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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Food In Birmingham City Centre in 2024

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Last updated on January 10th, 2024

Looking for vegan food in Birmingham? Well, read on because you are in the right place!

Birmingham is a busy city in the heart of England, with plenty going on. And only a few years ago there was a good selection of fully vegan restaurants to be found in Birmingham City Centre. But there’s no denying that one after another these vegan spots seem to be disappearing. 

This is a shame, but it’s not all bad. My feeling is that because veganism is becoming more mainstream vegan food can be found everywhere meaning there is less need for fully vegan places. It means vegans can go out to eat with their non-vegan friends and family in ‘regular’ restaurants, and hopefully, non-vegans will be more exposed to some of the incredible vegan options that are available. 

Whether you’re living a vegan lifestyle or just looking to explore plant-based options, Birmingham has something for everyone. In this ultimate guide, I’ll share with you 24 vegan-friendly establishments, each offering something different. From cosy cafes to bustling street food spots, Birmingham’s vegan offerings are diverse and delicious.

24 Places to Get Vegan Food in Birmingham City Centre in 2024

1. Cafe Soya

Vegan food in Cafe Soya Birmingham

Cafe Soya, located in The Arcadian, is a bustling little cafe-restaurant offering Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese flavours. This casual spot is cash-only, so come prepared. The vegan-friendly menu has so much available, it offers an impressive selection of Southeast Asian dishes, and don’t miss out on their incredible vegan milkshakes. With quick service and a casual vibe, it’s perfect for a tasty, no-fuss meal when looking for vegan food in Birmingham.

2. The Stable

The Stable, located on John Bright St, is a great spot for vegan pizza in Birmingham City Centre. With its relaxed atmosphere, it offers various plant-based options, including pizza, garlic bread, sides, and desserts, it’s a great spot for groups too. The lively and friendly staff add to the atmosphere, making it a perfect place to unwind with a vegan pizza and a drink.

3. Rosa’s Thai Birmingham

Rosas Thai Birmingham - Vegan Thai food

Indulge in tasty Thai cuisine at Rosa’s Thai in Paradise Circus. With a menu that offers vegan-friendly versions of popular Thai dishes, creative cocktails, and good portions, it’s a busy yet delightful spot for lunch or dinner. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff contribute to the overall experience.

4. Dishoom

Type of Food: Indian

Vegan Friendly: 3/5

Location: Chamberlain Sq Find Dishoom on Google Maps

Menu: Take a look at Dishoom’s Menu here.

Vegan breakfast Dishoom Birmingham

For a taste of Bombay’s delights, head to Dishoom in Chamberlain Square, a place I often go to when looking for vegan food in Birmingham. This popular spot offers a big, open space with beautiful and charming decor. Try their vegan Indian breakfast, refillable Oat Milk Chai, and the ever-delicious vegan Lassi. Or go later in the day to enjoy the tasty vegan options from their main menu. The friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere make it a great place to relax and enjoy a vegan meal in Birmingham.

5. Pho

Pho Grand Central - vegan food in Birmingham City Centre

Do yourself and your taste buds a favour by going to enjoy some fresh and authentic Vietnamese food at Pho in Grand Central. I absolutely love the vegan food here, it’s one of my favourite spots in Birmingham. The busy, fast-paced environment works well with it being in Grand Central. The quick service, good portion sizes and options for both spicy and mild dishes make it ideal for a quick and tasty vegan meal.

6. Sushi Passion

Sushi Passion - Vegan Sushi Birmingham

Don’t miss the best vegan sushi in Birmingham at Sushi Passion in Great Western Arcade. The traditional Japanese sushi bar offers an immersive experience with various seating options. The attention to food presentation and a dedicated vegetarian section on the menu make it a real treat that’s worth the slightly higher price. This is usually my top choice when going out for a special occasion in Birmingham. 

7. Tiger Bites Pig

Tiger Bite Big, Birmingham vegan bao

Discover the cosy Tiger Bites Pig on Stephenson St, known for the best vegan bao buns in the city. Despite limited vegan options, their Sesame & Chilli Tofu bao bun and Salt & Pepper Tofu rice bowl are irresistible. Quick service and full flavours make it a go-to spot for a quick vegan bite or something to grab on the way home.

8. Cherry Reds

Vegan dessert Cherry Reds Birmingham

Cherry Reds on John Bright St is not just a cafe; it’s a versatile space offering everything from drinks to full meals. The extensive vegan menu, including vegan breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, delicious milkshakes, hot chocolates and vegan cakes, means there’s always an excuse to visit Cherry Reds. With multiple seating options, it’s an affordable and cosy choice right next to New Street Station.

9. Wagamama

Vegan food Wagamama - Solihull

Wagamama, with three locations in Birmingham City Centre, stands out with its incredible vegan-friendly menu that offers so many plant-based options. The bench-style seating and lively atmosphere create a perfect setting for enjoying a variety of spicy or mild options. Quick service, friendly staff and some of the best vegan food around make this a great restaurant for vegan food in Birmingham.

10. BA-HA

Vegan burger in Baha Digbeth Birmingham

For a fully vegan experience, head to BA-HA at The Rainbow Pub in Digbeth. Indulge in vegan junk food, from oyster mushroom wings to loaded fries and so much more. Sundays offer a special treat with a vegan roast dinner. The pub environment adds a unique touch that lets you feel like you’re just a ‘regular’ person eating ‘regular’ food.

