. They even have a TV outside so you might be able to catch the footie.

Now, I mentioned they have an interesting menu, that’s because they are a pub selling Vietnamese food!! The kind of thing my dreams are made of!

They offer vegan Banh Mi and vegan loaded bowls, as well as some vegan sides. Their kitchen isn’t always open so take a look at their kitchen opening hours and their menu.

I also saw a sign saying that The Dark Horse serves a vegan breakfast and Sunday Brunch, so I’ll be going back for that!

Find The Dark Horse on Google Maps

2. The Cuban Embassy – BA-HA

Find The Cuban Embassy – BA-HA on Google Maps.

If you’re living around the Birmingham area and are part of the vegan scene at all, you will have heard of BA-HA. This fully vegan restaurant currently has residency in two bars in Birmingham, The Rainbow in Digbeth and The Cuban Embassy in Moseley. But it also pops up in other places from time to time.

I’ve eaten at BA-HA in The Rainbow many times and they’ve a tasty range of veganised food. Well, BA-HA in The Cuban Embassy has taken a fitting twist on their food offering dishes such as vegan tacos, patatas bravas and burrito bowls. Take a look at BA-HA’s Cuban Embassy menu.

3. One Trick Pony Club

Find One Trick Pony Club on Google Maps

Vegan burger - One trick pony club Moseley

I only recently tried the vegan food in One Trick Pony Club and it’s shot right up the top of my list for vegan food in Moseley. They’ve got quite a few things to choose from including a couple of vegan burgers, a curry and a nourish bowl. I’ve always really liked going for a drink here now I’ll enjoy going for dinner too with a delicious vegan menu like this one

Find One Trick Pony Club on Google Maps

4. Grounded Kitchen

Check out Grounded Kitchen on Google Maps

Vegan food Moseley - Grounded Kitchen

Grounded Kitchen in Moseley has a clean, modern and somewhat exotic style with all the plants. Here you can get tasty food that’s pretty healthy too.

On their plant-based menu, you can find three shichimi bowls and two ssambaps wraps. Have a look at their plant-based menu and see what you fancy.

Get a health kick and fill your belly with their great vegan food in Grounded Kitchen Moseley.

Take a look at Grounded Kitchen’s menu.

5. The Village

Find The Village on Google Maps

A vegan pizza with Chicken in Moseley

This place was surprisingly good for vegan food! In Moseley, you can find a lot of casual pubs and cafes to eat and drink and these are the types of places that are usually pretty good for vegan food.

But The Village is a little fancier. And usually, fancy pub-restaurants seem to be a little behind on vegan food. Well hats off to the guys at The Village, they’ve nailed it!

Whether you’re after something a little healthier or really treating yourself you’ll find some great vegan options here. They serve vegan croquettes, nachos, shepherd’s pie, pizza, tofu salad, a jackfruit burger and a few more things too. Take a Look at the Village’s menu, everything is clearly labelled vegan.

This place is also beautiful inside, with its high ceilings it feels bright and airy. It’s a great place to go for a nice meal with vegans and non-vegans.

Find The Village on Google Maps

6. Sorrento Lounge

Find Sorrento Lounge on Google Maps


I’m a fan of the Lounges. When you find one of these you know you’ll be able to sit down in a comfy chair and enjoy some vegan food. If you’ve been to a Lounge anywhere you’ll know what to expect because they’re all pretty much the same.

They have a full vegan menu with many options including vegan breakfast, tapas, a burger, sandwiches, salads, curries and even some cakes. Whatever you fancy you’ll probably be able to find something on the menu.

Oh, and they are dog friendly too! An excellent spot for the whole family to enjoy vegan food in Moseley.

Check out Sorrento Lounge’s vegan menu here.

7. Zindiya Streatery & Bar

Find Zindiya on Google Maps

Vegan Indian street food selection

From time to time we all need a hit of Indian street food and there’s a great spot in Moseley for that.

Zindiya Streatery & Bar is located just off the main street in Moseley. They’ve fitted the place out in a way that really adds to the street food vibe and the menu tells you where the food and drinks come from.

We all know that Indian food is excellent for vegetarians but this place has plenty of vegan options too. They have a full vegan menu that offers options such as pani puris, chaats, vada pavs, soya tikka and dosas. If you don’t have a clue what most of the things on the menu are don’t stress. As long as it’s vegan, just give it a try, Indian street food is amazing!

Take a look at Zindiya’s menu here.

8. Peacer

Find Peacer on Google Maps.

If you’re after vegan pizza in Moseley, this is the place to go. Peacer offers the perfect vegan pizza slice, it’s just the right size, it’s cooked well and the vegan cheese isn’t too much and actually tastes nice. 

Peacer vegan pizza Moseley

This place doesn’t need a lot of explaining, it simply sells delicious pizza, with a pint, if you fancy it. You order your large pizza slice, they heat it up and bring it to you, you eat it, it’s delicious, you continue with your day. If you’re near go check it out.

9. Fighting Cocks

Find The Fighting Cocks on Google Maps

Vegans starters in The Fighting Cocks

This is a great pub and while their vegan options are a little light compared to some of the other places nearby you should still give it a try because their kitchen knows what they are doing!

Whether you’re just after a snack or something bigger to set you up for the evening, just grab a pint and take a look at Fighting Cock’s menu.

For vegans, they offer falafels, a nourish bowl, a vegan burger and to finish you could go for a caramel biscuits torte. It’s a great pub with vegan food in Moseley.

10. La Plancha

Find La Plancha on Google Maps

If you’re seeking some vegan tapas in Moseley this is the perfect spot! It sits right on the main street in Moseley and is very easy to find. Go inside, order a sangria and try to decide what to choose.

They’ve got a vegan menu filled with vegan tapas options. You can get olives, peppers, patatas bravas, paella and a bunch of other stuff too.

So if you fancy something light or your belly is rumbling La Plancha will do the job for vegan tapas in Moseley.

11. Damascena

Find Damascena on Google Maps

This place has a great reputation amongst us vegans and you’ll find a few of them around Birmingham, including Moseley.

In Damascena, there’s a big menu with plenty of vegan options and a lot of the food that isn’t vegan can be made vegan too. They also have plenty of gluten-free options. Being a gluten-free vegan can be a challenge at the best of times, but not here!

When visiting Damascena you’ll find amazing vegan food. You can choose from options such as wraps and sandwiches, salads, flatbreads and dips, soups, pastries and so much more.

12. Lewis’s Café Bar

Find Lewis’s on Google Maps

The outside of Lewis's in Moseley

Fancy Indian food but your friend doesn’t? – no sweat, Lewis’s sells traditional English food as well as traditional Indian food.

They sell breakfast until 3 p.m. and then start with their evening menu. There are plenty of vegan options to choose from morning or evening!

You can get a full vegan English breakfast or a paratha if you want an Indian breakfast. On the evening menu, there’s a choice of many different Indian foods as well as Indo-Chinese options. They even have quite a few vegan desserts to treat yourself with.

So, now you’ve read my list of 12 Incredible Places to Eat Vegan Food in Moseley

…there’s only one thing to do. Head into Moseley and start eating!

Once you’ve eaten your way through Moseley check out Best Vegan Thai Food in Birmingham.

Enjoy X

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