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Vegan Restaurants in Shoreditch London –

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

Find the Best Vegan Food in Shoreditch!

Vegan food in San Viet Shoreditch

If you’re looking for some great vegan restaurants in Shoreditch then what are you waiting for?…read on!

The good news is that finding vegan food in Shoreditch is not a difficult task at all, most places have some choices for us plant-eating types.

I’d need to spend a lot longer there to really give a complete guide to the best vegan restaurants in Shoreditch!

I only spent a few days in this cool corner of London and I quickly understood why it’s so popular!! Even though I know there’s a lot more, I’m excited to share some of my fabulous finds!

The Best Vegan Food in Shoreditch:

Sen Viet Vegan Restaurant – Vegan Vietnamese food Shoreditch

Vegan vietnamese food Shoreditch London

I’m going to start with my favourite – Sen Viet Vegan Restaurant.

A fully vegan Vietnamese restaurant selling truly delicious traditional-tasting Vietnamese food! With a 4.9-star rating on Google! This place is nothing but perfect. 

If I lived in Shoreditch I’d be here a couple of times a week. I’ve never seen a street lined with Vietnamese restaurants, apart from in Vietnam, until visiting Shoreditch. And there’s no doubt, that it was a welcomed sight.

Pho - San Viet Shoreditch

But it did mean choosing where to eat was difficult until I found a fully vegan place, and then I knew I was onto a winner. 

You can get all the normal stuff like pho, summer rolls and pancakes but that’s not nearly all. The menu is huge and as a vegan, it’s amazing to be able to just choose any random thing that sounds nice knowing there won’t be any nasty surprises!

Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious, but what really was the icing on the cake was the Vietnamese drip coffee! Since becoming vegan I haven’t been able to find one of these anywhere! This had condensed coconut milk and it was pretty special! 

Vegan Vietnamese coffee London

If you’re looking for vegan Vietnamese food in Shoreditch then this is the place for you! A fully vegan restaurant in Shoreditch is a great way to start your trip.

Find Sen Viet Vegan Restaurant on Google Maps.

Bvrger – Vegan burgers and vegan ice cream in Shoreditch

vegan Ice cream Shoreditch

Yes, this place sells vegan burgers and they do look pretty amazing but what I’m raving about is the vegan ice cream!

Oh my! It’s soft-serve dairy-free ice cream and you can choose chocolate, vanilla or a mix of both. It was so ice-creamy! Two of us shared one and it still lasted ages! 

Next time I go I’m going to try one of their burgers too – take a look

Find Bvrger on Google Maps.

Boxpark – A selection of vegan street food in Shoreditch

Imagine my luck! We went to Boxpark, a shipping container-style food hall, on an absolutely gloriously sunny day. We grabbed a cold cider and chilled out in this trendy spot while deciding on which vegan street food to pick from. 

Mercy Burger is a wonderful pop-up-style vegan restaurant in Shoreditch. So, if you fancy a burger in Boxpark this is the place.

But if you’re not after a burger there are plenty of other vegan options in Boxpark. There’s Japanese, greek, Italian and so much more with great vegan options. 

Or maybe you’ve been searching for a vegan pizza in Shoreditch, well you can get one of these at Parkbox too in Fatto a Mana Pizza.

Find Boxpark on Google Maps.

Let’s do Maki – Vegan sushi, but better!

Lets do maki - vegan sushi roll Shoreditch

If you like sushi you’re gonna love Let’s Do Maki.

They do sushi burritos and sushi bowls. This is the perfect fresh, healthy but substantial meal to enjoy on a sunny day in London. 

The sushi burrito is a seaweed wrap with sushi rice and you’re choice of filling. We ordered two, one with oyster mushrooms and the other with jackfruit. They were both so good we couldn’t pick a favourite.

Take a look at their menu. And don’t miss this vegan restaurant in Shoreditch!

Find Let’s Do Maki on Google Maps.

Veggie Pret Shoreditch – Vegan breakfast in Shoreditch

Veggie Prett Shoreditch

Well, to be honest, it can work for vegan breakfast, lunch or even dinner if you want! There’s so much to choose from. 

This place warms my heart. It shows the progress and how people are stepping away from the norm, and big brands can open completely meat-free stores. 

It’s only veggie, so not everything is vegan but there are absolutely plenty of vegan options. A selection of vegan croissants, sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, salads and loads more.

Find Veggie Pret Shoreditch on maps.  

Photo Book Cafe – Vegan breakfast with personality in Shoreditch

Vegan food Shoreditch London

Something Shoreditch really isn’t lacking is really cool coffee shops, and Photo Book Cafe is definitely one of them.

But this place is so much more than a cafe, it’s a photobook library with darkrooms and film processing. 

I’m not gonna lie, I was just there for the vegan breakfast but this added to the vibe. If, like me, you’ve looking for a tasty vegan panini and an iced coffee in a place with personality and character this place does the job nicely.

Find Photo Book Cafe on Google Maps.

The Blues Kitchen – Vegan food and entertainment in Shoreditch

Vegan burger - Blues Kitchen - Vegan food Shoreditch London

So, you arrive in Shoreditch a little late in the evening and you’re torn between food and entertainment. Well, The Blues Kitchen means you can have both. You can listen to some live blues music while enjoying some vegan pub grub. 

They don’t have the best vegan menu around but there are still a few good choices like a vegan cheeseburger, buffalo cauliflower, avocado tostada and tacos. And to have this many options in a funky bar listening to blues is a win for me. Take a look at their menus

Find The Blues Kitchen on Google Maps.

Benk&Bo – Vegan coworking in Shoreditch

Vegan Pastry Shoreditch

Benk&Bo is the perfect place to enjoy your relaxing morning coffee and pastry.

It’s a chilled-out place with interesting pieces of art on display and plenty of working space if you want to bring your laptop along. It’s a vegetarian place but they’ve got a selection of vegan pastries and cookies. 

It’s the spot if you want to start your day with a calm mind.

Find Benk&Bo on Google Maps.

Well, that’s all I had time for on this visit….but the list of vegan restaurants in Shoreditch and vegan-friendly spots goes on and on!

Here are a few others I wish I’d made it to, maybe you can try them for me?

Other Vegan Food in Shoreditch to Try:

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