11. Chance and Counters

Vegan Food in Digbeth, Birmingham - Tacos in Chance and counters

Combine food, drinks, and board games at Chance and Counters in the Custard Factory. With loads of vegan options, including the best crispy tofu tacos you’ll ever find, it’s a bright and airy space to enjoy a relaxed meal. Take advantage of Taco Tuesdays for half-price tacos. 

12. Bundobust

Bundobust vegan Indian food

The new kid on the block, Bundobust on Bennetts Hill, is rapidly becoming a hotspot for vegan food. The fully vegetarian menu also offers an amazing selection of vegan options, perfect for sharing. Embrace the Indian tapas style with set menus to explore things you may not have tried before.

13. Pieminster

Pieminster - Vegan food in Birmingham City Centre

Pieminster on Waterloo St is your go-to for hearty vegan pies in Birmingham City Centre. With a cosy atmosphere and reasonably priced options, it’s an excellent choice for a quiet and relaxed meal. The vegan pie selection, accompanied by sides and gravy, promises a satisfied belly.

14. Fat Hippo

Indulge in burger heaven at Fat Hippo on Bennetts Hill. With four jam-packed vegan burgers and enticing sides, it’s a lively spot just off New Street. The bustling atmosphere makes it a favourite for those craving delicious vegan junk food. But it can be hard to get a seat during busy times so book in advance or have a plan B.

15. Land

For a special occasion, immerse yourself in the exquisite vegan tasting menu at Land in Great Western Arcade. This beautiful restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere, with care and creativity evident in every dish. The ever-changing menu, paired with wine, promises a unique and memorable vegan culinary experience. We all deserve something special from time to time, and if a fancy vegan meal is what you’re after, this might be perfect.

16. Chung Ying

Enjoy a tasty vegan Chinese meal in the heart of the Chinese Quarter at Chung Ying. The large restaurant offers an extensive vegan section with options ranging from vegetable dishes to mock meats. You can even dive into a tapas-style experience with their tempting Dim Sum selection.

17. Vegan Dhaba

In the Jewellery Quarter, Vegan Dhaba is a total haven for vegan Indian food lovers. Offering popular street food with vegan meat options, the colourful decor and varied menu make it an ideal spot for sharing small-sized dishes filled with Indian flavour. 

18. Cosy Club

Cosy Club Birmingham

Cosy Club, with two locations in Birmingham City Centre, offers quality pub grub with a stylish twist. A range of vegan options, including burgers, risotto, and curry, means there’s something for everyone in your family or friend group. The beautiful building on Bennetts Hill adds a touch of grandeur to your meal and the whole experience.

19. Damascena

Damascena - Vegan Food in Birmingham

Damascena, with several locations in Birmingham, including Temple Row, is your go-to for vegan Middle Eastern delights. With loads of vegan options, generous portions and affordable prices, it’s a bustling spot for a vegan lunch or tea. And don’t miss out on their vegan chai latte, it’s my absolute favourite.

20. The Coconut Tree

The Coconut Tree Birmingham

Experience the flavours of Sri Lanka at The Coconut Tree on Gas St. With a menu that’s 50% vegan, this small tapas-style eatery offers a relaxed vibe. The fun and interesting decor, coupled with friendly staff, make it a must-visit for when you’re looking for something a little different.

21. Ruga Bistro

Explore a vegan Chinese meal on the edge of the Chinese Quarter at Ruga Bistro on Pershore Street. With a separate menu offering a huge list of vegetarian options, just mention that you want vegan food and they’ll make you pretty much anything from the menu. The big, open restaurant with large windows provides a place to watch the world as you eat.

22. Vagabond

Indulge in a classy wine bar experience at Vagabond on Colmore Row. With Spanish-style snacks and vegan options including padrón pepper, patatas bravas and even a vegan cheese board, it’s a pricier but enjoyable experience. The self-service wine option adds a fun element to your visit, making it a unique spot for wine enthusiasts.

23. Tamatamga

Vegan Indian food, Tamatanga Birmingham

Treat yourself to a variety of vegan options at Tamatamga on Navigation St. With plenty of vegan choices, including curry bowls, chaats, and biryanis, as well as the sides that often aren’t vegan such as naans and rotis. And let’s not forget my favourite, their vegan thali! It’s a spacious restaurant with friendly and helpful staff. Oh, and they’ve got daily 2-4-1 cocktails until 7 pm for a perfect ending to your meal.

24. Nottybites

Discover Nottybites in Queens Arms pub on Newhall Street for a unique vegetarian Indian pub food experience. The kitchen is open on Saturdays and Sundays, with a fully vegetarian menu featuring vegan options, it’s an ideal weekend destination. Enjoy the traditional pub decor while savouring delicious plant-based offerings.

That’s a wrap on my list of the best places for vegan food in Birmingham in 2024

Birmingham City Centre has plenty for vegans, offering a diverse array of options so that every time you treat yourself to a meal in town you can try something different. From cosy cafes to busy restaurants, each spot brings its own unique flavours to the table. Whether you’re craving traditional Indian street food, a burger, some tapas or fancy exploring Sri Lankan cuisine, Birmingham’s vegan scene has something for every palate. So, enjoy discovering the richness of vegan food in the heart of England.

If you want to find some more fabulous vegan finds in Birmingham, take a look at my Birmingham page here.

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