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Discover the Best Vegan Ice Cream in Krakow in 2024

Discover Vegan Ice Cream in Krakow

Last updated on December 16th, 2023

If you want to know where to buy vegan ice cream in Krakow keep reading because I’m going to tell you about three easy-to-find places that have vegan-friendly options

Krakow, a fabulous and vibrant city in Poland, is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious food offerings. And for those following a vegan lifestyle or simply seeking plant-based alternatives, Krakow is not a place to miss, its vegan food scene is full to the brim!

You won’t walk very far without finding vegan options, including, of course, vegan ice cream. 

In this post, we will explore three excellent places to get your hands on vegan ice cream in Krakow: Good Lood, Cakester, and Lodziarnia Lili & Rose.

The 3 Best Places to Get Vegan Ice Cream in Krakow in 2024:

1. Good Lood: The Perfect Scoop of Vegan Happiness

Find your closest Good Lody’s location.

Good Lood - Vegan ice cream Krakow

Good Lood is a vegan-friendly ice cream shop in Krakow. You’ll find multiple locations throughout the city and it is a true haven for ice cream lovers. 

They are well known for their high-quality ingredients and selection of flavours. And I’m glad to say that this includes vegan ice cream too. 

Whether you find yourself in Podgórze, Kazimierz, or near Market Square, with several shops around the city, Good Lood is never too far away. There are loads of them dotted around the city, take a look at Good Lody’s locations map.

Their vegan ice cream is made by carefully using dairy-free ingredients that result in creamy, scoops of delicious plant-based ice cream. That tastes just like the ‘real thing’.

Their vegan options can change from day to day, so you’re always in for a surprise. But you can expect to find flavours such as chocolate and vanilla. Or more adventurous flavours like pistachio and raspberry. 

They also offer vegan sorbet too. Good Lood offers something for vegans and their non-vegan friends and can be found all over the city. 

So, Good Lood is a great spot for vegan ice cream in Krakow city.

Take a look at Good Lody’s locations map.

2. Cakester: Vegan Ice Cream and Vegan Cake

Find Cakester – Google Maps

Cakester is a charming café located in Krakow’s old town. They knock up some of the best food going in the city! It’s also a great spot for vegan options. You can find some tasty breakfast and lunch choices and, if you’re in the mood, lots of sweet treats too.

Among their mouthwatering cake offerings, Cakester also has a selection of vegan ice creams that will leave you coming back every day of your trip. 

Their vegan ice cream is made using plant-based ingredients. ensuring a treat that is both indulgent and cruelty-free. With a selection of delightful vegan flavours to choose from, such as raspberry, salted caramel, vanilla and peanut butter, it’s probably the best place to go when it comes to choice of plant-based ice cream in Krakow.

If you’re enjoying a nice sunny day on the streets of Krakow and you’re looking for a cool and refreshing vegan ice cream experience, Cakester is the perfect option. Order it to sit in, if you want a break from the sun or get it to go and take a leisurely stroll through Krakow’s picturesque streets.

Find Cakester on Google Maps

3. Lili & Rose – Lodziarnia: A Fusion of Nature and Flavor

Lili & Rose – Lodziarnia – Google Maps

Lodziarnia Lili & Rose is a well-loved ice cream stand in Krakow, that many people quote as ‘the best ice cream in Krakow’. 

They don’t always make it clear but this hidden gem is also good for vegan ice cream lovers visiting Krakow. 

Located on the edge of Kazimierz, Lodziarnia Lili & Rose specialises in natural ice cream creations that include a couple of vegan options. Such as vegan banana peanut butter and mango sorbet. Take a look at Lili & Rose’s menu

So, while exploring the Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter of Krakow, why not enjoy the sights with a vegan ice cream from Lili & Rose – Lodziarnia

Find Lili & Rose – Lodziarnia on Google Maps.

Krakow, a city filled with cultural heritage and incredible plant-based food, has embraced the vegan food movement with open arms. When it comes to vegan ice cream, Krakow has some great options to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Whether you choose to visit one of the Good Lood locations scattered throughout the city, explore the flavours at the very vegan-friendly Cakester, or enjoy the natural creations Lili&Rose, Krakow will satisfy your need for vegan ice cream. 

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