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Sushi Passion – Vegan Sushi in Birmingham Review

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023

Are you ready for sushi like no other in Birmingham?

Sushi Passion - Vegan Sushi Birmingham

The bar is getting high for the best vegan sushi, I’m always on the lookout for the best and freshest, maybe I’m becoming a bit of a sushi snob. Today’s review is all about Sushi Passion in Birmingham.

I used to be happy enough picking up sushi from the supermarket but now, to be honest, there’s nothing worse than several-day-old sushi sitting around in a sweaty plastic box…told you I’m becoming a snob! But only when it comes to sushi, I’m still happy to have a pint in the local.

I’m not like this with all food, I’ve been known to eat leftover Chinese for breakfast, but when it comes to sushi, the fresher the better.

Sushi Passion – Vegan Sushi in Birmingham

I’ve been to Sushi Passion 3 times and if it wasn’t a little pricy I’d eat there every week. Actually, it’s not that pricy, I just like to eat a lot of sushi. Especially in this place because it’s my favourite place for vegan sushi in the city.

Why I love Sushi Passion:

Their range of vegan sushi is excellent! Although if you’re looking for it on the menu the page only says vegetarian. But don’t worry almost everything on the vegetarian page is vegan. And the few things that aren’t, they’re happy to make vegan.

Some vegans are missing out because they assume that sushi isn’t really for them with, you know, all the raw fish. But sushi can be so much more than that. If you find a good sushi place that knows how to make the best vegan sushi, you’ll see what’s possible.

What Vegan Options do they have?

Sushi passion vegan menu

Well, Sushi Passion in Birmingham is definitely an example of a place that knows how to do vegan Sushi well. Offering vegan maki and futomaki, a vegan temaki, delicious sweet tofu in the form of inari and a few other things, as well as a set meal with 18 pieces. Take a look at Sushi Passion’s menu here.

If you don’t know what any of those words mean, don’t worry, I don’t really either, I had to use these pictures on the menu to help me figure out what to order. However, if you do fancy upping your Japanese food vocab then take a look at this Beginner’s Sushi Glossary.

The sweet tofu that I mentioned above is one of my favourite things to get when ordering vegan sushi. That and the avocado maki, which is a super simple sushi roll with avocado in the middle and wrapped in seaweed. As simple as this sounds I’ve had so many bad versions of this…but in Sushi Passion, it’s so fresh and delicious! And the avocado is so soft that it almost feels creamy as your teeth bite through it.

Sapporo - Japanese beer at Sushi Passion

As always I ordered some edamame to snack on until my sushi arrived. And to drink I had one of those large cans of Sapporo. The ones that go perfectly with sushi. Ehh, now that I come to think of it, I’m sure Sapporo does absolutely nothing for the meal. But I always order a can with my sushi, so for me, they have become the perfect match.

Sushi Passion – Inside The Restaurant

Best vegan Sushi - Sushi Passion decor

The restaurant is quite small and intimate. There are a few regular tables, tatami seating – the ones where you sit on a cushion on the floor, and seating at the bar.

Two out of the three times I’ve been to Sushi Passion I’ve sat at the bar, and when first sitting down, I’d wished for a table but actually, the place is very chilled so sitting at the bar does actually work well. And the kitchen is right in front of you so you can watch the talented sushi chefs at work.

The Staff and decor at Sushi Passion

All the little details in this place seem to work really well to bring everything together. The staff are friendly and relaxed offering excellent service. The decor allows your mind to wander and imagine you could actually be eating Japanese food, in Japan. And one little touch I love is how they present the food. Everything is positioned with thought and consideration and they use unique and interesting serving dishes, some in the shape of boats or fish.

Best vegan sushi in Birmingham

Of course, I’ll always be keeping an eye out for more incredible places, but right now there is no doubt in my mind that Sushi Passion Birmingham is my favourite spot in the city for vegan sushi.

And they also do delivery. So, if you live in Birmingham and you want vegan sushi delivered to your door Sushi Passion is the place!

Maybe you’ve already tried Sushi Passion and you’re looking for other places to try vegan sushi, check this out for a couple more ideas – 3 Places to get Delicious Vegan Sushi in Birmingham.

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