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11 Vegan Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Dublin in 2024

Last updated on January 26th, 2024

At Least Start with a Good Breakfast!

Vegan Brunch in Dublin

Dublin, with its charming streets, rich history, and more pubs than anyone could visit in a month of Sundays, is slowly but surely making way for more vegan options. Whether you’re vegan or just looking for a plant-based breakfast today, Dublin offers a variety of vegan breakfast and brunch choices to kickstart your day including top-notch vegan Irish breakfasts and fluffy vegan pancakes.

The 11 Best Spots for Vegan Breakfast or Vegan Brunch in Dublin:

1. Beanhive: The Best Spot for a Vegan Irish Breakfast in Dublin

  • Location: Dawson Street (near Stephen’s Green)
  • Google Maps: Beanhive Coffee

Beanhive is the best place to go if you’re looking for a vegan Irish breakfast in Dublin.

You’ll find this super vegan-friendly café near Stephen’s Green, offering so many vegan breakfast and brunch choices. From vegan wraps and ciabattas to an all-day vegan breakfast and vegan muffins, this place has your vegan breakfast in Dublin sorted. They even say ‘Every menu item can be made vegetarian or vegan, for free!’ – my kind if place!

Plus, they offer a variety of dairy-free milk options to go with your coffee. Check out Beanhive’s food here.

2. Tang: Sustainability and Scrumptious Vegan Breakfast

Tang, plant-based breakfast Dublin

Tang, with its strong focus on sustainability, fundraising, and raising awareness, is the ideal spot to enjoy a vegan breakfast. Serving breakfast until 11:15, Tang offers vegan options such as Buckwheat Pancakes and Mushrooms on Toast. I couldn’t believe how tasty the mushrooms on toast was, I’ll definitely go back there on my next trip to Dublin!

With three locations in Dublin City Centre, you’re never too far from a wholesome vegan meal.

Check out Tang’s breakfast menu for a closer look at their offerings.

3. Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant: A fully vegan restaurant in Dublin City Centre

Our first stop takes us to Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant, a fully vegan place situated on Wicklow Street. Within a restored Georgian home, this charming spot spans three floors.

Cornucopia uses high-quality plant-based and vegan ingredients to craft fresh daily dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic scrambled tofu on toast, a hearty vegan seitan sausage roll, overnight oats, or a delightful selection of pastries, Cornucopia’s breakfast menu has you covered. For a detailed look at their offerings, check out Cornucopia’s breakfast menu.

4. Toca: Brazilian Vegan Breakfast Options

Craving a taste of Brazil? Look no further than Toca, where everything is homemade, fresh, and downright delicious. With gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options aplenty, Toca really is a great spot for vegan breakfast or brunch in Dublin.

Vegan options like the Toca Açai Bowl and Tapioca Wrap are a perfect way to start a day in Temple Bar. Dive into the vibrant flavours of Brazil…vegan style! You can explore Toca Tapioca House‘s menu in detail here.

5. Caffé Nero: Quick Vegan Bites in Central Dublin

Caffe Nero vegan options Dublin

For those on the go, Caffé Nero on O’Connell Street is the perfect pitstop. Located in the heart of Dublin, it’s great for a quick coffee and vegan breakfast. Their vegan offerings probably change from time to time but they often include a vegan panini, vegan flapjack, and a vegan sausage roll. Grab a quick, satisfying breakfast before heading out on your Dublin adventures.

6. Hanley’s Cornish Pasties: A Taste of Cornwall in Dublin

Vegan Cornish Pastie Dublin

In the heart of Temple Bar, you’ll find Hanley’s Cornish Pasties, the only Cornish Pasty shop in Dublin. Hanley’s offers a selection of vegan options, including Thai Green, Fiery Mexican, and Original Vegan pasties. It’s the perfect spot for a quick and satisfying breakfast on the move.

7. Wetherspoons: Affordable Vegan Breakfast

For a budget-friendly vegan breakfast in Dublin, Wetherspoons offers two locations in the City Centre. While the menu may be similar to its UK counterparts, you’ll find vegan options like a vegan fried breakfast and a fresh fruit bowl. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for something quick and easy.

8. Brother Hubbard: Three Dublin Locations

Vegan breakfast in Brother Hubbert Dublin

With three locations across Dublin City Centre, Brother Hubbard caters to a variety of tastes. While the menus may vary slightly, you can expect to find vegan options such as the vegan mezze tray, seasonal Bakewell, aubergine baba ganoush plate, and the cauli-chew wrap.

Visit their website to find the nearest Brother Hubbard to you.

9. Meltdown: Sourdough Toasties with a Vegan Twist

If you’re in the mood for a toasty, Meltdown on Montague Street is the place to be. While they have just one vegan option, the Vegan Hun, it’s a flavour-packed delight with vegan mozzarella, basil pesto, tomatoes, red onion, and rocket. You can enjoy it on the go or dine in.

10. Póg: Vegan Pancakes in Dublin

Póg, with two locations in Dublin City Centre, offers the opportunity to build your own vegan pancakes. They can create vegan pancakes with your preferred toppings, though they say it may take a little longer to make vegan-friendly pancakes. Alternatively, you can enjoy their Pink Acerola Bowl.

11. Lemon Jelly Cafe: Casual Vibes and Vegan Eats

Finally, Lemon Jelly Cafe offers a casual coffee shop experience with both indoor and outdoor seating. Their vegan options include a vegan savoury crepe and a vegan ciabatta. It’s the perfect spot to relax, enjoy a plant-based meal, and soak up the Dublin atmosphere.

Vegan Breakfast in Dublin

Dublin’s vegan breakfast and brunch scene continues to grow, offering a pretty good selection of options if you know where to look. Whether you’re strolling through Grafton Street, exploring Temple Bar, or simply looking for a quick bite near O’Connell Street, Dublin has you covered with some delicious, cruelty-free breakfast choices. 

If you like finding the best places to eat well as a vegan while travelling check out my Vegan Food on Tour page.

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