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Is Ravioli Vegan? Where to Buy the Best Vegan Ravioli in the UK in 2024

Last updated on December 15th, 2023

Find the Best Vegan Ravioli

Ravioli and spinach - Is Ravioli vegan

Ravioli is a dish many of us have eaten since we were kids. For me, my childhood favourite was tinned ravioli that you can heat in a few minutes.

But now I’m following a vegan diet, I’m wondering if can I still eat it. Is ravioli vegan? I know the traditional type isn’t vegan but is there a vegan version? And if so where can I buy vegan ravioli?

Well, I’ve gone into a deep dive to find out all I can about this delicious tasty-filled pasta, check out what I’ve found out.

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Is Ravioli Vegan?

No, regular ravioli is not vegan. In fact, both the pasta and the filling aren’t usually vegan. 

Fresh Pasta isn’t vegan a lot of the time because it’s commonly made with egg. And this is the case with the thin envelope pasta used to make ravioli. 

The filling in most traditional versions is not vegan either because it’s usually made with cheese, such as ricotta or meat. So, no, vegans can’t eat traditional ravioli.

Can Vegans Eat Ravioli?

Yes, these days vegans can eat ravioli. This is not because regular ravioli is plant-based, because it’s not! It’s because there are many plant-based options becoming available. More and more companies are making vegan-friendly ravioli and there are plenty of plant-based ravioli recipes available online and in recipe books.

So, providing you buy, or make ravioli made especially for a plant-based diet, then yes, vegans can eat ravioli. 

Is Ravioli Vegetarian? 

Yes, ravioli can often be vegetarian, but not always. 

Ravioli pasta is usually made using mostly just flour and eggs, this is vegetarian-friendly stuff.

However, not all ravioli fillings are vegetarian. This is because it’s quite common for it to be made using meat. So, if you’re looking for a vegetarian ravioli you’ll need to look for one with a meat-free filling such as spinach and ricotta. Many people say that spinach and ricotta is the best vegetarian ravioli.

Can I buy Vegan Ravioli?

Good news, yes, there is vegan ravioli available! It’s made using pasta that contains no egg. And the filling is made using all plant-based ingredients. You can buy plant-based ravioli in several places such as your local supermarket, wholefood food shop or online.

Where to Buy the Best Vegan Ravioli?

If you’re looking for the best vegan ravioli in the UK, I’ve put together a little list of some of the tastiest vegan ravioli out there:

What is Vegan Ravioli Made of?

The pasta for plant-based ravioli is usually made with flour, water, olive oil and salt. 

The filling can be made using a huge selection of different ingredients, it all depends on what type of ravioli you want. You can have mushrooms, spinach, pumpkin, beetroot, tofu, pea, onion and so much more.

What are the Best Began Ravioli Brands?

If you want to know the best brands for vegan ravioli, here are my favourites: 

Where to Buy a Vegan Ravioli Tin?

If you want a long-lasting tin of ravioli, then the one option I’ve found is Suma.

You can buy it from several places including – Suma Ravioli on Amazon

What is Ravioli Traditionally Filled with?

Traditional ravioli is usually filled with a combination of ricotta, meat, cheese, and vegetables. Of course, if the filling is just vegetables it could be vegan. But this isn’t often the case, it’s usually a combination. 

Is Cheese Ravioli Vegan?

If you’re new to the scene it can be hard to get you’re head around everything but no, cheese ravioli isn’t vegan. Any products that have real cheese in them are not suitable for a vegan diet because it is made from milk, typically cow milk. 

Make your own

What’s the Best Vegan Ravioli Recipe?

Of course, you don’t have to buy it, you can make it! But this isn’t something I help with much, I’m not a recipe kind of gal, so I found some great ones for you to check out.

Vegan Ravioli Recipes for you to Try:

What’s the Best Vegan Ravioli Dough Recipe?

Making vegan pasta dough is quite an easy task if you’re at all comfortable in the kitchen and it takes very few ingredients. Here are some recipes for vegan pasta dough:

Ravioli in tomato sauce

What about Sauce?

Is there a Vegan Ravioli Sauce?

Well depending on what kind of ravioli you are buying, or making, will depend on what type of sauce you’ll want to use. There isn’t just one sauce that goes with ravioli, so you can choose from many types of pasta sauce, for traditional ravioli most people seem to go with a tomato-based sauce. 

There are plenty of vegan pasta sauces available. So, as long as you choose one of these, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect sauce to go with your ravioli.

Where to Buy Vegan Ravioli Sauce?

You can buy vegan ravioli sauce pretty much anywhere because you only really need a tasty tomato sauce. But here are some tasty vegan-friendly sauces. 

Vegan Ravioli Sauce Recipe

Now, there’s no reason you need to buy the sauce, if you want to choose the more creative option and make it yourself. 

Here are two different vegan-friendly pasta sauces from Wow, It’s Veggie?! That you could try:

If you love ravioli, this special type of pasta that gives so much more than regular pasta, then I hope I’ve been able to answer your questions. 

And I’ve got some ideas of what you might want to read next – Is Pasta Vegan? All You Need To Know To Find Vegan Pasta and Is Cheese Vegan? The new vegan’s guide to cheese.

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