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Vegan Pizza in Birmingham

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

Where to find the best vegan pizza in Birmingham?

The Best Vegan Pizza in Birmingham

With every passing day Birmingham is becoming more and more vegan friendly. So, it’s not surprising that it’s pretty easy to find yourself a delicious vegan pizza in Birmingham.

Pizza is an old favourite of many and can often be a crowd pleaser. So, when you’re out and about and you find a place that does vegan pizza you know you’re on to a winner. 

Well, let’s get started

7 Places to get Vegan Pizza in Birmingham:

1. Franco Manca

With an A board outside shouting about its vegan options it’d be rude not to. 

Franco Manca is perfectly located just off New Street and offers a vegan pizza on their regular menu, vegan daily specials and the ability to swap regular cheese for vegan cheese to make even more vegan friendly options. Take a look at Franco Manca’s menu

To add to the great vegan menu you’ll also find friendly staff and excellent prices. So this makes Franco Manca a great spot for vegan Pizza in Birmingham

Take a look at Franco Manca on Google Maps. 

2. Pizza Hut

Vegan Pizza Birmingham - Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut was a bit behind the times but I have to admit I’m a big fan of their vegan pizzas. It brings me back to my childhood. Pizza Hut buffet was what dreams were made of as a kid.

They have 5 vegan pizzas on the menu from a simple vegan margherita to a fully loaded vegan flamin’ buffalo, as well as the option to create your own. Take a look at Pizza Hut’s menu. The vegan cheese has a nice subtle taste and they don’t go too mad on it. Just the way I like my vegan pizza. 

There are two Pizza Hut’s in Birmingham City.

Take a look at Pizza Hut in the Bullring on Google Maps

Take a look at Pizza Hut on New Street on Google Maps

3. Crazy Pedros – The wild choice for vegan pizza in Birmingham

Vegan Pizza Birmingham Crazy Pedros

Crazy Pedros is in Digbeth and is a little crazy if I’m honest. They seem to go for the creative things in life, including pizzas. This works well because you can order either a full pizza or if you’re not sure about the madness you can order a single slice.

They have two vegan pizzas on the menu, one with vegan chicken nuggets, potato waffles and beans and the other is super cheesy with jalapenos, green pepper and onions. Take a look at Crazy Pedro’s menu.

This pizza place is less restaurant and more bar, it’s got quirky decor with stickers and funny signs all over the wall. If you’re looking for a drink and a slice of vegan pizza in Birmingham Crazy Pedros will do the job nicely. 

Find Crazy Pedros on Google Maps. 

4. Pizza Express – The Best Choice For Vegan Pizza In Birmingham

With a whopping TEN vegan pizzas and a vegan calzone, Pizza Express is an absolute winner for vegan pizza in Birmingham! Oh and if you’re a vegan that eats gluten free,can you believe they’ve got nine vegan-gluten-free pizzas. Take a look at the Pizza Express vegan menu,

From a simple margherita to an american hot and everything in between, Pizza Express is the perfect place for pizza lovers that went vegan and are craving some pizza goodness. 

There used to be a few of them around Birmingham city centre but now you’ll only find one in the Bullring. 

Find Pizza Express on Google Maps.  

5. Zizzi

I’m glad to see that Zizzis seem to be popping up more and more recently, because they offer a top choice for vegan pizza in Birmingham. Zizzi has a great selection of options for us vegan folk and not just pizzas. They’ve also got vegan garlic bread, bruschetta, pasta, lasagne, meatballs…and the list goes on.

But you’re here for the pizza and you’ll get plenty of that at Zizzi. With options such as rustica vegan margherita, vegan aubergine & pesto and classic vegan margherita. Take a look at Zizzi’s vegan menu.

There are two Zizzi restaurants in Birmingham City Centre.

Find Zizzi in Brindley Place on Google Maps

Find Zizzi next to the Cube on Google Maps

6. Baked in Brick

Baked in Brick is another spot for vegan pizzas in Digbeth. The idea started in a converted classic Mini and is now it’s a fantastic pizza restaurant in the Custard Factory.

They currently have two vegan pizzas available on their menu the first is the Vegano which is made of a pumpkin cream base, roasted peppers, aubergine, rocket and

balsamic,. And the second is Grande Marinara made using san marzano tomato, oregano, garlic oil, fresh basil and marinated oregano baby plum tomato.

They both sound like pizzas that a lot of love and consideration have gone into…that’s because they are! Take a look at Baked in Brick’s menu.

Find Baked in Brick on Google Maps.

7. Rudys

With a super central location on Bennetts Hill, Rudys is perfect if you’re out with pizza loving friends and want to find a place that has a vegan pizza option in Birmingham City Centre. 

On the menu they currently just have one vegan pizza available, it’s the Marinara but you can also swap out regular cheese for vegan cheese. 

Find Rudys on Google Maps

So, if you’re looking for the best vegan pizza in Birmingham one of these 7 places is sure to give you everything you’re dreaming of.. 
And if you’re a vegan in Birmingham the good news is that I’ve got more on the vegan options this city has to offer – Best Vegan Thai Food in BirminghamBest Vegan Food in Birmingham and 3 Places to get Delicious Vegan Sushi in Birmingham.

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