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Are Vegan Doc Martens Actually Any Good? – An Honest Review

Last updated on January 25th, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Doc Martens

Are Vegan Doc Martens good - Vegan boots

A good pair of black boots is a must-have for any wardrobe. And when thinking of quality black boots my mind jumps straight to Doc Martens, but the question is – are vegan Doc Martens good?

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So, today I’m going to give an honest review of my Vegan Dr Martens! Let’s start by answering an important question…

Are Vegan Doc Martens Good?

Yes, vegan Doc Martens are a great pair of high-quality boots that go with most things. They are good value for money, and they just look great!

Are Vegan Doc Martens Worth It?

Yes, vegan Doc Martens are worth it! This is coming from a boot-loving woman. My Vegan 1460 Doc Martens are good quality and worth the cost and the pain.

The modern-day vegan comes in all different styles and how incredible is that! But I can’t help but imagine the old-school vegans needing a pair of Docs in their arsenal, and now it’s completely possible.

They aren’t the cheapest boots out there, and yes, they do take some time to break in but they will last for years and go with almost everything! So, yes, vegan Dr. Martens are worth it, in my opinion!

Check out some of my favourite Dr. Marten boots ⬇️

Vegan 1460 Felix Rub Off Boot black by Dr. Martens
Vegan 1460 Dr. Martens
Vegan 2976 Black Felix Rub Off Boot black by Dr. Martens
Vegan 2976 Dr. Martens

Are All Doc Martens Vegan?

No, all Doc Martens are not vegan! In fact, most Doc Martens are not vegan. But these days there is a great selection of available. Doc Marten’s vegan leather range is definitely growing!

In a time where pretty much everything can be veganised, we all know some things that have blown us away, like the Beyond Burger, and some things that have left a lot to be desired, like quite a lot of the vegan cheese I’ve tried.

But what category do vegan Doc Martens fit into? As I’ve already said, I love mine, but if you’ve got time, stick around because I’ll be answering all your vegan Doc Martens boots questions.

Where to Buy Vegan Dr. Martens?

But if you’re short on time and you’re thinking ‘eff it I need these in my life‘ then take a look at EMP website, they offer a fantastic selection of vegan Doc Martens.

Buy Vegan Dr. Martens online on EMP’s website here

But if you want more info let’s keep going…

Are Doc Martens Real Leather?

Do Doc Martens use real leather? Yes, regular Doc Martens are made using real leather, so as I mentioned above, you need to specifically find the non-leather Doc Martens or you WILL end up with real leather!

Are All Doc Martens Leather?

No, not all Doc Martens are leather. Originally they were made from leather but in recent years the collection of vegan Dr Martens has been growing massively.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Dr Martens and Vegan Dr Martens?

Well, just the material really – regular Dr Martens are made of leather, which is treated animal skin, So, not vegan-friendly, of course. Whereas vegan Dr Martens are made from vegan-friendly synthetic materials.

What are Vegan Doc Martens Made of?

Vegan Doc Martens are made from synthetic polyurethane plastic. This is a popular synthetic material and it can be used for all types of things. Typically it’s not a particularly sustainable material, well unless it’s made of recycled materials but unfortunately, there’s no mention of that in this case.

But the one bright side is that these boots are timeless and really stand the test of time. So, you won’t be running out to replace them any time.

They don’t quite feel like leather but they definitely don’t feel like plastic either. They feel soft and bendable, pretty similar to the leather ones.

In the past, I’ve bought plastic-looking boots and I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt just because they were vegan. They ended up falling apart in weeks! And this sucks because I’m not a fan of fast fashion, or spending my money on rubbish. I want things to last and not end up in landfill after a few wears!

So, I’m absolutely in agreement that quality material matters but it doesn’t need to be leather, as Doc Martens has proven without a doubt.

My Vegan Dr. Martens

How Long Do Vegan Doc Martens Last?

If you go for Vegan Dr Martens Vegan they will last years!

I’ve had my 1460 vegan Dr Martens boots for over 2 years and they are still looking and feeling great! But it’s not long enough to know if they will really stand the test of time. So, to fill in the blanks I did a bunch of research.

And just as Docs should, the vegan ones last really well, many people even say better than the leather ones! I found reviews from people who’ve had them for 5+ years and they’re still going strong, with just a few signature creases.

Check out these vegan Dr. Martens ⬇️

Vegan 1460 - Brown Norfolk Flat Boot brown by Dr. Martens
Vegan 1460 Norfolk Dr. Martens
Vegan 1460 Crushed Velvet Dr. Martens

Do Vegan Doc Martens Need to be Broken in?

Yes, vegan Doc Martens absolutely need to be broken in! For me, it was not my favourite thing about my new Docs Martens.

I’ve heard a couple of people saying they were good to go right away, but that wasn’t the case for me, nor the majority of us Doc wearers.

After some research I’ve realised that this could be down to where the Docs are made, it seems there could be a consistency issue somewhere. Or maybe I just have extra-pointy heels! Either way, to be on the safe side I’d schedule some breaking in time!

I went through a bit of pain before they felt comfortable but in the end, I got there. But, I’ve got a warning for you all, if you don’t wear them for quite a while they go back to their old nasty ways and will need a little breaking in again!

How to Break in Vegan Doc Martens?

There are a bunch of tips and tricks out there, here are a few ideas to help you break in your vegan Dr Martens:

  • Wear two pairs of thick socks.
  • Heel Grips Shoe Pads – These cheap little gems were a lifesaver!
  • Wrap them in a towel and wack the crap out of them with a mallet hammer
  • Use a hair dryer to soften them
  • Use a blister plaster – or a sanitary towel
  • Rub and work them, then rub and work them some more

For me, I just bought my correct size, wore extra-extra thick socks, a plaster in the early days and went with the little and often approach. And we were best mates in a few weeks!

However, over the summer I hadn’t worn my Docs at all, so when the colder weather came back I got back into them. Well, it turns out we weren’t as close as I once remembered. So, that’s when I got these little gems – Heel Grips Shoes Pads. And they’ve worked wonders! I’d recommend them to anyone with a new pair of Doc Martens.

Here is a little video on how Dr Martens says you should break in their shoes. Maybe you should do as the Dr. says.

Are Vegan Doc Martens Waterproof?

Yes, vegan Dr Martens are waterproof. Actually, the vegan ones are extra waterproof!

It’s down to the synthetic material they are made of. The water bounces off them, so they’re good in the rain but I haven’t tested them in the bath yet. If anyone has, please tell me how they faired. I’d love to know.

Did you know that Doc Martens first launched their vegan footwear collection way back, in 2011? But it seems that vegan Docs have only really been hitting the spotlight recently, maybe it’s because the vegan movement is soaring. Woohoo!

Well, I’m just glad they’re available, I’ll be buying their vegan sandals in the summer.

Are Vegan Doc Martens good.

Where to Buy Vegan Doc Martens:

If you’ve decided you need a pair of vegan Dr, Martens in your life then you can buy your shiny new pair of vegan Doc Martens online on EMP’s website.

I hope that I’ve helped you make your decision on whether a pair of vegan Dr. Martens are for you or not. As much as I love my Docs there are some other amazing vegan-friendly boots available these days take a look at my post – Best Vegan Leather Boots in – For All Styles and Budgets.

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