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The Best Vegan Thai Food Restaurants in Birmingham in 2024

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023

The Best Vegan Thai Food Dishes in Birmingham

Vegan Lunch Menu - Thai food vegan options - Giggling Squid

If you’re looking for truly delicious vegan Thai food in Birmingham, you’re in the right place! In every city I visit, I’m on the lookout for amazing vegan Thai dishes. So, naturally, it’s no different in Birmingham, the city I live in.

Thai food has always been my favourite food, especially after spending some time living in Thailand. This is why I’m always on the hunt for the best vegan Thai food in Birmingham.

Many places serve amazing vegan Thai food in Birmingham so it’s impossible to choose a favourite. So, I’m going to share with you 5 excellent places to eat vegan Thai food in Birmingham in 2024.

All are a little different and have different dishes that stand out, so it just depends on what you’re in the mood for.

5 Places to Get the Best Vegan Thai Food in Birmingham

1. Siamais

Find Siamais on Google Maps

Siamais is a classy feeling restaurant with quality Thai food. You’ll find this fab vegan-friendly vegan restaurant located in Brindley Place, Birmingham.

To make things easy they’ve got a vegan symbol on the menu so you can easily find the vegan options. I’m glad to say that have several menus with plenty of vegan options, not just the one token dish. Check out Siamais menus here.

Typically, I’d say this is a place to go when you’re after a treat because it’s not the cheapest option, so tasty though! But there is an option if you want the experience at a lower cost.

They have a lunch menu that allows you 2 Courses for £16.95 this is available Monday to Friday between 12 pm-3 pm. This is what I went for. For my starter, I got the Green Papaya Salad, it sounds and looks simple but I absolutely loved it, one of the tastiest things I’ve eaten for ages. For my main, I went for the vegetable green curry, also delicious! 

I’ll be back soon to try all their vegan options. If you want some quality Thai food with an authentic taste I highly recommend Siamais.

2. Chaophraya

Find Chaophraya on Google Maps

Since my first visit years ago, I’ve always loved Chaophraya, the food, the atmosphere and the welcome. If you’ve ever been to Thailand before and loved it even half as much as I did, then hearing ‘Sawasdee Kha’ as you walk into Chaophraya will be a beautiful nostalgic memory. 

There was just one thing that put me off Chaophraya in the past, the vegan options on the menu, and the staff’s understanding of vegan didn’t always seem clear. However, they seem to have an updated menu with plenty of clear vegan options, both on their main menu and on their lunch menu. Take a look at Chaophraya’s menus here. 

On the ‘From the Garden’ section of their menu they’ve veganised many popular Thai dishes, such as Red Curry, Green Curry, Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, Summer Roll and many other tasty sounding dishes. 

3. Rosa’s Thai Birmingham

Find Rosa’s on Google Maps

Rosa’s offers authentic-tasting Thai food with vegan options. I only recently discovered Rosa’s Thai Birmingham and I’m already sitting here trying to decide, how often is too often?

Anyway, let me tell you why I love it so much! The place itself is perfect for me, not too fancy but still classy enough that it feels acceptable to order a cocktail. I also like that it has a bit of character too. With quirky signs and the style of writing on their menu, it felt a little fun!

The menu has a huge amount of vegan options! Everything was clearly labelled with a little vegan icon, even the wine and cocktails. Take a look at Rosa’s Thai’s menu here.

The most delicious thing I ate was the tofu and veg red Thai curry. From the moment the smell hit my nose, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. It was rich, creamy and had just the right amount of spice.

For the two of us to share, we also ordered salt and pepper tofu, summer rolls, tom yum noodle soup and rice.

And WOW, the cocktails at Rosa’s Thai were divine. My only complaint was that they didn’t actually come in buckets, as you might find on the streets of Bangkok.

So without a doubt, Rosa’s Thai Birmingham makes it to my list of Best Vegan Thai Food in Birmingham. It’s a great stop for vegan red Thai curry in Birmingham city centre.

4. Giggling Squid

Find Giggling Squid Harborne on Google Maps

Next up is Giggling Squid, you’ll find these restaurants all over the country, but I’ll tell you about the vegan menu at Giggling Squid in Harborne, Birmingham because this is the closest one to me and not far from the city centre.

The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated with a bright and cheerful feeling. Giggling Squid has a delicious and great value vegan lunch menu. You get a vegetable green curry, stir fry vegetables, Thai spring rolls and jasmine rice for only £11.95.

But if you’re not going at lunchtime you can still get all the usual stuff you’d hope to find at a Thai restaurant. They have a rich and creamy vegan Thai red curry, vegan pad Thai and they also have one of the nicest vegan Thai salads I’ve ever tasted. Their Sweet Jicama Salad has the usual flavours that come through with a Thai salad along with tasty roasted coconut and crispy tofu croutons.

Harborne isn’t usually somewhere I go but since discovering some of the best vegan Thai food in Birmingham I find myself there more and more often!

5. Cafe Soya

Find Cafe Soya on Google Maps

The final place to get vegan Thai food that I’m going to talk about today is Cafe Soya. This place ain’t fancy at all, in fact, sometimes ordering a beer here feels a little overboard. But please don’t take this as a bad thing. Somedays a quick, casual meal is exactly what you’re after and then this is the perfect place.

Cafe Soya - Best Vegan Thai food

Cafe Soya is located in the heart of the city. Once inside there’s no fuss, you just take a seat and you’re handed a menu. And if you’re as excited as me about the long list of vegan options, it might take a while.

Cafe Soya doesn’t just sell Thai food so if your friend is in the mood for Vietnamese food and you’re after Thai food it will do the job nicely. But don’t worry, I know sometimes when a restaurant tries to be a jack-of-all-trades they don’t get anything right. Well, that isn’t the case here at all, having sampled more of their dishes than I care to say, Cafe Soya has mastered some of the best vegan Thai food in Birmingham!

So that’s it, three places for the best vegan food in Birmingham. If I had to tell you which one to go to, easy, all three! Enjoy.

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