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Free From Fellows Strawberry Vegan Mallows – Review


Last updated on September 11th, 2023

Today I’m doing a Free From Fellows Strawberry Vegan Mallows review for all my marshmallow-loving vegan friends.

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Whether it’s summertime BBQs or winter hot chocolate there’s always room for a fluffy marshmallow. But for such a long time marshmallows have been out of reach for vegans.

Not anymore….Vegan marshmallows are a thing. And you can buy them from Free From Fellows.

Free From Fellows has now made it possible for vegans and anyone following a plant-based diet to enjoy their vegan mellows. 

I’ve tried the strawberry flavour of Free From Fellows vegan mellows and they were exactly what you’d expect from marshmallows, light and fluffy with that subtle powdery finish. And I’m got gonna lie, it was hard to put down the bag. 

But that’s not too much of a problem because they really are guilt-free sweets. Not only are they vegan, but they also use all natural colourings, and are gluten, palm oil and GMO-free. 

All this good stuff going on and they still taste like regular delicious marshmallows. 

Would I recommend Free From Fellows Strawberry Vegan Mallows? 

Yes, if you’re heading out for a BBQ or fancy making yourself a bit of a rocky road then you definitely want to grab yourself a bag of these vegan mallows from Free From Fellows. 

Where can I buy Free From Fellows Strawberry Vegan Mallows?

You can buy Free From Fellow vegan mallows from Holland and Barrett and they’re usually less than £2. Or you can buy them on Amazon, why not add them to your Amazon order, so you’ll have them whenever you need them?

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