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The Best Spots for Vegan Breakfast in Malaga

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023

Vegan Breakfast And Brunch In Malaga That You Simply Can’t Miss!

Best Vegan Breakfast in Malaga - Brunchit

Looking for a fabulous spot for vegan breakfast in Malaga? If so, read on, I’m going to share some real gems!

While this city might not have the word vegan in flashing lights around every corner, I’ve found a few brilliant places for a superb vegan breakfast in Malaga.

I really enjoyed all the places on my list but this first one might be my favourite. After breakfast, if you’re looking for some relaxing things to do on your trip then check this out, it might help – 6 Things to do in Malaga.

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Top Spots for Vegan Breakfast and Brunch in Malaga

1. El Último Mono Juice & Coffee

Find El Último Mono Juice & Coffee on Google Maps

The next one on the list for the best vegan breakfast in Malaga is El Último Mono Juice & Coffee.

So while El Último Mono doesn’t sing and dance vegan options they do have a couple of really tasty vegan choices. The reason I really like this place is because it was just really relaxed and cool!

Before going here I had a look online and they don’t seem to have much saying they offer vegan options, so we almost didn’t bother. But I’m so glad we gave it a try because I loved everything about this place. I’m always searching for nice little cafes and this is a great choice for a vegan cafe in Malaga.

We had an avocado wrap and a peanut butter, jam and banana toasted sandwich, they sound simple but they tasted great!

It’s a mix between a coffee shop, a cafe, a workplace and a merch shop. Inside it’s got plenty of seats, some quirky signs and a chilled atmosphere.

2. Brunchit – The best vegan breakfast pancakes in Malaga

Find Brunchit on Google Maps

Treat yourself to a vegan breakfast or brunch fit for royalty at Brunchit.

VEGAN PANCAKES…need I say anymore?!

Brunchit is incredible, going here feels like a real treat! The day we went it was a sunny morning so we enjoyed sitting outside but it’s cute inside too. Their food presentation is super pretty and definitely good for an Insta snap. So, if you want a tasty vegan breakfast that you can take good snaps of, this is the place.

We went for breakfast and felt pretty stuffed so I’d recommend going a little later in the day unless you’ve got a big appetite in the morning. We shared the avo toast and then the vegan pancakes. If you are looking to indulge then do yourself a favour and head to Brunchit for a delicious vegan brunch in Malaga!

3. Tost Malaga- Best Vegan Toast in Malaga

Find Tost Malaga on Google Maps

If you’re looking for really tasty vegan toast in Malaga then head to Tost.

Tost is a great place for either vegan brunch or vegan breakfast in Malaga or even just a coffee. Go here to get fueled up for a busy day ahead. They serve really tasty topped toast and the way the food is presented it’s clear they make it with love and effort.

When our food arrived it didn’t look like a lot, but it was surprisingly filling. We tried two types of tostadas. One of them was the ‘La Vegana’ which had avocado, hummus and tomato, the other had beetroot and tahini hummus, tofu and avocado. To drink, we just had cafe solos and as usual, they tasted like delicious Spanish coffee.

Tost is not a very big place, so if you want to be sure you get a seat try to go before the rush. There are some tall tables outside and some regular tables inside. The outside seats can be the perfect spot to catch some morning sun.

4. The Market – Mercado Central de Atarazanas

Find Mercado Central de Atarazanas on Google Maps

Like so many of the cities in Spain, the local markets are a great place to wander around and pick up some fresh produce. But as a vegan, you need some dodging skills to skip past the meat and fish sections.

Mercado Central de Atarazanas - Smoothies Spain

So, if you’re looking for something light, healthy and quick then head to the local market – Mercado Central de Atarazanas. Here you can pick up a freshly made fruit smoothie or some fresh local fruit. The strawberries we got in February were out of this world!

I was only in the city for a few days and I found these four great spots to get vegan breakfast in Malaga.

I’m sure there are a bunch more great places that sell vegan breakfast and brunch in Malaga and I’d love to hear about them. Enjoy your trip to this wonderful city.

Where to Stay in Malaga:

You’ve probably always got it sorted but just in case – if you’re looking for accommodation for your trip to Malaga we stayed in Soho Boutique Equitativa – It’s in the perfect location, with great rooms and spotlessly clean.

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