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The Best Vegan Pizza In Manchester in 2024

Last updated on December 9th, 2023

The 3 Best Places to Get Vegan Pizza in Manchester

vegan pizza in manchester

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good pizza from time to time, including us vegans too, so that’s why I want to help you find the best vegan pizza Manchester has to offer!

Further to my recent guides on the best vegan sushi in Manchester and the best vegan donuts in Manchester, I’ve continued on my quest to find all of the great vegan food in the city.

The next challenge was to find the very best vegan pizza in Manchester. And after sampling way more than my personal trainer would allow, (if I had one), I have narrowed it down to just three establishments.

There are loads more than just three places where you can get vegan pizza in Manchester. And I’m not even counting the Pizza Huts and Dominos of this world.

So, let’s see which three made the cut and why.

The Three Best Spots for Vegan Pizza in Manchester:

1. Purezza Manchester | Sustainable Pizza – The Best Place for Vegan Pizza in Manchester!

Find Purezza Manchester | Sustainable Pizza on Google Maps

Yes, I’ve come flying out of the blocks with Purezza, the best place for vegan pizza in Manchester.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, Purezza Manchester is a fully vegan pizza restaurant in Manchester. And second, because the pizzas are simply amazing!

I don’t know about you, but I get real peace of mind when eating in a fully vegan place. Knowing that the chef hasn’t made a mistake, or worse, decided to play a prank on a poor plant eater. It creates a much more relaxing eating experience.

Anyway….back to Purezza the amazing vegan Italian restaurant in Manchester. 

Their menu seems like an impossible dream.

Ten vegan pizzas as well as nibbles, small plates and desserts. Plates that include things like: cheesy garlic sourdough, smoked meatballs and cheesy dough balls. For those missing their vegan Italian food, Purezza gives you everything your stomach desires.

If you were only in Manchester city for one night, it would be the obvious place to go for pizza. This is why I have no doubts at all in saying that it offers the best vegan pizza in Manchester. – Check out Purezza’s menu.

You’ll find them slap bang in the middle of the city and if you’ve no time or desire to dine-out they’re on deliveroo too.

Find Purezza on Google Maps.

2. Crazy Pedro’s – When you need vegan pizza, cocktails and music all in one place

Find Crazy Pedro’s on Google Maps – Crazy Pedro’s NQ / Bridge Street

vegan pizza in manchester

For those who prefer their dinner to be a few bites in between drinks, I give you Crazy Pedro’ Manchester.

It’s definitely more bar than restaurant and they’re living up to their name as it’s all a bit mad, and that goes for the pizzas too.

Vegan Nuggets, waffles, beans and red sauce, sounds more like a student’s Christmas dinner, not pizza toppings in a trendy bar. But, Crazy Pedro’s does this kind of shiz. Their word, not mine.

I did really enjoy their vegan Sloppy Giuseppe though. The dough was baked to a near-burnt level, but that actually gave it a distinct taste…in a good way. Smoky but not burnt.

Another bonus is that they offer a pizza happy hour and you can order by the slice if you don’t want to commit to a full waffle and beans pizza. You can check out their menu here, it gives you all the info about happy hour too.

There are two Crazy Pedro’s in the centre, so that makes it twice as likely you’ll be able to try out one of them and decide if their innovative creations actually offer one of the best vegan pizzas in Manchester.

3. Pizza Express – Full Vegan Pizza Menu

Find your nearest Pizza Express on Google Maps.

With several locations around the city of Manchester, Pizza Express is always a good choice for pizza-loving vegans. Find your closest Pizza Express here. Not only do they offer great vegan options, they also have a fully vegan menu and in my experience, they seem to really care about getting things right. And they vegan have gluten-free vegan options. 

If you’re in Manchester, or anywhere in the UK and you see a Pizza Express, you can feel confident you’ll have a great vegan meal.

So, there you have them. My top three places for vegan pizza in Manchester. As I said at the start, there are other places that offer vegan options, but if you want to try a few places out, you should start with these three.

Then see if you’ve got room for anywhere else! 

I’ll be back with a few more guides to vegan food in Manchester soon, until then, here’s that link to my thoughts on the best vegan sushi in the city.

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