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Vegan Donuts in Birmingham And Where To Find Them in 2024

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Last updated on December 13th, 2023

So, is this post about vegan donuts in Birmingham, or vegan doughnuts in Birmingham?

Donuts or Doughnuts? I’ve learned that both spellings are acceptable. But here in the UK, the spelling ‘doughnuts’ is more common. Personally, I like words with fewer secret letters. Even after all this in-depth research I still haven’t decided if I’m going with vegan donuts in Birmingham, or vegan doughnuts in Birmingham. I’ll probably just alternate.

As a kid, I was never really mad about donuts. But strangely as an adult, especially since becoming vegan, I find myself craving balls of stuffed dough more often than I care to admit. I prefer filled doughnuts to ring doughnuts, probably for the simple reason, there’s more to them. 

Anyway, as much as I’m sure you’ve absolutely loved reading about my doughnut history, I know you’re actually here to find out where you find vegan doughnuts in Birmingham. So, I won’t hold back any longer, let’s get started…

Where to Get Vegan Doughnuts in Birmingham in 2024:

1. Krispy Kreme

When looking for a vegan donut in Birmingham if there’s a Krispy Kreme nearby that’s where I’ll be going. I’ve never had a donut from here that isn’t soft and fresh.

As far as I know, there are two Krispy Kreme’s in Birmingham city centre. One in Selfridges and the other in New Street Station, near the Starbucks downstairs. 

Does Krispy Kreme have any vegan donuts?

During Veganuary they seemed to have more options available but there are still usually a few vegan doughnut options such as: 

  • Fudge Brownie Bliss
  • Apple Custard Crumble
  • Vegan Caramel Iced Ring
  • Vegan Strawberry Iced Ring

Maybe I’m just following the crowd but a vegan doughnut from Krispy Kreme is always a winner after I’ve been out for dinner in Birmingham. Want to see what other vegan gems I’ve found in Birmingham check out my Birmingham page here.

2. Wicked Kitchen – Tesco

Maybe you haven’t even had your dinner yet but you just want to be prepared for the doughnut cravings you know you’ll be getting later. If so, Tesco has now got Wicked’s vegan jam doughnuts. They are pretty small. But don’t worry they come in packs of 5. I’d suggest getting them as fresh as possible because they seem to get a little soggy. I don’t know if this is allowed, but I popped mine in the microwave. Soggy and warm seems better than just soggy.

Check out Wicked Kitchen Jazzy Jam Doughnuts here.

3. Greggs

A doughnut is a doughnut, right? Well, I’m not sure about that. But there’s no doubt that if the cravings are getting strong and you must get your hands on a vegan donut this minute, Greggs may be your best bet. They might not sell the best doughnut around but they’re everywhere and super cheap! 

If you’re wandering around Birmingham and your sweet tooth is calling for a vegan donut head into one of the many Greggs. Just order their classic glazed ring doughnut and you’re sorted. It may not have been made especially for vegans, but I’m glad to say it is vegan-friendly. I guess it’s just a happy accident.

Check out Greggs – Glazed Ring Doughnuts here.

4. Batch’d

Batch’d is easy to find because it’s located on the ground floor in the Bullring, next to Game. It seems they have one vegan doughnut option available.

Full disclosure I haven’t had a donut from here Batch’d, I’m just giving it as an option in your search for vegan doughnuts in Birmingham.

Check out Batch’d – Vegan Donuts here.

5. Crosstown – Delivery 

Now, if you’re just after a quick vegan doughnut on the go while you’re in and around Birmingham, like most normal people, then this isn’t the one. But I do have to mention Crosstown because since I first tried one of their vegan donuts from their fully vegan store in Marylebone I haven’t really been able to stop thinking about it.

So, when I saw Crosstown deliver to Birmingham I got pretty excited. This is probably more of a special occasion option because they come in boxes of at least 6 and are pretty pricey (but you do you, if all 6 of them follow your Saturday night meal for one, I’m not here to judge). Not all of their donuts are vegan but they do have a good selection.

They also have seasonal boxes, so if you’re getting into the Christmas mood and feel a joy-sprinkled doughnut is just what you need, get ordering from Crosstown. 

Order from Crosstown – Delivery here.

That’s it, those are all the doughnuts I’ve come across in my search for the best vegan donuts in Birmingham. To be honest, the competition isn’t strong, we don’t have much choice. But don’t worry, times they are a-changin’ and I’ll keep you updated on any new finds. And if your heart isn’t completely set on donuts take a look at Vegan Cakes Birmingham – Find your vegan cake now!

Sugar donuts - Vegan donuts in Birmingham

Do you know any other places to get vegan donuts in Birmingham?

As of today, it’s without a doubt when my sugar tooth calls out for doughnuts Krispy Kreme will be my first choice. 

If you’re living in or visiting Birmingham check out what other vegan gems are in the city.

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