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The Best Spots For Vegan Breakfast in Krakow in 2024

Vegan breakfast in Krakow

Last updated on December 16th, 2023

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so, let me help you start your day as you should with the best spots for vegan breakfast in Krakow. 

Now, I’ll begin by saying there are so many absolutely incredible options for vegan food in Krakow, however, one thing that’s a little harder to find is an actual breakfast as we may know it here in the UK. 

But don’t sweat. After seven weeks out and about most mornings I’ve found some real gems that I’m excited to share with you all. 

The Best Places for Vegan Breakfast in Krakow:

1. Cakester – Vegan Bagels and Scrambled Tofu

Krakow Old TownFind Cakester on Google Maps 

Cakester - Vegan breakfast Krakow - 1

Cakester in Krakow offers a range of delicious vegan breakfast options. The café is known for its delicious desserts, but it also offers quite a few vegan mouthwatering choices to start your day.

If you’re looking for a savoury breakfast they’ve got bagels, scrambled tofu with toast and you could even try their vegan dumplings. The hummus and avocado bagel was my go-to for breakfast.  

If you prefer a sweeter option, Cakester has you covered with their vegan crepes and waffles. They are made with flour and plant-based milk and served with all kinds of toppings and sauces including vegan cream cheese! 

And for the healthy option, you’ve got vegan homemade granola or porridge. Both can be made with plant-based milk and yoghurt.

So, whether you’re vegan or simply looking to explore plant-based breakfast choices, Cakester offers a delightful experience in the heart of Krakow.

2. Oke Poke – Vegan Smoothie Bowls in Krakow

Kazimierz – Jewish QuarterFind Oke Poke on Google Maps.

Vegan Smoothie bowl Krakow - 1

Up next is Oke Poke, this is a great spot for fresh and delicious vegan smoothie bowls. So, if you’ve no idea what the day ahead in Krakow might bring, then a healthy bowl of goodness may just set you up nicely. 

Here you can get smoothies and smoothie bowls and if you’re around for lunch or dinner you can get poke bowls too, which I love! 

There are 5 smoothie bowl options, my favourite is the peanut butter and cacao one. – Take a look at Oke Poke’s menu.

The only downside to this place is that they open at 11 a.m., which is plenty early for their poke bowls but I’d prefer to go for breakfast a bit earlier. 

Find Oke Poke on Google Maps.

3. Massolit Bakes – Vegan Croissants in Krakow

PodgórzeFind Massolit Bakes on Google Maps.

Well, what a find this place was! It was about a 10-minute walk from our apartment and I may have visited here more times than I wish to admit! 

Honestly, the sweet vegan croissants at Massolit Bakes are something else! When you get there just ask what they’ve got available, you’ll usually find pistachio, chocolate and cherry. And it’s not just croissants, they’ve got a selection of different vegan pastries.

Seriously though, a better vegan croissant, you will not find anywhere!

Find Massolit Bakes on Google Maps.

4. Alchemia – Porridge and a Pint

Kazimierz – Jewish Quarter

Alchemia is one of the most popular bars around Kazimierz. It’s got atmospheric lighting and antique-looking decor and it’s usually the first spot to get busy around the Jewish quarter. 

The bar and the restaurant are separate but are right next door to each other. There are a few vegan options available on their menu such as a panang curry, tofu stir fry, hummus and a burger. 

For breakfast, at Alchemia you can get a tasty cacao and pumpkin porridge. And whether or not you stick around for drinks after, is up to you!

Find Alchemia on Google Maps.

5. Veganic Restaurant – Vegan English Breakfast

West of the main SquareVeganic Restaurant on Google Maps

If you want a proper vegan restaurant experience in Krakow, Veganic is the place to go! It’s a great spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take a look at Veganic’s menu. 

Veganic is one of the best places for vegan breakfast in Krakow, with options such as a vegan English breakfast, avocado toast, vegan croissants and French toast, you’ll be sure to find something you fancy. 

Find Veganic Restaurant on Google Maps

6. Café Manggha – Japanese Breakfast

Overlooking the castleFind Café Manggha on Google Maps.

Japanese breakfast in Krakow looking at the castle

So, it may not be a typical breakfast for some of us but this Japanese-style breakfast was one of my favourite vegan breakfasts in Krakow. 

Café Manggha is joined to the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, so you can enjoy a full morning of Japanese culture. Don’t forget to stop in at the gift shop, you’ll find plenty of beautiful, quirky and interesting things in there. 

For breakfast, they offer a vegan set meal which comes with several little bowls that include tofu, veggies, rice, miso soup and fresh fruit. 

The food is delicious but that wasn’t the best part. We sat outside on their big balcony area, it was a beautiful warm morning and we had the most stunning view of the castle. 

Find Café Manggha on Google Maps.

7. Droga Przez Mąkę – Best Vegan Sandwiches in Krakow

Podgórze Droga Przez Mąkę on Google maps

It’s madness that I don’t have one picture of this place! 

I ate food from here more than any other place in Krakow. Droga Przez Mąkę is a cute little vegan coffee shop with freshly made sandwiches and cakes. 

I absolutely love the sandwiches from here, they’re made on thick fresh bread and are filled with an interesting selection of ingredients. My favourite vegan sandwich has tofu and some kind of delicious sweet carrot paste. 

They’ve also got amazing sweet stuff too, I especially love their chocolate banana bread and their tofu cheesecake.

Find Droga Przez Mąkę on Google maps.

8. Szklarnia – Vegan Croissant, Cakes and more

Find Szklarnia on Google Maps.

Vegan Breakfast Croissant in Krakow

Another incredible place for vegan croissants in Krakow is Szklarnia. This place is right up at the top of the list for vegans in Krakow, the only reason I didn’t go here more often was because it’s on the totally opposite side of the city from where we were staying.

But we did get there once and loved it! We ordered a sandwich with sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber and other veggies, a savoury croissant with tofu scramble and because we couldn’t help ourselves, a chocolate croissant too! 

I highly recommend you visit this gorgeous little vegan cafe if you want to experience the best of Krakow vegan breakfasts! And the staff were super friendly!

Find Szklarnia on Google Maps.

9. Nakielny & Wentzl – Vegan Breakfast in the Main Square

Main SquareNakielny & Wentzl on Google Maps

If you’re looking for a vegan breakfast in the beautiful square of the old town in Krakow then I’ve found a spot for you. 

There are plenty of restaurants lining the perimeter of the main square, most with stunning views of St. Mary’s Basilica. But to be honest, it can be hard to tell the difference between each of them, but Nakielny & Wentzl is different because they sell a vegan breakfast. And for a very reasonable price considering its location. 

So, whether you’re looking for a full vegan breakfast, a fresh croissant or a healthy smoothie bowl there’s plenty of choice for vegan breakfast in Krakow, if you know where to look.

Enjoy trying some of the places on this list and next up take a look at Vegan food in Krakow – 7 places for cracking vegan food in Krakow!

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