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The Best Vegan Christmas Hampers – For Every Vegan You Know

A Vegan Christmas Hamper with decorations inside

Last updated on March 7th, 2023

Do you know what I don’t get enough of? Vegan Christmas Hampers. 

Who doesn’t love to indulge on a hamper? A basket that’s full of little treats and surprises. That’s my kind of gift.

But, on the other hand, a hamper can also be my worst nightmare, and that is, if it’s not vegan-friendly. I wouldn’t want to eat or use any of the non-vegan stuff myself. But I also hate the thought of it going to waste. So I’d be left with no hamper and the challenge of rehoming it.  

So, if you’ve got a hamper in mind for your vegan friend or loved one this Christmas, go for it, just make sure it’s a vegan Christmas hamper.

And I’m going to make it easy for you. I’ve done a bunch of research and I’ve created a list of vegan Christmas hampers, I, as a vegan, would love to get as a Christmas gift. 

Please note that this page contains affiliate links. While I only recommend products that I believe in, I may benefit financially, at no extra cost to you, from any purchases you make.

The Best Vegan Christmas Hampers – to truly make a vegan’s Christmas:

  1. Vegan Christmas Mulled Wine Hamper

Christmas is the time to indulge and that’s exactly what you can do with this beautiful Vegan Christmas Mulled Wine Hamper. It’s packed with all the seasonal treats you could want but all of the vegan variety. 

Take a look

What’s in it: Mulled wine, mince pies, vegan truffles, fudge and salted caramel Christmas popcorn!

  1. The Cornish Hamper Store – Vegan Cornish Cream Tea Hamper 

Hampers don’t just need to be packed with the regular stuff. If you’re after a unique gift a hamper can certainly do the job. This vegan Christmas hamper from the Cornish Hamper store proves this with its selection of vegan goodies such as scones, vegan cream and strawberry jam.

Take a look

What’s in it: Scones, Oatly creamy oat Fraiche, strawberry conserve, tea bags and cookies.

The hamper of all vegan hampers!

  1. The Grand Vegan Wicker Hamper

This hamper is sure to make a statement and wow! So, if there’s a vegan someone you really want to show some extra love to then this might just be the perfect choice. It’s beautifully packaged and loaded with quality vegan produce.

Take a look

What’s in it: A huge selection of Great Taste award-winning British produce.

  1. The Choc Box – My Vegan Hamper

This hamper is a small budget-friendly box of vegan chocolate goodness. This is the ideal little gift for the chocolate lover in your life. Or maybe, you or your friend have recently started a vegan lifestyle this will give you the chance to try a selection of vegan chocolate and find your new favourite! You know you can buy a hamper for yourself too, right? 

Price: £15.00 take a look

What’s in it: Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. 

  1. Sustainable Eco-Friendly Spa Gift Box

It doesn’t need to be eaten to be worth having. I think I’m telling myself this. But this sustainable Christmas hamper proves it with its delicate and thoughtful collection of sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan-friendly gifts. But don’t worry there are still some vegan sweeties in there too. 

Price: £17.95 – take a look

What’s in it: Soy candles, soap bar, seed ball, vegan sweet mix.

Did someone say a vegan cheese Christmas hamper?

  1. Vegan Treat Hamper, Cheese, Chocolate, Gin & More

I don’t know the history of why, but Christmas and cheese are a match made in heaven. And now that vegan cheese is growing quite a reputation it makes sense that cheese is back on the Christmas list for vegans. But hampers are all about choice so this one doesn’t just stop at cheese, it also has a few other wonderful vegan goodies inside. 

Take a look

What’s in it: Cheese, wing sauce, raspberry gin, chocolate and hot chocolate.

  1. The Snack Attack – My Vegan Hamper

This huge vegan snack hamper certainly knows that variety is the spice of life. In this vegan Christmas hamper you’ll find some long-standing vegan favourites but with 20 items inside you’re sure to find some new and exciting vegan treats to try for the first time. 

Price: £30.00 – take a look

What’s in it: A mixture of 20 sweet and savoury snacks.

  1. Christmas Vegan Treats Gift Bag

Is a gift bag a hamper? No, not exactly but it does have the key ingredients to make a special treat for your vegan friend. This is the most Christmasy option of all with its mince pies and Christmas pudding. 

Price: £45.00 – take a look

What’s in it: Chocolate and coconut liqueur, Christmas pudding, mince pies, chocolate and hazelnut spread, cookies, caramels and tortilla stars.

The extra special gift

  1. Personalised Vegan Hamper 

If you’re looking for a vegan Christmas hamper with a cute, elegant and personalised feel this could be the one. This vegan hamper really makes a beautiful Christmas gift, although I’d be happy to receive it any time of the year. Inside you’ll find both tasty and pampering goodies. 

Take a look

What’s in it: Sweets, chocolate, fudge, caramel, honeycomb, coconut bites shortcake, marshmallow, bath salts and a candle.

  1. The Wonderful Vegan Christmas Chocolate & Snack Hamper

This vegan hamper is described as a dream gift hamper for snackaholics and comes in a 100% eco-friendly keepsake gift box. As well as being vegan it is also gluten-free.

Price: £30.95 – take a look

What’s in it: Chocolate, caramel, cookies, nuts and seeds.

  1. The Vegan Treats and Wine Hamper

This luxury vegan Christmas hamper is without a doubt going to be a big hit for Christmas or any other special occasion. It includes a delicious bottle of vegan Argentinian red wine and everything you could need to go with it. It’s the dream present for any wine-loving vegan.

Take a look

What’s in it: Red wine, popcorn, oatmeal and raisin biscuits, truffles, fudge and avocado dark chocolate.

  1. Ultimate Luxury Vegan Healthy Snacks and Sweets Gift Hamper Box

For many Christmas is a time to let loose and give in to every craving, but, as we know, you can get too much of a good thing. This vegan hamper box takes a more healthy approach to a Christmas hamper. Now, don’t panic, it’s not just filled with sugar-free fruit and bottles of water. It’s still got some irresistible vegan snacks.

Take a look

What’s in it: 20 (healthy-ish) vegan snacks, both sweet and savoury.

Pamper time!

  1. Vegan Friendly Spa Gift Box 

Pamper time! Most go for a vegan hamper that’s best consumed with your baggiest trousers on. But stuffing your face isn’t the only way to spoil yourself. This spa gift box has everything a vegan guy or gal needs to feel brand new after this Christmas antics. 

What’s in it: Face masks, body cream, body wash, soap bar, tea bags, lavender roll-on, all-natural lavender seeds, bath salts, vegan sweets, chocolates, and tea lights. 

Price: £19.99 – take a look

Christmas Tree and gifts - A Vegan Christmas Hamper

I often end my post with the same sentiment, who says vegans don’t have choice?! It took me some time to decide on my favourite vegan Christmas hampers to create this list, but only because there were so many great options to choose from. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you found exactly what you were looking for to spoil your vegan friend this Christmas (even if your friend is you). Maybe next you’d like to read Vegan Advent Calendars or Vegan candles – 9 great vegan candles.


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