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How to Make Vegan Friends – Ideas for Building Vegan Friendships

Where to make new vegan friends

Last updated on December 17th, 2023

Today we’re going to talk about something that will make your vegan lifestyle even better… how to make vegan friends. In a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious of its impact on the environment and animal welfare, veganism is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. 

But when making a big change to your lifestyle, such as moving to a vegan way of living, it’s normal to feel a little distant or isolated from the people you usually spend time with, especially if they don’t understand your decision.

Surprisingly, learning to manage relationships is actually one of the most difficult things about becoming vegan. Many find it more difficult than figuring out what to eat, drink or wear. 

Most people become vegan because they’ve serious concerns about how animals are treated or the worrying environmental impact meat production is having on our precious planet. So, when the people nearest and dearest to us don’t seem to get it, it can be a struggle. Knowing how to handle this is vital to living a happy vegan life. 

While this guide is about how to make new vegan friends, I’m not suggesting you should kick everyone else to the curb. But having some friends around you who ‘get you’ can really help you stay strong and at peace with your decision.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to connect with other vegans, create meaningful relationships, and build the perfect vegan network for you. Let’s go…

1. Join Vegan Groups Online:

This is number one for a reason, it’s definitely the easiest way to feel like you’re not alone and part of the vegan community. 

In today’s digital age, connecting with others who share your values has never been easier. Join vegan groups on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Take part in conversations, share your experiences, and participate in virtual events to build connections across the UK and the world.

making vegan friends online

2. Attend Vegan Events:

The vegan scene in the UK and in many other countries around the world is expanding like never before. All over the UK, you’ll be about to find events, festivals, and markets fully focused on plant-based living. There are some good websites to find out what’s going on but the easier way is to simply type ‘vegan events near me‘ into Google and you’ll get a list to check out.

Attend local vegan gatherings and events to meet people who are passionate about the same causes as you. These events provide excellent opportunities to strike up conversations, make friends, and discover new vegan products. If you’re feeling a little nervous just remember, one simple question usually breaks the ice. Be brave, you might make a friend for life.

3. Join Local Vegan Meetup Groups:

Platforms like Meetup.com can help you find local vegan groups in your area. Whether it’s a coffee meetup, a cooking class, or a book club, these groups offer a chance for people to bond over the things that are important to them.

It’s also a great idea to find or even create a group on Facebook of local vegans, this way you can all work together to arrange regular local meetups. 

Vegan meetups

4. Volunteer for Vegan Causes:

Reach out and get involved with animal sanctuaries, environmental organisations, or vegan outreach initiatives. Volunteering not only helps a good cause but it also exposes you to a community of dedicated individuals, so it’s a great way to make vegan friends.

5. Take Cooking Classes:

Some people are just naturals, but others find it takes a bit of time to get used to cooking when first becoming vegan.

Joining vegan cooking classes can be a fun way to learn new skills while connecting with fellow vegans. Sharing recipes and tips can help you bond over your love for delicious vegan food.

a vegan cooking class

6. Explore Vegan and Eco-Friendly Cafes and Restaurants:

Taking trips to your local vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants not only supports local businesses but also provides opportunities to start conversations and meet fellow vegans. Get chatting with other customers, the staff or the owners and I’m sure you’ll find some like-minded people.

7. Engage in Online Forums:

Online forums and discussion boards dedicated to veganism and sustainability can be an amazing places for finding like-minded friends. Engage in thoughtful discussions, ask questions, and connect with others who share your ideas for a vegan lifestyle.

8. Organise Local Picnics Or Other Meetups:

Take the initiative to arrange a picnic in your local park and invite your new vegan friends that you’ve met through online platforms or events and create a space where everyone can share their favourite vegan dishes and stories.

How to make new vegan friends

9. Collaborate on Local Projects:

Collaborative activities such as community gardens, eco-friendly crafting, or upcycling projects can offer a creative outlet while helping you meet eco-conscious friends who care about sustainability and in many cases will also be vegan.

10. Stay Open-Minded and Put in Some Effort:

When looking to make vegan friends, remember that relationships are built on mutual respect and shared values. Approach conversations with an open heart, be understanding of different perspectives and focus on the common ground you share.

vegan friends meetup


Building a network of vegan friends is rewarding because it allows you to spend time with people who share your values and create a strong sense of community. By using online platforms, attending events, volunteering, and engaging in local activities, you’ll find there are plenty of other people who are equally passionate about veganism. As you start this journey, keep in mind that everyone is different, not everyone will be the perfect match but you may also make some friends for life. 

I hope some of the ideas here will help you enjoy your vegan life even more. If you’ve got time, stick around and read some more tips for new vegans.

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