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Support Sustainable Fashion and Still Look Fabulous!

Last updated on January 2nd, 2024

Be in the know – How to support sustainable fashion in 2024!

How to support sustainable fashion

Supporting sustainable fashion is what the future is all about!

If you’re here to find out how to buy clothes that make you feel amazing on the inside and out and you want to know more about how to support sustainable fashion you’re in the right place.

It feels nice to look nice, so looking good in your clothes is important! But buying clothes that look good isn’t the only important thing to think about filling your wardrobe.

In recent years the idea of becoming more mindful while choosing our new outfit is becoming a popular idea.

So, if you’re like so many of us right now and would like to support more sustainable fashion in a real way then here are some of the best ways to ditch fast fashion and support sustainable fashion.

4 Easy Ways to Support Sustainable Fashion

1. Avoid Buying Badly or Cheaply Made Clothing

If we buy things we consider to be ‘disposable’ we’re adding to the huge pile of discarded fashion. According to BBC Earth ‘Every year, 100 billion new garments made from new fibres are produced, many of which soon end up in landfill.’

Avoid buying badly made clothing

Now, I know there’s a problem that comes to mind when I say don’t buy cheap clothes. Some may not have a huge amount of money for clothing but still want to look nice. But the truth is, buying bad-quality items actually costs more in the long run because you’ll need to replace them again and again.

Still, I know that doesn’t mean everyone actually has the money available to spend on better-quality items. So the answer is; buy second-hand! Not sure if that’s for you? Then keep reading the next points and I’ll tell you how great buying second-hand really is.

When buying a new item, think of it as a new piece of art to add to your collection. Or at least plan ahead so when you do get bored of it someone will want to take it in and love it. That’s not going to happen if it’s a tatty t-shirt that’s full of little holes after only 4 or 5 washes. There’s only one place that will end up!

2. Buy Pre-Owned Clothes

Buy pre-owned or Vintage clothes

Second-hand or pre-owned clothes are really stepping into the spotlight now.

If I’m honest, a few years ago it wasn’t for me but now I’ve really gotten into it. When I want to spruce up my wardrobe pre-owned clothes are my first option. They’re cheaper, better for the environment and I can always find some really cool and unique things!

It really couldn’t be easier to buy second-hand clothes now. There are a bunch of really great apps like Vintedthrift + and Depop. On these apps, you can buy and sell clothes among many other things. You can talk to the sellers and ask questions and there are loads of filters that allow you to search for exactly what you want like size, type of item, brand and condition. I personally use Vinted the most, this is where the majority of my partner’s Christmas presents come from, thank you Vinted!

If you prefer to actually go shopping so you can look at and touch the things you’re thinking of buying, then don’t worry, that’s easy too.

There are vintage shops popping up everywhere. If you’re near Birmingham check out – Vintage shops in Birmingham. The cool thing about these shops is that you’ll find little gems that you won’t see in big high-street shops.

And then, of course, the kindest way of all to buy your fashion, charity shops. You can leave a charity shop with a beautiful item and feel good about helping others. I love to buy things from charity shops knowing that when I’m done I’ll bring them back and the cycle will continue.

3. Swap Clothes with Friend

Share clothing with friends

After you’ve worn something a bunch of times, you want a change (you don’t want to be that girl with one dress), the good news is your friend has never worn it so she can give it a brand new debut!

And what’s even better is that you can combine shopping with a girl’s night in. Get all your friends around and tell them to bring all the clothes they’re ready to part ways with. Make a night of it. Open a bottle of wine, put on a fashion show and everyone can leave with something new.

4. Buy More Sustainable Materials

Buy More Sustainable Materials - To support sustainable fashion

Cotton is a fabric we all know and like. But the use of cotton within the fast fashion industry is causing big problems for our planet.

It can take up to 2,700 litres of water to make a cotton t-shirt. Also to grow vast amounts of cotton, they pump pesticides into the ground making their way into the soil and water, causing more pollution.

Another problem is that when washing clothes made from synthetic fibres (polyester, nylon, acrylic) millions of tiny microfibres are released via water treatment plants into the ocean. This is harming our incredible sea life.

Take a look at this article from Good On You – What Are the More Sustainable Fabrics on the Market Right Now – to find the most sustainable materials.

So that’s it, 4 ways to support sustainable fashion while looking and feeling fabulous.

You don’t need to sacrifice or dress in rags. It can be a win-win situation. It can take a little time to find your mojo and the right way for you but once you do you’ll be part of sustainable fashion and you’ll never look back!

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