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5 Spots for a Tasty Vegan Breakfast in Moseley in 2024

Vegan breakfast Moseley - Wetherspoons

Last updated on December 23rd, 2023

Welcome to Moseley, a corner of Birmingham with a friendly community feel and a good selection of vegan breakfast options to enjoy.

Whether you’re a dedicated vegan foodie or simply looking to switch up your morning routine with a plant-based option, I’ve got you covered with these vegan breakfast options in Moseley.

Right, let’s get started, I don’t want to keep you waiting for your breakfast. 

5 Spots for Vegan Breakfast in Moseley:

1. Sorrento Lounge: A Family-friendly Breakfast Spot in Moseley

Address: Find Sorrento Lounge on Google Maps

Vegan breakfast Sorrento Lounge

Sorrento Lounge is a casual and relaxed spot in the heart of Moseley. It’s part of a chain that always has a great selection of vegan options on their menu and that includes breakfast time too. And I’ve definitely tried every vegan option on their menu by now. 

Whether I’m craving a regular or large vegan breakfast, avocado on toast, breakfast sandwiches, or just a comforting cup of hot coffee with plant-based milk, Sorrento Lounge always has something for me.

Another great thing, it’s a family-friendly spot with toys and books to keep the little ones entertained while you enjoy your morning meal together as a family, you can even bring the dog too!

2. De Maines Of Moseley: A Full Vegan Breakfast in Moseley

Address: Find De Maines Of Moseley on Google Maps

Vegan breakfast De Maines Of Moseley

If you’re in the mood for a cozy, independent café experience, with a personal touch De Maines Of Moseley is the place to be. 

This English-French Café serves an all-day vegan breakfast until 3 pm, you get a hearty meal that’s great value for money.

With its, tasty food, chilled-out music, laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff, De Maines offers the perfect setting to start your day on a relaxed note.

3. Damascena Moseley: Middle Eastern Flavors

Address: Find Damascena Moseley on Google Maps

For those who seek a more exotic breakfast adventure, Damascena Moseley offers a Middle Eastern twist. With several locations around Birmingham, Damascena offers a fantastic selection of vegan options, including avocado on toast, falafel bowls, and a tasty tahini and vegan date honey dip

On sunny days, you can bask in the relaxing garden seating, savouring the flavours of the Middle East.

Oh, and they have the BEST vegan Chai Latte going, don’t miss it!

4. The Elizabeth of York – Wetherspoons: Budget-Friendly Vegan Breakfast

Address: Find The Elizabeth of York – Wetherspoons on Google Maps

Vegan breakfast Moseley - Wetherspoons

If you’re looking for a no-frills, wallet-friendly vegan breakfast, head over to The Elizabeth of York, yes it’s Wetherspoons. 

Here you’ll find, if I’m being honest, a pretty great vegan breakfast featuring vegan sausages, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, and toast. They also offer fresh fruit and smashed avocado on a muffin for a lighter option. Plus, you can enjoy refillable tea and coffee, with the recent addition of oat milk.

5. Cafephilia: A Cozy Morning Relax

Address: Find Cafephilia on Google Maps

Last but not least, Cafephilia is a welcoming café that’s perfect for a leisurely morning. Their breakfast menu includes simple but tasty options like avocado on toast and beans on toast, as well as vegan panini choices.

If you fancy a sweet treat, you’ll usually be able to find a nice vegan cake to go with your coffee. The café’s bright windows provide the perfect spot to take in the world as you sip your morning brew.

So, Moseley offers a decent range of vegan breakfast options to suit whatever mood you’re in. Whether you fancy a hearty feast or a light morning bite, these vegan-friendly breakfast spots have you covered. 

Whichever one you choose, I hope it’s the start of a wonderful day. 

Looking for more vegan food options in Birmingham? Visit my Vegan Food in Birmingham page for a comprehensive guide to plant-based dining in the city.

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