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Vegan Food in Ibiza Town in 2023 – Is Ibiza Good for Vegans?

Vegan mezze de Muhammara

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023

Where to find vegan food in Ibiza town? I stayed in Ibiza town for a few nights and as always I was on the hunt for some tasty vegan food…and boy did I find some!

If you want to know where to get vegan food in Ibiza town then keep reading because I ate my way around the town so that I could fill you in on 9 different vegan-friendly places.

Is Ibiza Good for Vegans?

We found Ibiza to be manageable when it came to finding vegan food. You wouldn’t go hungry but there aren’t as many choices as you might find in other European hotspots or even other Spanish cities. But it’s moving in the right direction!

Being vegan can put limitations on what and where we can eat when travelling. But finding good vegan food is still one of my favourite things about travelling.

Because I was only in Ibiza town for a few days I’m not going to break this post down into breakfast, lunch and dinner categories. But I’ll just tell you about where I ate, and what I liked and didn’t like about it.

Alright, enough yabbering, let’s get on with it….

Where to Find Vegan Food in Ibiza Town in 2023:

1. Magnus Playa Bistro – Great for a sunny vegan snack in Ibiza town

Magnus Playa Bistro on Google Maps.

Vegan hummus dip in Ibiza

We arrived in the afternoon and the sun was shining and the ocean was glistening. And for once in my life, something came before food. I spotted a great sunspot, facing the sea with fresh cold beers and I took a seat.

Now, something most of us know is that it’s never wise to have too many cervezas without a bit of grub to line your stomach. So, with little hope but even less desire to move, I had a look at the menu. I was pleasantly surprised. Vegans were welcome, well at least a little.

There wasn’t much on the menu but enough to keep us going. We ordered olives and hummus with bread and veggies for dipping. And it certainly hit the spot. The hummus was delicious, thick and creamy and we licked the bowl, well pretty much. It kept us going for another sunny beer or two.

Find Magnus Playa Bistro on Google Maps.

2. Simbiosis – Serves real vegan dinner in Ibiza town

Simbiosis on Google Maps

Simbiosis is a fully vegan restaurant in Ibiza town. Here you’ll find some interesting and tasty things on the menu and specials board.

What I especially liked about the menu was that it had some impressive-sounding dishes. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when reading them. But fortunately, I do like surprises, as long as they’re vegan, so, this was a good thing for me.

For our starter, we ordered the mezze de Muhammara, a roasted red pepper dip. It was rich and thick and came with bread and veggies for dipping. It was good but our main course was better.

For our mains, we ordered a rice noodle and shitake wok dish and a dish with seitan potatoes and mango. We shared it all because I have a serious fear of missing out when it comes to food.

Seitan potatoes and mango

At first, when the food landed on our table I wasn’t sure about it, mango with seitan and potatoes is an unusual flavour for me. But with every bite, it grew on me and by the end, I was disappointed that the plate was empty.

We sat outside like most others that were dining there, but there are a few tables inside, useful on the cooler evenings.

The staff were friendly and happy to explain the menu to us. I did feel it was just a little expensive compared to some of the other local restaurants but I got the impression they use fresh and local ingredients, if you want the good stuff sometimes you’ve got to pay for it. Simbiosis is a great option for vegan food in Ibiza!

Find Simbiosis on Google Maps.

3. Retro Gusto is the ideal spot for vegan breakfast in Ibiza

Retro Gusto on Google Maps.

Retro Gusto is the perfect spot for vegan breakfast in Ibiza!

I find breakfast to be the most troublesome meal of the day while travelling. By the time you get up and out, your belly is already rumbling, so if you encounter any hiccups getting to your pre-planned breakfast spot you could be in trouble.

This was one of those mornings, it took a little longer than usual to get out and then the place we had planned to go to was closed. Danger danger!

So, after some panicked research, we found ourselves at Retro Gusto. And it all turned out fine in the end. Phew!

Retro Gusto is great for vegan breakfast in Ibiza town. It’s got a chilled-out and welcoming vibe. We sat outside because it was sunny and relaxing but the decor inside is cute too.

For breakfast, we ordered coffee, avocado and tomato on toast and a chia pudding to share.

The coffee and toast were great. The avocado was soft and the toast was crunchy, just the way I like it.

However, I wasn’t mad about the chia pudding it was a bit samey, I was glad we were sharing it.

If you’re looking for a simple vegan breakfast with a relaxed atmosphere in Ibiza town I’d recommend making your way to Retro Gusto.

Find Retro Gusto on Google Maps.

