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Vegan Food in Budapest – 3 Great Spots You Probably Don’t Know About!

Bridge in Budapest - Vegan food Budapest

Last updated on December 4th, 2023

If you’re looking for vegan food in Budapest, it’s there, if you know where to find it. It’s not on every street corner but you certainly won’t go hungry in this beautiful city.

So, I didn’t just go around and choose the most popular places for vegan food in Budapest. I looked for the food I wanted to eat and found places that had vegan options.

So, you might not find these on every list out there, but they are good ones, trust me!

Let’s get straight into it. Here are my…

3 Places to Get Excellent Vegan Food in Budapest:

Vegan food in Budapest Hummus bar

No matter where you travel you know you’re safe once spotting a place that does hummus and falafel. Well, Budapest is not short on these options. And I was pretty falafeled by the time I left this wonderful city.

There was some strong competition but the place I probably enjoyed the most was Hummusbar, this is a chain in Budapest with a bunch of restaurants scattered around the city.

It’s very relaxed and casual, and the one I visited had a few tables downstairs and a few upstairs. They were all pretty tight together, this made it a bit cosy. The staff were friendly and helpful!

We ordered at the bar and our food was brought up to us, and our neighbour’s food too, well, that’s how it felt, there were mountains of it! And the price was a bargain!

The menu is clearly marked with vegan and vegetarian symbols, and to my delight, there were plenty of vegan options to pick from. It took me a while to decide, but eventually, I went for the mushroom & onion with spiced hummus, it came as a very generous helping with a side of more pita bread than I’d eat in a month of Sundays. I ordered a tabouli salad too, I’m not usually a salad girl but this looked good and I couldn’t resist!

Everything was so fantastic, I was thrilled with my choices, and the mushrooms were some of the tastiest mushrooms I’d ever eaten! I ate most of it, which was good going! The only thing left to do was to take a slow walk around Budapest City and feed the birds the rest of my pita bread.

Check out Hummusbar’s locations in Budapest.

Tom Yum Thai Restaurant - vegan food in Budapest

You usually have two choices when looking for Asian food while travelling, or at least this is my experience.

You get those little no-frills family-run places that just know how to knock up mouth-watering and authentic-tasting food. Then you get other places that put a lot into the look and vibe, and market it so everyone knows. But they sometimes make the mistake of making the food a little too cool or fancy and seem to forget the true flavours.

Well, I was delighted when looking for vegan Thai food in Budapest because Tom Yum Thai Restaurant had a bit of that fancy pants feel but the food was still good, like really good!!

We got there for an early dinner and it was pretty busy, we were lucky to snag ourselves a table inside, there’s a setting area outside too but it’s next to a busy road so I was glad to get the last free tables inside.

The decor was tasteful, traditional and relaxing, and the staff looked sharp. The pace was a little slow so as long as you’ve got the time it’s all good!

The menu was also in English and was clearly labelled so it was easy to tell what was vegetarian. The waiter’s English was excellent too so while ordering I could check which options were vegan. We ordered vegetable spring rolls, tom yum soup and red curry and sat back with a cold beer as we waited.

The spring rolls came and they were lovely and crispy and got us ready for our mains.

The soup and the curry were so good! They were jam-packed with delicious spices. I left full-on flavour and Thai beer, making this a great spot for vegan food in Budapest.

Find Tom Yum Thai Restaurant on Google Maps.

Vegan Pho Asian Cuisine Pho - vegan food in Budapest

Asian Cuisine Pho is the kind of place I love to find! I have to admit it’s strange, not knowing with full confidence exactly what I’m ordering or if the kitchen is a place I’d like to see. But somehow it just makes me feel it’s going to be authentic and super tasty!

A little hole-in-the-wall type doorway leads down to a canteen-style family-run restaurant laid out with simple decor with tables or booths to pick from. The tables are already set with typical Vietnamese condiments and we’re greeted by the glance of a silent Vietnamese man.

After a bit of time trying to understand the menu and figuring out what was vegan, we went for it. We ordered two vegetable bowls of pho and summer rolls.

For a little hidden place, it was busy, while we waited for our food we watched people come and go, everyone seemed more than satisfied with their bowls of goodness.

My eyes lit up as the food was making its way over. The presentation was simple and fitting with the rest of the place.

The food was a winner! The flavour of the soup was delicious, filled with herby flavour. The summer rolls were crispy and fresh and came with a thin peanut sauce. I finished it all with no problem.

The food was good, the price was fair and given the chance, I would have looked forward to a second visit, but that was it for my search of vegan food in Budapest! Next time, for sure!

Find Asian Cuisine Pho on Google Maps.

That’s it, the 3 places I most enjoyed eating vegan food in Budapest

I hope you enjoy your trip to Budapest and if you’re looking for some other great spots for vegan food in Europe check out some of the places I’ve been to here.

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