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Are Colouring Pencils Vegan in 2024? Let’s find Out…

How to Find Vegan Colouring Pencils

Last updated on December 17th, 2023

The more we try to work towards a kinder world the more questions we’ll have. I enjoy finding the answers and sharing them. So, let’s explore the question on my mind today: Are colouring pencils vegan?

Colouring pencils have been a beloved tool for creativity and relaxation for generations, for both kids and adults. But after writing a post about Crayola crayons and markers recently, I got to thinking about colouring pencils. 

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So, are Colouring Pencils Vegan?

Sometimes colouring pencils are vegan, sometimes they aren’t! Surprise, surprise, I don’t have a straight answer once again, that’s often the case in the world of veganism.

When it comes to figuring out the vegan-friendliness of this common tool, it’s challenging because of the lack of comprehensive ingredient disclosures by many brands. Most of the time brands simply just don’t say how they make their colouring pencils and what ingredients are used. The rare time you’ll find a brand label their products as vegan, either on the box or on the product description on their website. Whereas others leave consumers puzzled due to the absence of clear ingredient listings.

Here are Two Sets of Vegan Colouring Pencils:

Why are Colouring Pencils Not Vegan?

What non-vegan ingredients might be used? To understand what makes certain colouring pencils non-vegan, we need to examine the ingredients that might raise red flags for those following a vegan lifestyle:

  • Colours Used for Pigmentation: Some colouring pencils may get their pigmentation from animal-based sources. Certain pigments are derived from animal sources or are tested on animals, making them unsuitable for vegans. But as most colouring pencils don’t list their ingredients it’s hard to ever be sure.
  • Casein Glue: Casein, a protein found in milk, is commonly used as a binder in art supplies, including colouring pencils. 
  • Beeswax: Beeswax, sourced from honeybees, is another ingredient found in some pencils. While it serves as a binder and provides a smooth texture, it’s not vegan due to its animal origin.
How to Find Vegan Colouring Pencils

How to Find Vegan Colouring Pencils?

The only real answer I’ve got is to find a set of colouring pencils that actually state they are vegan. If they don’t say it, it’s often because they’re not suitable for vegans. I’ve found these two:

But if neither of these is quite what you’re looking for keep looking for eco or sustainable brands. Often sustainability and veganism go hand in hand. 

Are all colouring pencils vegan?

Not necessarily. The vegan status depends on the specific ingredients used by each brand.

It’s best to look for pencils that clearly state their vegan status, read product descriptions online, that’s where you will usually find the most throughout information. They are those that avoid animal-derived pigments, casein glue, and beeswax.

Are Colouring Pencils Vegan

While the lack of information can make this a challenge, there are still vegan options out there. And how much more beautiful is art when it’s cruelty-free! So, find your perfect pencil and make art that makes the world a better place.

If you’re looking for some other tips on how to live a joyful vegan life take a look at my Vegan Tips page.

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