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The 3 Best Spots for Vegan Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok in 2024 – Local Vegan Delights

The 3 Best Spots for Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok in 2024

Well, once we’ve eaten all the noodles, curries and soups we can, it’s time to move on to something sweet. And lucky for us, Thailand has one of the best vegan desserts too. Mango Sticky Rice is a dish that’s as much a part of Thai culture as the temples and tuk-tuks. I’m going to share with you the 3 best spots for vegan Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok in 2024.

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What is Mango Sticky Rice?

Traditionally, this sweet dish is vegan-friendly, made with glutinous rice, ripe mangoes, and a sweet coconut milk sauce. It’s a simple dish, but like all simple things, perfection is in the details – and the freshness of the ingredients.

It’s not hard to find to find a tasty Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok, that’s for sure! But sometimes it’s nice to support vegan and vegan-friendly businesses. So, here’s my personal roundup of the best places to enjoy vegan Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok this year.

The 3 Best Spots for Vegan Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok in 2024:

1. May Veggie Home

Vegan Restaurant in Bangkok

Location: Find May Veggie Home on Google Maps

May Veggie Home is a great spot for vegan food in Bangkok! So many of the dishes on their menu are favourites of mine. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk in. The staff greet you with friendly smiles and serve you some of the best vegan Thai food you’re ever going to taste.

Their Mango Sticky Rice is a favourite of mine. The rice, both black and white, is always the perfect texture and the mango is sweet and ripe. It’s a popular place, so popping in early is a good idea if you want to avoid the wait.

2. Mango Vegetarian & Vegan

Vegetarian Restaurant

Location: Find Mango Vegetarian & Vegan on Google Maps

I love this spot, it’s a cosy little restaurant that doubles as an art gallery. It’s just around the corner from Khao San Raod and while it doesn’t look like much from the outside, it’s well worth visiting. 

The Mango Sticky Rice both looks and tastes beautiful! The texture of the rice is spot-on with a slight crunch. The coconut sauce is rich, sweet and creamy, so the lightly salted rice makes a perfect contrast with the sweetness.

It’s a bit pricier than some of the other food options nearby, but for the quality and relaxed vibe, it’s well worth it.

3. Jeng Noodle Thai Food & Vegetarian

Veggie Option Restaurant

Location: Find Jeng Noodle Thai Food & Vegetarian on Google Maps

A small, unassuming place that you might walk past if you weren’t looking for it. Jeng’s is the kind of spot that reminds you that sometimes the best food isn’t in the fanciest places.

Now, this place does serve meat and I usually sway towards veggie or vegan restaurants if I can, but this place does vegan food really well! And if you’re going to try something here the mango sticky rice is not only the safest bet, but it’s also the most delicious! 

Their Mango Sticky Rice is one of the best I’ve had in Thailand – and I don’t say that lightly. The mango is the perfect ripeness, the rice is just sticky enough, and the coconut milk is heavenly. It’s all about the balance of flavours here, and Jeng has got it nailed!

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The best mango sticky rice in Bangkok Thailand

Some Fun Facts About Mango Sticky Rice

Cultural Staple: Mango Sticky Rice is not just a dessert, it’s a statement of Thailand’s culture. It’s often enjoyed during the hot summer months as a refreshing meal.

A Seasonal Treat: The best time to enjoy Mango Sticky Rice is between April and June, when mangoes are in season in Thailand.

Symbolism: The dish is often associated with abundance because mangoes are a fruit that’s abundant when in season.

Conclusion – Time to Enjoy the Perfect Vegan Mango Sticky Rice

Whether you’re vegan or not, a plate of Mango Sticky Rice is a must-try when visiting Bangkok, or anywhere in Thailand. It’s not just about indulging in a sweet treat, although that is great, it’s about experiencing a piece of Thai culture. 

These three places put a lot of care into their vegan dishes. I love being able to explore Thailand’s capital and enjoy all the traditional food everyone else can because of the incredible vegan versions available.

Well, now you know where to find the best vegan Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok, why not check out some of these other posts where I share the best spots to get vegan versions of other traditional Thai dishes:

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