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The 6 Very Best Vegan Indian Food Spots in Birmingham City Centre in 2024

The 6 Very Best Vegan Indian Food Spots in Birmingham City Centre in 2023

Last updated on January 10th, 2024

Living in Birmingham, I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to Indian food but today we’re not looking for any old Indian food, we want the very best vegan Indian food in Birmingham. 

I’ve tried all these spots and many more and I’ve narrowed it down to my six favourites, but check back regularly because as I find new places to try my list might change. 

Right, who wants to wait around when it comes to tasty vegan Indian food? I certainly don’t, so let’s get started. 

The Best Vegan Indian Food Spots in Birmingham in 2024:

1. Tamatanga

Vegan Indian food, Tamatanga Birmingham

It really is hard to pick favourites when it comes to vegan Indian food in Birmingham but I do really love Tamatanga. 

They have great vegan options including two thali options a selection of curry bowls and a ragda pattice chaat, which is so delicious! And if you fancy something sweet after they offer a couple of vegan sorbet options. 

It’s easy to get to because it’s only a two-minute walk from New Street Station. The staff are always friendly and it’s got a cool street food vibe about it. 

Check out Tamatanga’s vegan menu here. And if it’s for you, you can find it on Navigation St. 

2. Bundobust

Bundobust vegan Indian food

Bundobust is a pretty new discovery for me and oh how I’m glad I found this place. I love everything about it, the food, the vibe, the prices, the beer, the friendly staff.

This place is fully vegetarian and most things are the menu are vegan so there’s so much choice. Everything comes out in little pots and are great for sharing some of my favourites are the bhel puri, the okra fries and the tarka dhal but there’s nothing that wasn’t delicious. 

And if you’ve no idea what to try you can try their vegan combo for two, that’s what I did and I didn’t regret it.

Take a look at Bundobust’s menu here and if this is the vegan Indian food in Birmingham that you’ve been looking for you can find it on Bennetts Hill.

3. Dishoom

Vegan Indian breakfast Dishoom

Next up is Dishoom, going here feels like you’re both, going to India and going back in time. When I was in India I didn’t see places with this feel, but to be fair I was either on beautiful beaches or in a busy city. Dishoom has an old-world feel.

Anyway, back to Dishoom, in Birmingham, in 2023. There are so many vegan options here. I have been a few times for breakfast.  They have the Vegan Bombay, a vegan sausage naan along with some healthier options such as porridge and granola. You can also get a delicious vegan chai. 

Don’t worry though they are not all about breakfast their regular menu has a load of vegan options too, including a chaat, puri, chawal, potato dishes and other small plates. 

You can take a look at Dishoom’s vegan menu here and if it’s the vegan Indian food in Birmingham you’ve been looking for you can find Dishoom in Chamberlain Sq.

4. The Indian Streatery

Vegan food in Indian Streatery Birmingham

The Indian Streatery has two locations in Birmingham City Centre. One on Bennetts Hill, the other on the outside of the Bull Ring

They serve Indian food in a tapas style and their menu includes plenty of vegan options including a selection of chaats, a puri, a dhal and a curry. The only downside this that the menu doesn’t clearly label what’s vegan-friendly but when I went in a staff member talked us through the vegan options on the menu, she gave us a lot of choices. 

Take a look at The Indian Streatery’s menu here, if it’s for you, you can find it on Bennett Hill

5. Mowgli

Vegan Indian food Mowgli Birmingham

Mowgli is located in Grand Central, next to some of my favourite vegan spots in the city. Let me just start by saying I love the vibe and the layout of this place, they’ve got fairy lights and art of monkeys swinging around the place. 

Now to the food, there’s loads! Vegan options galore! Curries, dhals, street food, side dishes and a dessert. But the really cool option is the vegan tiffin box, it’s four tiers of, as they say, ‘food roulette, total pot luck’. As long as it’s vegan I do love a surprise. 

Take a look at Mowgli’s vegan menu here, and if you want to find out what they’re all about you can find them in Grand Central.

6. Indian Brewery Snowhill

Indian Brewery Snowhill

The final option on my list for vegan Indian food in Birmingham is Indian Brewery. If you’re someone who likes an offer, this place is for you. They’ve got loads going on, a £10 lunch deal, 2 for 1 curries, 2 for 1 beers, 2 small plates for £12, whenever you’re going I’m sure you’ll find a deal. 

Now onto the food, all the vegan options are clearly labelled with (VE) and there’s a good selection, including a vegan thali, a few vegan curries and their huge and delicious faat naans. 

You can take a look at Indian Brewery’s menu here and if it’s the perfect vegan Indian stop-off for you then you can find them on Livery Street next to Snow Hill Station.

That’s my 6 favourite places for vegan Indian food in Birmingham City Centre, I hope you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. 

And did you know that I’ve got a whole page about vegan food in Birmingham filled with some of my favourite vegan finds in the city. 

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