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Is Pizza Hut Vegan Friendly?

Is Pizza hut vegan friendly

Last updated on December 9th, 2023

Pizza lovers everywhere are asking is Pizza Hut vegan friendly? And exactly what options there are. After all, it is one of the best places to go if you fancy a deep pan, who am I kidding their thin crust is great too!

Well, friends, I’m delighted to say…

…YES, Pizza Hut is vegan friendly! There are so many great choices, including starters and desserts too.

Let me tell you all about what’s on offer and answer your questions so you can enjoy your next trip there.

Does Pizza Hut do vegan pizzas?

Does Pizza Hut do vegan pizza? Yes, Pizza Hut has vegan pizza options and plenty of them.

Before following a plant-based diet I used to be a big fan of Pizza Hut. But to my devastation, when I first went vegan, pizza wasn’t easily available, most places had nothing for me. At times, it may have been a blessing but who wants to completely give up pizza?

Anyway, how things have changed! Over the last few years, pizza has become one of the easiest things to find.

Fortunately, we can find vegan options everywhere now!

Here are some of the Pizza Hut vegan options:

There are currently five vegan options at Pizza Hut.

  • Vegan Flamin’ Buffalo
  • Vegan Pepperphoni Feast
  • Vegan Veggie
  • Vegan Hot ‘N’ Spicy Veg
  • Vegan Margherita

As well as an option to create your own vegan pizza, there are plenty of toppings to choose from. Take a look at the Pizza Hut Vegan menu.

Does Pizza Hut do vegan pizzas

What are Pizza Hut’s delivery vegan options? 

Does Pizza Hut deliver vegan pizza?

At the moment they only have vegan options in their restaurants, not their delivery huts.

So, you can sit in and eat, or if you happen to live near a restaurant then you can order vegan takeaway or maybe an uber delivery from the restaurant. 

They have put a notice on the customer care section of their website explaining the reason why they don’t offer vegan pizzas for delivery, take a look: 

“At the moment we do not offer any vegan products from our delivery Huts, this is due to the size of our kitchens being a little smaller than our restaurants and so, we would be unable to guarantee no cross-contamination from our non-vegan products” – Pizza Hut support centre

Does Pizza Hut have Beyond Meat vegan pizzas?

This is actually a strange one, especially as Beyond Meat is a go-to for us plant eaters.

Pizza Hut has Beyond Meat available, but it seems it’s only on their vegetarian pizzas on their delivery menu. So, if you spot a Beyond Meat pizza make sure to check because it’s likely the cheese and base will not be vegan-friendly. They do also offer vegan cheese but still, they label these pizzas as vegetarian and not vegan, this could be because they can’t guarantee that there won’t be cross-contamination, it’s a little unclear.

Keep an eye out though, because as more and more vegans ask for Beyond Meat Pizza Hut may choose to rethink this. 

Is the base vegan?

Again, yes, Pizza Hut’s base is vegan! 

There seems to be a myth that most pizza bases aren’t vegan. Actually, it’s the other way around. Most pizza dough is vegan but very occasionally they aren’t if eggs or dairy is added to the mix. 

More good news for vegan Pizza lovers, their base is vegan. They make their pizza dough using no animal ingredients. 

Do be careful though, because there can be crust flavour add-ons that may not be vegan.   

Does Pizza Hut do vegan cheese?

Of course, yes, Pizza Hut do vegan cheese! 

Vegan cheeses are getting so much better but I still find them hit-and-miss. But I can honestly say I like their vegan cheese more than most, and they seem to put just the right amount on. Less is usually more when it comes to vegan cheese.

Which Pizza crust is vegan?

According to their NUTRITIONAL AND ALLERGEN INFORMATION, the dough for all the crusts is vegan-friendly. And they even offer a vegan stuffed crust. Be careful because this isn’t the case in other popular pizza restaurants and takeaways.

However, after the base or crust is done they could add sprinkles, oils or cheese. So, this is why it’s necessary to order a vegan pizza, not just add vegan ingredients to a regular base or crust. 

Are the bacon bits vegan?

Yes, Pizza Hut bacon bits are vegan, let’s not question the logic, let’s just be glad for smokey flavours on our pizza and salads. 

Pizza Hut Vegan Pepperoni Pizza

So, if all you’ve been craving is a vegan Pizza Hut trip I’m glad to be the bearer of good news!

There are so many great options, pizzas, starters, desserts and drinks. Find out all the delicious food you can eat on the Pizza Hut vegan menu.

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