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Find the Best Vegan Food in Digbeth – Birmingham in 2024

Last updated on December 15th, 2023

8 Places to Find Vegan Options in Digbeth in 2024

Map of Digbeth - Vegan food in Digbeth Birmingham

As Birmingham is filling up with more and more vegan food you may be wondering what Digbeth is like these days. Is it easy to find vegan food in Digbeth? 

Well, read on, because in this post I’m going to tell you about 8 of my favourite places to find vegan food in Digbeth.

If you haven’t been recently you may think of Digbeth as the old industrial corner of Birmingham filled with factories and ugly brick streets and in parts it still is. But that’s not all, if you’ve ventured that way in recent years you’ll have seen there’s quite a bit more going on now too.

Yes, there are still plenty of warehouses, workshops and storage units but among those, you’ll find all you need for a decent night out. Bars, restaurants, clubs and a choice of activities ranging from bowling and curling to escape rooms and board games.

So the question is…does Digbeth fill the needs of all of us vegans living in Birmingham?

I’ve done a recce, quite a few actually, and I’m here to say, yes Digbeth has got it all, especially the vegan food. 

8 Places to Get Vegan Food in Digbeth Birmingham:

1. BA-HA – In The Rainbow

Find Baha on Google Maps 

If you’re looking for a fully vegan restaurant in Digbeth the answer is…BA-HA.

Vegan burger in Baha Digbeth

BA-HA is a fully vegan kitchen that has residency in the Rainbow pub in Digbeth. You may have seen them elsewhere in the past because they’ve had residency in other places and do popups now and again, but The Rainbow in Digbeth is where you’ll find them most days. 

BA-HA’s menu has changed recently, so if you haven’t been for a while there’s something new to try. They’ve got a good selection of small plates as well as main options such as a tasty Kentucky burger, coastal cakes and a Caesar salad. – Take a look at Baha’s menu

They also offer a vegan Sunday Roast dinner option. So, if you’re looking for a hearty, comforting vegan meal in Digbeth then Baha in The Rainbow is a wonderful choice.

2. Chance and Counters – The Best Vegan Tacos in Digbeth

Find Chance and Counters on Google Maps. 

Who am I kidding, it’s not just Digbeth, Chance and Counters have the best vegan tacos in Birmingham!

Vegan Food in Digbeth - Tacos in Chance and counters

Their fajita-spiced tofu & burnt lime tacos with vegan mayo are incredible, I could probably eat 10! But when I order ‘too’ many they give me a funny look and seem to panic! 

Chance and Counters is a fantastic spot in Digbeth. If you’re looking for a drink, some entertainment and a bit of vegan food head here.

They have a huge selection of board games to choose from and if you’re not sure what to pick there’s always someone on hand to help. To place games you pay £3 per person for 2 hours. 

Or you can just have a drink and some food. They have a load of vegan options, such as tacos, burgers, filthy fries and wings. Take a look at Chance and Counters menu here. 

This is the place to head to if you’re looking for an evening of entertainment and delicious vegan food – Find Chance and Counters on Google Maps.

3. Falafel Vegan Munch – Great value vegan food in Digbeth

Find Falafel Vegan Munch on Google Maps

If you’re looking for something quick, tasty and really good value, grab yourself some vegan food from Falafel Vegan Munch. It’s a takeaway restaurant on Digbeth High Street that sells vegan falafel wraps, and falafel salad boxes, along with some tasty sides and delicious smoothies.

4. Kanteen – Vegan Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch in Digbeth

Find Kanteen on Google Maps

Kanteen is centrally located in the Custard Factory in Digbeth and is a great place to get vegan food. It’s the perfect spot for vegan breakfast, brunch or lunch

Each day they offer a different daily special with a choice between a meat option and a vegan option. And if you’re in Digbeth and looking for a good cup of coffee you won’t go wrong at the Kanteen.

You can also order your lunch to take away too. So, whether you live, work or are just passing through Digbeth, Kanteen will sort you out.

Take a look at Kanteen on Google Maps.

5. Kilo Ziro – Cafe Bar and Refill Taproom – Vegan Cocktail in Digbeth

Find Kilo Ziro on Google Maps.

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a nice cocktail and a few vegan nibbles then Kilo Ziro is a wonderful choice. 

Vegan Cocktail Digbeth - Kilo Ziro

It’s also in the Custard Factory and has an amazing selection of vegan cocktails as well as beers, wines, spirits and coffees.

If you’re looking for food you can either enjoy a beautiful afternoon tea or something from their nibbles and platters menu. Take a look at Kilo Ziro’s menu. 

Their standard afternoon tea has both vegetarian and vegan items. So, you need to get in touch 7 days in advance if you’d like a fully vegan afternoon tea.

Kilo Ziro is from the creators of The Clean Kilo so everything they serve is done with the aim of reducing waste and carbon footprint. Just another reason this place is well worth a visit.

Take a look at where to find Kilo Ziro on Google Maps.

6. Hennessey’s Bar – Football and a vegan burger

Find Hennesseys on Google Maps

Hennessey’s Bar is a great pub for almost anyone. They’ve got live sports, a big beer garden, fun events, like bingo and live music, as well as a pretty decent vegan menu. 

Hennessey’s vegan food offering isn’t huge but if you find yourself there watching a match you won’t go hungry because they’ve got a Jamaican Jerk Vegan Burger.

They’re not top of the list for options but if you find yourself in a pickle in Digbeth it’s an option. And I always think that if more people choose the vegan option they’ll think about adding more.

7. Baked in Brick – Perfect for Vegan Pizza in Digbeth

Pizza is usually a fairly safe group option. So, if you’re looking for vegan pizza in Digbeth Baked in Brick is a popular option. 

On their menu, they offer two vegan pizza options. The first one is the Grande Marinara – tomato, oregano, garlic oil, basil, and baby plum tomatoes. The second one is Vegano – pumpkin cream base, roasted peppers & aubergine and rocket balsamic. 

Take a look at Baked in Brick’s menu the vegan options are clearly labelled. 

It’s a relaxed and cosy restaurant, perfect for chilling with a pizza, a beer and some friends. 

Find Baked in Brick on Google Maps.

8. The Ruin – Vegan Sunday Lunch

Check out The Ruin on Google Maps.

The Ruin gives you everything you want from a pub. A great selection of drinks, cosy places to sit, tasty food and a beer garden. 

But what you can’t always get from a traditional and cosy pub like this is vegan food. But The Ruin is different, it’s a top choice for vegan food in Digbeth.

On their menu, you’ll find vegan-loaded fries, a vegan burger and even a vegan Wellington! Sunday lunch sorted! 

So, whether you’re just after a drink or you want a satisfying vegan meal in Digbeth The Ruin is another wonderful choice. 

Find The Ruin on Google Maps.

I hope after checking out these 8 awesome spots for vegan food in Digbeth you’ll agree that this little corner of Birmingham is perfect for vegans. You can enjoy some tasty food and a fun night out. 

Take a look at my Birmingham page to find more amazing tips on how to live your best vegan life in Birmingham. You’ll find posts such as – Vegan Breakfast in Birmingham and 3 Places to get Delicious Vegan Sushi in Birmingham.

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