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Can I Buy Vegan Worcestershire Sauce in the UK in 2024?

Vegan Worcestershire sauce

Last updated on December 15th, 2023

Yes, you can buy vegan Worcestershire sauce. And I’m not going to beat around the bush, you can buy it right here on amazon now – Bonsan Organic Vegan Worcester Sauce

When I first searched online there was article after article telling me no, I couldn’t have vegan Worcestershire sauce, but I didn’t give up and I found some. 

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Is Worcestershire Sauce Vegan?

Well, no the regular stuff isn’t usually vegan and that’s because it often contains anchovies, which are not vegan-friendly. 

But, is it possible to find a vegan version? Yes! Pretty easily actually.

Despite being told I couldn’t have any and that I’d needed to find an alternative I found several options.

Take a look:

Is Worcestershire Sauce Vegetarian?

Regular Worcestershire sauce is not suitable for vegetarians either because it typically contains anchovies. 

However, as with vegans looking for Worcestershire sauce, there are plenty of options available for vegetarians too. And in addition to the ones I mentioned above, this one is labelled as vegetarian – Chippa Gluten Free Worcester Sauce. Looking at the ingredients I think it may be vegan too. You can also pick it up in Asda

Can I Buy Vegan Worcestershire Sauce In The Supermarket?

The only potential option for Worcestershire sauce in large UK supermarkets is Chippa Worcester Sauce in Asda, It’s labelled as vegetarian not vegan. And while I can’t see anything listed in the ingredients that make it not vegan-friendly, I’m still not certain. 

Is Worcestershire Sauce Vegan

Is There A Vegan Substitute For Worcestershire Sauce?

If you’re cooking and the recipe calls for Worcestershire sauce, depending on the dish, you may be able to use a substitute. If you don’t have time to order your plant-based version of Worcestershire sauce there are some options.

Here are three options for vegan alternatives to Worcestershire sauce:

  • Soy Sauce
  • Miso Paste
  • Vinegar

None of these will give exactly what Worcestershire sauce gives, but in a pickle, they might just do the job. 

Alternatively, you could try making your own version at home. Here’s a super simple recipe from A Couple Cooks – Best Worcestershire Sauce Substitute.

Is Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Vegan?

No, as far as I can see there are no Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauces that are vegan, they all seem to have anchovies listed in the ingredients.

Is Worcestershire Sauce Dairy Free?

Yes, Worcestershire sauce is dairy free. In my search for a vegan version, I’m yet to find one that has dairy in it. There’s usually only one reason that it’s not suitable for vegans and that’s because it has anchovies in it. 

Like I always say, make sure to check the ingredients because you never know how far the recipe maker has gone with their creative licence.  

What Is Real Worcestershire Sauce Made Of?

Every recipe will vary but the typical ingredients in Worcestershire sauce are vinegar, sugar, salt, anchovies, tamarind, onions, garlic, and chilli. 

What Is Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Made Of?

Of all the vegan versions I’ve found the ingredients vary quite a lot. But they still have all the same core ingredients as the regular version but without the fish, of course. Which are: vinegar, sugar, salt, anchovies, tamarind, onions, garlic, and chilli. And I’ve also seen some bottles that list soy, coriander, ginger as well as other types of flavourings. 

What’s The Best Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Recipe?

Now, just because it’s possible to buy it, doesn’t mean you can’t whip it up in your own kitchen. 

Here are two vegan Vegan Worcestershire sauce recipes that I like the look of:

Well, that’s good news for us vegans! We can enjoy Worcestershire sauce just like everyone else.

What to know what else us vegans can enjoy? Take a look at Are Poppadoms vegan? And Is Stuffing Vegan?

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