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The Best Vegan Breakfast in Bath

The best vegan breakfast in Bath

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

Now, I’m not even going to pretend it’s hard to find vegan breakfast in Bath, because it’s really not! I thought I was spoiled in Birmingham but it doesn’t compare to Bath. So, instead of helping you find a vegan breakfast in Bath, I’m going to help you find the best vegan breakfast in Bath.

By the time you get yourself up, ready and out in the morning your belly is already rumbling and you really don’t need to be faffing around trying to find the perfect place to start your day, so let me make it easier with my short list of the best places to find an amazing vegan breakfast in Bath. 

1. Plant. Eat. Licious

  • Address: Basement, 9 Lower Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1QR (Located in Chapel Arts Centre Basement)
  • Menu: Plant. Eat. Licious menu

Plant. Eat. Licious is probably my favourite place for vegan breakfast in Bath. They have everything I look for from my morning meal. Good coffee, a relaxing environment and tasty vegan breakfast options.

Veggie breakfast at Plant. Eat. Licious
Plant. Eat. Licious – Vegan breakfast

 As the name suggests they’re a fully plant-based restaurant and I think it’s a great choice for breakfast, brunch or lunch. 

For breakfast, some of the options include pancakes, avocado on toast, scrambled tofu on toast and my favourite, sauteed wild mushrooms on toast. 

Vegan breakfast in Bath - Plant. Eat. Licious
Plant. Eat. Licious – Wild Mushrooms on Toast

We were served by kind and helpful staff and our food was delicious, if you only have one morning in Bath go here for your vegan breakfast! 

Find Plant. Eat. Licious on Google Maps. 

2. The Green Rocket

Next up for a wonderful vegan breakfast in Bath is The Green Rocket.

The best vegan breakfast in Bath
Mini vegan breakfast at The Green Rocket Bath

The Green Rocket serves quality plant-based food in a relaxed environment. You can either sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view or you can sit inside the cosy restaurant which has plenty of tables. 

It’s a fully vegan restaurant and on the vegan menu, you can choose from options such as a huge vegan breakfast or a regular one, avocado on toast, mixed mushrooms on toast, a berry smoothie bowl or granola and yoghurt. 

Vegan mushroom breakfast in Bath - The Green Rocket
Vegan Mixed Mushrooms on Toast

So, another great spot for the perfect vegan breakfast in Bath. 

Find The Green Rocket on Google Maps.

3. Cascara

Would you believe we have another fully vegan option for you? Cascara is the perfect spot for either breakfast or lunch in the centre of Bath. Or if you fancy a coffee and cake this place is the clear choice too. 

Veggie breakfast options at Cascara

There are a few seats outside but no matter how stunning Bath is on a beautiful day, let’s not forget it’s England so you’ll probably need to sit inside most of the time. 

It’s charming inside with both large tables for bigger groups and small tables next to the windows if you fancy a bit of people-watching. 

The vegan breakfast options on the menu include loaded toast, ‘salmon’ and vegan cream cheese on toast, and a scrambled tofu wrap.

There’s no need to book a table, just head on over and enjoy your vegan breakfast. 

Find Cascara on Google Maps. 

4. Rooted Cafe and Supper Rooms

This one isn’t fully vegan I’m afraid, but it is vegetarian and almost everything has a vegan option available. It’s a bright and spacious restaurant and it works for vegan breakfast, brunch or lunch. 

On their breakfast menu, you’ll find options such as a full vegan breakfast, vegan pancakes and scrambled tofu on toast as well as a full Indian breakfast. 

Or if you’re looking for vegan brunch in Bath, Rooted Cafe also does the job with choices such as a vegan sausage sandwich, wild mushrooms on toast and bubble and squeak.  

So whether it’s breakfast or a vegan brunch you’re looking for in Bath this place is a good choice. 

Find Rooted Cafe and Supper Rooms on Google Maps.

As I mentioned at the start, there’s so much vegan food to be found in Bath so this list could go on and on but I promised just to tell you about the best, so I’m stopping here for now. 

I hope you get to try one of these wonderful vegan breakfast spots in Bath. Actually, who am I kidding, I hope you have the chance to try all of them. 

Next, I’ll be writing about the best places for vegan dinner in Bath, so keep an eye out for that. But in the meantime check out some of the other vegan food in the UK that I’ve written about. 

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