Jungle Bowls in Google Maps

Poke bowl - vegan food Ibiza town

Jungle Bowls is a great place for vegan lunch in Ibiza. I liked it because it was healthy, tasty, and quick, and it had a bit of novelty about it.

They serve pokie bowls, breakfast bowls and boa buns.

The vegan choices were limited but what was great about this place was that you’ve got the option to build your own bowl.

There’s a list of ingredients on a piece of paper, you just tick what you want and give it to the waiting staff. This way you can get exactly what you’re looking for and be pretty confident it’s all vegan.

Jungle Bowl is right next to the beach and it’s ideal for a vegan lunch or a light dinner in Ibiza town.

Find Jungle Bowls in Google Maps.

5. El Local – Casual vegan food made fancy

El Local on Google Maps.

We went to El Local for dinner one evening. The dishes were a little pricier than we usually pay for this type of food. But we were on holiday and they seemed to be putting an interesting twist on their dishes, so why not treat ourselves?

We sat inside because there was a little bit of a chill outside. It’s fairly small but cosy inside with just a few tables. The decor was nice and the music was good.

We ordered the baba ganoush to start, it came with bread, lettuce and carrots and the presentation was great.

For mains, we ordered the vegan pizza no pizza and the vegan bagel burger. I do like bagels so this style of burger worked for me.

But, to be honest, I didn’t really get the pizza-no-pizza. I do eat out… a lot, but I’m not going to pretend I know about fancy food. However, it was a simple salad on some thin crunchy bread for €14.50.

Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself and I love when restaurants make an effort with vegan food but for me, while the ingredients were fresh and tasty it was just a bit simple for the price.

Find El Local on Google Maps.

Can Kiwi on Google Maps.

Can Kiwi was an incredible find for vegan food in Ibiza! You’ve so many options to choose from here, the menu is huge. It’s big and busy inside and even though the staff were run off their feet they were still super friendly and the food came quickly.

Can Kiwi - vegan avocado on toast in Ibiza town

I have to say, we were a bit boring because we went for breakfast and we just ordered coffee and avocado and tomato on toast again, we love to eat this in Spain, the bread is so good!

But they have way more vegan options, including a vegan croissant, vegan toasts, vegan burgers, porridge, chia pudding, salads and the longest drinks list I’ve probably ever seen as well as vegan milkshakes! Gutted I didn’t get one!

Next time I’m in Ibiza this will be one of the first places I go back to.

Find Can Kiwi on Google Maps.

Find You Asian Food on Google Maps

Vegan sushi in Ibiza town - Maki rolls

I love most Asian food and sushi is high up on that list. So, I’m often on the lookout for a simple spot to get my sushi fix.

You Asian Food offers a huge menu, most of it’s not vegan though but it certainly fulfilled my sushi craving with the simple avocado, cucumber and mango maki rolls. And we got some veggie gyozas on the side.

The restaurant is big and has nice artwork on the walls. The woman that was working there was friendly and she even praised me for my attempted Spanish conversation!

I’m sure there are other sushi places in Ibiza town offering vegan sushi but this place more that does the job if you’re after a quick sushi fix in a hurry.

Find You Asian Food on Google Maps.

Find Veganlicious on Google Maps

Vegan cheesecake in Veganlicious Ibiza town

Their name does not lie, it was absolutely veganlicious. We just went there to satisfy my hankering for something sweet. So, we only ordered a coffee and what is now known as “the best vegan cheesecake ever”.

The guy who owns the place told us his wife makes the vegan desserts herself. And it tasted so good I couldn’t believe it when he told us it was sugar-free too. The cheesecake was made from tofu, cashews and coconut milk and I wonder if I can get some shipped over?!?

They are also part of a pizza restaurant that offers vegan pizza, so on my next visit I’ll be trying that. You can see the owners pour so much love into this place and it’s evident in their food.

Find Veganlicious on Google Maps

Vegan burger and chips at Ibiza airport

I never have much hope for vegan food in the airport and rightly so, in some airports, I’ve been lucky to even find a packet of nuts.

But this time I was pleasantly surprised. And although it was quite expensive and I’m not usually crazy about burgers, this burger more than served its purpose.

We were really lucky to find a chilled-out bar that served a really tasty vegan burger and chips at the airport. The meal kept me feeling full all the way home!

So, if you love to explore and find your own gems, please do and let me know any good spots you find for my next trip to Ibiza town.

But if you just want to quickly find some tasty vegan food in Ibiza town then I hope you enjoy my list!

Enjoy Ibiza and enjoy eating for change!

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