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Are Flying Saucers Vegan? And Where to Buy Vegan Flying Saucers in 2024?

Where to buy Vegan Flying Saucers

Last updated on December 16th, 2023

Right, Flying Saucers may be suitable for Earthlings and Aliens but the question is are flying Saucers suitable for vegans? Let’s find some vegan Flying Saucers!

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These colourful, tangy, and mysterious treats have been a fun favourite of kids…and sometimes adults for many years. But the burning question on many vegan minds is, “Are Flying Saucer sweets vegan?” 

Don’t worry my vegan friends, I’m going to, not only give you exactly the answer you’re looking for but also guide you to the best spots in the UK to buy vegan flying saucers.

Are Flying Saucers Vegan?

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter—yes, Flying Saucer sweets can indeed be vegan! 

The classic Flying Saucer recipe does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, making them an accidentally vegan product. So I’m happy to say they are a suitable choice for anyone following a vegan lifestyle or a plant-based diet. 

These fun little discs consist of a rice paper shell filled with fizzy sherbet powder. While some candies may contain gelatin or other animal-derived additives, Flying Saucers don’t have any such concerns. 

Are flying saucers vegan.

Are Flying Saucers Vegetarian?

Yes, flying saucers are also vegetarian, the most common things to look out for when looking for vegetarian sweets or candies are gelatin and animal-derived colours and flavourings. I’m glad to say these things aren’t a problem this time, meaning flying saucers are vegetarian.

Ingredients and Production of Flying Saucers:

Now that we know Flying Saucers are fine for a plant-based diet, let’s take a peek at what they are made of.

The main ingredients are rice paper, which forms the melt-in-the-mouth outer shell, and a sour sherbet filling. The rice paper is typically made from rice flour, water, and cornstarch, creating a crisp and edible casing. The sherbet filling is a concoction of sugar, glucose, citric acid, and flavourings, such as fruit extracts or natural aromas. 

With their simple yet creative ingredients, Flying Saucers continue to mesmerise both young and young-at-heart individuals across the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flying Saucers

Can I Buy Vegan Flying Saucers in the UK?

Well, I’m glad you asked, because I’ve done my research…

Flying Saucers are widely available in various shops and online stores. Some popular options in the UK include independent sweet shops, specialized vegan shops, and even major supermarkets. Look out for them in the confectionery aisle or the retro sweets section.

If you want to order some now you can order vegan Flying Saucers on Amazon.

Do Flying Saucers Contain Artificial Colours or Flavours?

I’ve said Flying Saucers are vegan but I never said they’re healthy!

As you can imagine, Flying Saucers often contain artificial colours and flavours to get their vibrant appearance and unique taste. 

However, as with many new products becoming available these days, more manufacturers are increasingly opting for natural alternatives, so be sure to check the packaging for any specific information.

Are Flying Saucers Gluten-Free?

Generally, Flying Saucers are gluten-free, as the rice paper used for the outer shell does not contain gluten. However, it’s always a good idea to check the product labels to be on the safe side. 

Can I Find Flying Saucers in Different Flavours?

While the classic Flying Saucer flavour is the iconic sherbet fizz, some brands and retailers offer options like strawberry, raspberry, or mixed fruit fillings. These flavours add an extra burst of fruity tang.

Are Flying Saucers Suitable for Children?

Flying Saucers are a popular kids treat, but is this a good regular go-to snack for a kid? Probably not, considering the fizzy nature of the sherbet filling. As with any sugary sweet, moderation is key, and it’s essential to be mindful of any potential allergies.

Where to Buy Vegan Flying Saucers in the UK?

Now that your taste buds are tingling with anticipation, let’s go into more detail about where you can buy vegan Flying Saucers in the UK. 

You can easily pick them up both online and offline.

Major supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons often sell vegan-friendly Flying Saucers as well, making them easily accessible to satisfy your sweet cravings.

If you want to order them online, here are some options you can quickly order on Amazon.

Just Treats Flying Saucers – 100g Share Bag

Flying Saucers – Large Tub 175g


These tangy, fizzy treats offer a delightful blast from the past while staying true to your plant-based principles. 

So, fellow vegans, set off on a flavour-packed voyage with Flying Saucers, and let your taste buds soar to outer space!

Remember to always check the packaging or consult the manufacturer to ensure the specific product’s vegan status and ingredients. Happy munching, cosmic candy enthusiasts!

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