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The Best Vegan Dog Collars

Last updated on March 7th, 2023

5 Quality Vegan Dog Collars on Amazon

The best vegan dog collars

In a world with endless choices, another decision we can make towards and kinder and more sustainable life is simply choosing a vegan dog collar.

Whether you’re looking for nylon, cork, cotton or vegan leather dog collars, there’s something out there. Something that’s pawfect for your little hound.

What is a vegan dog Collar?

A vegan dog collar is a dog collar that’s made by avoiding all non-animal-derived materials. These materials can include leather, wool, non-vegan rubber and plastics. This doesn’t just include the primary material but also glue, threads and even dyes. 

Vegan-friendly dog collars can be of materials such as faux leather, cotton, cork and nylon. 

So, if you’re one of many asking the question Where to get vegan dog collars?

Well, the answer isn’t a hard one. As long as you know what you’re looking for there are plenty of vegan dog collars available. 

The reason that you might fall into a bit of trouble when looking for one is that a lot of quality dog collars seem to be made using leather. Maybe people feel leather collars last longer and look a little smarter around their pooches’ little neck. 

And if the leather look is what you’re after, don’t worry, these days there are some phenomenal leather alternatives, so it’s absolutely, not a problem getting your hands on a vegan leather dog collar. 

But to be honest, from what I’ve read leather isn’t always the best option because of how it may react to mud and rain. Faux leather and other vegan-friendly materials may actually seem to work better and save you from putting a piece of animal around the neck of your pet. 

Now, if you’ve decided that a vegan dog collar is the way for you, that’s great! And you may also be interested in an eco-friendly collar.

Please note that this page contains affiliate links. While I only recommend products that I believe in, I may benefit financially, at no extra cost to you, from any purchases you make.

Vegan dog collar

What is an eco-friendly dog collar?

An eco-friendly dog collar is made using materials and processes that have a significantly lower environmental footprint on the planet than traditional ways. 

I recently came across Project Blu, a company that makes pet products while keeping sustainability at the forefront of their minds. 

They use materials such as discarded fishing nets, ocean-bound plastic, recycled textiles and apple leather. 

Not all of Project Blu’s products are vegan because they do use recycled leather, however, as far as I can tell they never use new leather and even state that ‘The leather industry is one of the most environmentally harmful industries on the planet.’ 

Project Blu is a great place to get your eco-friendly dog collar.

Let’s get to what you here for…a vegan dog collar for your fur baby. 

I’ve done some research and found vegan dog collars to suit every (wo)man and h(er)is dog. 

Whether you’ve got a fancy pooch that loves a bit of luxury or you’re after quality on a budget you’ll find the right dog collar. 

5 quality vegan dog collars on Amazon:

1. William Morris at Home Canine Companion Long Adjustable Dog Collar | Smart, Stylish & Comfortable | Printed Vegan Leather

2. Animal Outfitters UK Marshmallow Collection Vegan | Faux Leather White and Rose Gold – Adjustable for Small or Large Dogs

3. PawTrace AirTag Vegan Dog Collar | Sturdy Vegan Leather Collar Compatible with Apple AirTag for Small & Large Dogs GPS

4. Dog Collar and Dog Leads Set – Soft Vegan Leather with Rose Gold Metal Buckle, Adjustable 3 Lengths Leash for small, medium and large Dogs

5. Klassy K9 Biothane Dog Collar With Rose Gold Buckle Waterproof Hypoallergenic Vegan

I hope one of these vegan dog collars suits you and your dog perfectly, thanks for reading! Wanna know more about vegan stuff? Check out Can Vegans eat Chocolate? – All you need to know about Chocolate!

Dog collars for vegans


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