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Vegan Jelly in the UK in 2024 – Where to Buy Jelly for Vegans

Is jelly vegan in the UK

Last updated on December 9th, 2023

Let’s talk about vegan jelly and the best brands to buy it from here in the UK. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you don’t want some of the wibbly good stuff. Let me help you find some vegan jelly options in the UK in 2024.

Is Jelly Vegan?

No, I’m afraid regular jelly is not vegan-friendly. This is because it’s usually made using gelatine. Gelatine is an ingredient used in products such as jellies and sweets and is derived from animal bones and skin.

Is Jelly Vegetarian?

No, for the same reason normal jelly is not good for vegetarians either. The one common ingredient that causes the problem is gelatine. As I mentioned, gelatine comes from animals so it’s not suitable for vegetarians.

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Where to buy vegan jelly in the UK

Vegetarian and Vegan Jelly Brands?

Yes, I’m glad to say there are some vegan jelly brands out there. Just because regular jelly isn’t plant-based that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for vegans or those following a plant-based diet. 

You can buy plant-based jelly both, in stores and online. Brands such as Wibble Foods, Just Wholefoods, Natural Simply Delish and Hartleys have options available.

Where to Buy Vegan Jelly in the UK:

1. Wibble Foods

Wibble Foods decided jelly isn’t just for kids. So they’ve created healthier and more grown-up-looking jelly pots and vegan jelly powders. All plant-based, low sugars, low calories and nothing artificial inside. I guess you could say they’ve made jelly you can feel good about.

You can buy wibble jelly from their website or Buy wibble jelly on Amazon

2. Just Wholefoods

Just Wholefoods have been paving the way in vegan food since 1989. They’ve got a huge range of great plant-based products, including vegan jelly powder, of course. They offer lemon, raspberry, strawberry and tropical flavours.

You can buy Just Wholefoods vegan Jelly on Amazon.

3. Hartley’s

Is Hartley’s jelly vegan?

Hartleys is not a fully vegan brand. But yes, many of its jelly products are suitable for vegans. According to their website, all their ready-to-eat jellies are suitable for vegans, with just one exception – the 10 Cal Key Lime Pie flavour jelly. However, most of their make-at-home Jelly is not suitable for vegans. Check out what they say about their products here.

Hartley’s is a great option to grab vegan jelly when you’re in supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Morrisons. But just double-check because, as I mentioned, not all of their products are vegan-friendly. 

Why is Hartley’s jelly not vegan?

Hartley’s table jelly and their sugar-free crystal jelly are not plant-based because they contain gelatine. But many of their other jellies are vegan.

Natural Simply Delish do all kinds of healthy desserts, including vegan jelly. They are based in the USA. But if you want to give Natural Simply Delish’s jelly in the UK you can on Amazon.

Buy Natural Simply Delish’s on Amazon.

5. Gefen Raspberry Flavoured Jello

This vegan jello may be made in America and have the American name. But don’t worry it’s still jelly and you can order it on Amazon in the UK, in fact, right now I can even get same-day delivery!

Check out Gefen Raspberry Flavoured Jello on Amazon.

Where to Buy Gelatine Free Jelly?

When on the search for veggie jelly what we really need is gelatine-free jelly. So, take a look at my list of places to buy vegan jelly above and you’ll find that it’s also a list of gelatine-free jelly too.

Is jelly vegan

Where to Buy Vegetarian Jelly?

Buying vegetarian jelly is just the same as buying vegan jelly, that’s because the problem ingredients in regular jelly are no good for vegans or vegetarians. So, if you’re looking for vegetarian jelly just look at the list above

Where to Buy Vegan Jelly Cubes?

I keep looking but I still don’t think vegan jelly cubes actually exist! I’ve found some great options for jelly powder but sadly I can’t find any vegetarian or vegan jelly cubes, they all have gelatine in them. It seems powder is the main option for us at the moment, but I’ll keep searching.

How Do you Know if Jelly is Vegan?

First, look for the super helpful vegan symbol somewhere on the packaging. If you’re not lucky enough to find one, next look at the ingredients list. The most common ingredient that will make jelly not suitable for vegans is gelatine. If you see it… put the jelly down and walk away!

If you don’t see gelatine you could be onto a winner. Next, if they list any E numbers check that they are vegan-friendly E numbers. After looking through the other ingredients if you can’t see anything else obvious, like fish ears, you’re probably safe to bring the jelly home. 

Vegetarian and Vegan Jelly Crystals?

You can get them at the bottom of the ocean! They do sound pretty mystical but no, you don’t need to get your diving suit on. You can simply just order vegetarian jelly crystals and vegan jelly crystals from Wibble foods on Amazon

Hopefully, that’s covered all your vegetarian and plant-based jelly-related questions. I’m off to research the best vegan ice cream now, I feel like I’m at a kid’s birthday party!

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