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Vegan Desserts in Birmingham: Satisfy Your Plant-based Sweet Tooth

Vegan dessert in Birmingham UK

Last updated on December 23rd, 2023

If you’re a vegan with a sweet tooth or just someone looking to explore Birmingham’s vegan dessert scene, you’re in for a treat! Being vegan in this city is not a struggle and it’s also true when it comes to vegan desserts in Birmingham. 

In this short guide, I’ll share some of the best places to enjoy vegan desserts that will feel like a real treat.

The Best Vegan Desserts in Birmingham in 2024

1. Perlos: Dessert Bliss in Digbeth

Vegan dessert Perlos Birmingham

Perlos is a dessert lover’s paradise that can be found on the edge of Digbeth, just a few minutes walk from the Bullring.

As a vegan, you’ll be delighted to find a great selection of dairy-free options on their menu. The cosy atmosphere with comfortable seating and booths makes it a perfect spot to relax with friends or to bring the kids out for a special treat.

Here are some of the vegan options that Perlos offers:

  • Vegan Waffles with vegan ice cream
  • Vegan Milkshakes
  • Vegan Black Forest Cakes
  • Vegan Cookie Dough

Perlos also welcomes bookings for birthdays, afternoon tea, and other special occasions.

Check out Perlos full menu here.

2. Cherry Reds: Vegan-Friendly Dessert Delights

Vegan dessert Cherry Reds Birmingham

Cherry Reds is a popular choice for vegan desserts in Birmingham, and it’s easy to get to because it’s located right next to New Street Station. This vegan-friendly bar and cafe offers a selection of sweet treats, perfect for satisfying your dessert cravings. You just need to decide if you want your cake a glass of vegan wine or a vegan mocho. 

Some of the vegan dessert options at Cherry Reds include:

  • Vegan Pancakes
  • A variety of cakes served with vegan whipped cream
  • Vegan Hot Chocolate
  • Vegan Milkshakes

To explore their full menu, click here.

3. Batch’d: Takeaway Dessert Heaven

  • Locations: Bullring (near Vodafone shop) and Grand Central
Batch'd Birmingham Plant-based Desserts

Craving a quick vegan dessert fix while shopping in the city centre? Look no further than Batch’d! With two convenient locations in the Bullring and Grand Central, this takeaway dessert shop has your sweet cravings covered.

Batch’d offer an assortment of sugary vegan dessert options, including donuts, cookies, and brownies. Pop by for a tasty treat during your shopping spree to give you the energy to carry on.

4. Starbucks: Vegan cakes, cookies, muffins and vegan cream!!

Vegan whipped cream Starbucks

Starbucks may not be the first place that comes to mind for vegan desserts, but don’t underestimate its offerings. This popular coffee chain has multiple locations scattered throughout Birmingham, making it a convenient choice for a sweet surprise.

While the vegan options at Starbucks may vary, you can often find:

  • Vegan muffins
  • Vegan cookies
  • Vegan cakes
  • Vegan whipped cream

5. Heavenly Desserts Birmingham, Moseley

Heavenly Desserts is the epitome of dessert extravagance. With locations in Moseley and Handsworth, as well as all around the country, they offer an extensive menu of vegan desserts that will leave you ready to pop!

Some of their mouthwatering vegan options include:

  • Chocolate & Hazelnut Mochi Mochi Plate
  • Berry Meringue American Waffle
  • Biscoff and Banana Cookie Dough
  • Cookie Dough Brownie
  • Warm Brownie, Caramel & Banana Sundae Jar

The elegant decor and relaxing environment make Heavenly Desserts a must-visit spot for any dessert enthusiast. Check out their Moseley menu here.

Explore Vegan Food in Birmingham – If you’re eager to discover more vegan delights in Birmingham, don’t forget to take a look at my Vegan in Birmingham Page. Birmingham is a city with plenty of fantastic vegan options, and I’m here to help you uncover them all!

Whether you’re a Birmingham local or just passing through, these vegan dessert options are sure to make your taste buds dance with delight. So, grab a friend and embark on a sweet journey through Birmingham’s vegan dessert scene.

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