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Are Love Hearts Vegan? Do These Hearts Have Compassion?

Are Love Hearts Vegan

Last updated on December 17th, 2023

Hey there compassionate hearts! If you’ve landed here you must be wondering about a delightful little treat that has probably melted your heart, or at least made you giggle, at some point – Love Hearts. But have you ever checked if us vegan folks can actually eat them? Are Love Hearts vegan?

What Are Love Hearts, Anyway?

For those who haven’t come across these sugary gems yet, or are just not exactly sure what I’m talking about…Love Hearts are iconic sweets that come in a rainbow of colours and have cute messages like “Be Mine,” “True Love,” and “Hot Lips” on them. They’re often found in mixed candy packs, gift bags, and even as part of wedding favours. These seemingly simple sweets have been around for generations, bringing silliness and a bit of fun.

Love Hearts Ingredients:

Now, let’s get into it and take a look at the ingredient list of Love Hearts. After all, it’s the ingredients that determine whether these sweets are suitable for vegans or not. 

Love Hearts are primarily made from sugar, maize starch, and acidity regulators. Sounds pretty promising, right? 

So, Are Love Hearts Vegan?

The good news for all the vegan sweet tooths out there is that Love Hearts are, in fact, vegan-friendly. The primary ingredients – sugar and maize starch – are plant-based. These essentials provide the delightful crunch and dissolve-in-your-mouth goodness that Love Hearts are known for.

Colours and Flavours:

But what about the colours and flavours? The colourful hues that make Love Hearts so cute and pretty are derived from vegan sources. They use ingredients such as beetroots, dark green vegetables and paprika. As for flavours, they’re possibly created using fruit concentrates, meaning no need to worry about animal-derived additives lurking in these little lovelies.

So, how can we confidently declare Love Hearts as vegan? Well, on their website they say suitable for ‘Vegetarians, Vegans, Coeliacs, and Halal.’ Check out Swizzel’s website

Can vegans eat love hearts

Before we finish I’m going to answer some of the other common questions people ask about Love Hearts:

1. Are Love Hearts gluten-free?

Yes, indeed! Love Hearts are gluten-free, making them a suitable option for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. Just be sure to check the packaging for any updates, as recipes and ingredients can change.

2. Do Love Hearts contain gelatin?

No, Love Hearts are blissfully gelatin-free. Gelatin, often derived from animal collagen, is not part of these sweets’ makeup.

3. Are Love Hearts suitable for vegetarians?

Absolutely! Since Love Hearts don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients, they’re perfectly fine for vegetarians as well.

4. Are Love Hearts free from artificial colours and flavours?

On the ingredient list, it’s hard to be sure where all the flavourings come from. So, while we can be confident they’re vegan, we can’t be sure they only use natural colours and flavourings. 


In a world where more and more people are trying to eat in a kinder way, it’s heartening to discover that treats like Love Hearts can fit seamlessly into vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.


Please note that while every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, ingredient lists and formulations can vary and change at any time. Always double-check the packaging and ingredient labels before consuming any product, especially if you have allergies or dietary restrictions.

If you’re looking for some more tips and tricks on what foods are vegan and what foods aren’t? Check out my Vegan Food & Drink Page.

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