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The Best Vegan Soap Bars in the UK in 2024

Last updated on December 14th, 2023

Vegan Soap Bars that Make the Kindest Bubbles

The Best Vegan Soap Bars in the UK

In a time when making any changes possible to live a more sustainable life is a great thing to do a pretty easy one is to move to vegan soap bars. 

When buying vegan bar soap there’s often very little waste, sometimes even none at all! When it comes to packaging, they’re great when you compare them to the bottles that most shower gels come in. And if taken care of soap bars can last a long time too. 

These days it’s quite easy to find beautifully smelling vegan soap bars made of natural ingredients. On my list, you’re sure to find the perfect one that will make shower time feel like a relaxing treat.

To the best of my knowledge and at the time of writing, every item in the post is fully vegan and cruelty-free. The only way I like it! I hope you find the best vegan bar soap for you!

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11 Of The Best Vegan Soap Bars in 2024:

1. Shea Cleansing Face & Body Bar – The Body Shop

Vegan Soap Bars - The Body Shop

This shea vegan soap bar is rich and creamy and is perfect for washing both your body and face. It is super nourishing and has a delicious comforting scent. And another great thing is that it is packaged in 100% recycled paper. 

Take a look at Shea Cleansing Face & Body Bar on the Body Shop’s website.

2. Lavender Butter Soap – 100% Pure

This cruelty-free and vegan bar soap feels like pure luxury. It’s made with shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil to gently cleanse while never drying out your skin but deeply moisturizing it instead. And to finish it off it has a subtle lavender scent. 

Take a look 100% Pure at Lavender Butter Soap here.

3. Orchard & Hedgerow Hard Soap – Noble Isle

Noble Isle - vegan soap Bars

This pack of 5 x 30g plant-based soap bars make the perfect gift, either for yourself or a treat for someone else. You get 3 Perry Pear soaps and 2 Summer Rising soaps. They are perfect for travelling or for a guest that comes to stay. 

Take a look at Noble Isle soap here.

4. Paper Plane Sensitive Skin Soap Bar – Superdrug

This sensitive vegan soap bar is 100% natural and is perfect for your face too. It’s made using shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, which are soft and gentle on the skin. 

Take a look at Paper Plane’s soap on Superdrug’s website here.

5. Mango Butter Soap – 100% Pure

I just love mango, eating mango, drinking mango and smelling mango. So, the scent alone makes this soap a winner for me, but that’s not all it’s going for it. Because it’s made using rich shea butter, fatty acid-rich coconut oil and silky smooth olive oil it’s a cruelty-free bar soap that will leave your skin feeling clean and divinely soft. 

Take a look at 100% Pure’s Mango Butter Soap here.

6. Friendly Soap Natural Activated Charcoal Detox Bar – Friendly Soap

Friendly Soap Natural Activated Charcoal Detox Bar

This vegan and cruelty-free soap bar from Friendly Soap is a little different. It‘s made using activated charcoal and absorbs toxins from your skin, leaving it cleaner and healthier. It’s infused with lemon essential oils to add antioxidant qualities and rosemary essential oils for relaxation. 

Take a look at Friendly Soap’s detox soap bar on Amazon

7. UpCircle Cleansing Bar with Cinnamon + Ginger

This is different to the other vegan soap bars I’ve mentioned before because it is also an exfoliator. It uses repurposed chai spices such as cinnamon and ginger and these help to boost circulation. It’s also made with green clay to combat breakouts and glycerin to hydrate. 

Take a look at UpCircle Cleansing Bar on Amazon

8. Zero Waste Path Oatmeal Soap Bar – Shop Zero

A zero-waste oatmeal vegan and cruelty-free soap, sounds pretty good cool, right? Well, I think so. It’s also a very gentle exfoliator that’s perfect for delicate and sensitive skin. Oatmeal is an anti-inflammatory so it soothes existing irritations and it can also help to boost and replenish the nutrients that your skin needs.

Take a look on Your Home Your World

9. Faith in Nature Soap Coconut

This Vegan Society Certified soap bar is made with Organic Coconut. It is high in aromatherapy oils and with a low pH, it is kind and gentle on your skin. It is also free from parabens and SLS.

Take a look at Faith in Nature’s Soap Coconut on Amazon

10. Bio-D Mandarin Soap Bar

This vegan soap bar is derived from 100% natural ingredients and is made with over 65% certified organic content. By using this bar you won’t be able to help but feel your freshest with its zesty mandarin scent.  

Check it out Bio-D Mandarin Soap Bar on Ethical Superstore

11. Dr Bronner’s Almond Soap Bar

Dr Bronner's Almond vegan Soap Bar

Dr Bronner’s Almond Soap Bar is perfect for a nice warm shower on a cold day. The rich smell of almonds immediately transports you to a relaxed and cosy state. It’s certified organic and fair trade

Take a look at Bronner’s Almond Soap Bar on Amazon

And that completes the list of my favourite cruelty-free and vegan soap bars. I hope you’ve found one, if not more, that you are super excited to try. Maybe it will be so good you’ll never buy a bottle of shower gel again. 

Vegan soap bar

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