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Where to Get a Vegan Zapiekanka in Krakow 2024?

Vegan Zapiekanka in Krakow

Last updated on December 16th, 2023

If you want to know where to get a vegan zapiekanka in Krakow keep reading because they’re not easy to find but I know just the place…

A zapiekanka is a type of Polish street food. It is an open-toasted baguette layered with all kinds of ingredients. 

Traditionally you find zapiekanka topped with sautéed white mushrooms and cheese, sometimes other ingredients are added such as ham and ketchup.

In certain parts are Krakow you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice with one shop after another selling zapiekankas with almost anything you could want on them. But just no vegan-friendly ones.

Plac Nowy is a really cool area in Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter of Krakow. Here you’ll find loads of bars are restaurants and in the middle, there’s a square with stalls and kiosks selling food, to be more specific, most of them are selling zapiekankas. 

But sadly there are no vegan zapiekankas in Plac Nowy. Even though there’s some info online that says you can find a place that sells vegan ones there. It doesn’t seem to be the case. I circled the place time and time again looking for vegan zapiekankas and there were none to be found.

But don’t panic. My search didn’t end in Plac Nowy and in the end, I got my hands on one! 

Best Place to Get vegan a Zapiekanka in Krakow:

Farma Burgerownia Roślinna

Farma Burgerownia Roślinna – Google Maps

I finally found a place that sells vegan zapiekankas in Krakow. And the good news is it’s a fully vegan restaurant. It’s located centrally in the old town and is called Farma Burgerownia Roślinna.

Farma Burgerownia Roślinna is the place to get vegan Zapiekankas in Krakow

Farma Burgerownia Roślinna sells all kinds of vegan junk food such as burgers, hot dogs, wraps and fries, as well as some healthier salads. But let’s get to what you’re here for…they also offer 4 different vegan zapiekankas.

They all start with a base of mushrooms, vegan cheese, onions, herbs, chives and tomato sauce.

After that you can choose which one you fancy, you can get the plain one, one with gyros, another with spinach, cucumber and cheese sauce and the last one with jackfruit. 

Find Farma Burgerownia Roślinna on Google Maps

We tried two, the one with spinach and the one with gyros. They were both tasty and rich in flavour. All the ingredients were fresh and worked well together. 

vegan Zapiekankas in Krakow Poland

However, make sure you go with an empty belly. They are super-loaded and pretty filling, so, there’s no way I could eat one every day. But trying one is a part of the experience of visiting Krakow. 

So, there you have it – Farma Burgerownia Roślinna is the place to get vegan zapiekankas in Krakow. 

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