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8 Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Valencia, Spain

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023

Vegan Food in Valencia is easy to find – let me show you where!

vegan food in Valencia Spain - Vegan Summer rolls

If you’re looking for vegan restaurants in Valencia, I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’m going to let you in on the 8 best places to get great vegan food in Valencia, Spain including the best vegan tapas in Valencia.

As a vegan, before travelling, you always wonder, will this place be a vegan food heaven? Or will you find yourself famished and crawling past a million heart-breaking and belly-rumbling menus?

Personally, I’d still travel there either way but it’s good to be mentally prepared.

So, let’s talk about the chilled-out and stunning city of Valencia. It certainly isn’t an international award-winning vegan city but there’s plenty of fantastic vegan food in Valencia, you’ve just got to find it.

And compared to my visit a few years previous, vegan restaurants and vegetarian restaurants in Valencia are coming along nicely.

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8 Amazing Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Valencia:

1. La Tavernaire – For Vegan Tapas in Valencia

Location of La Tavernaire on Google Maps

Pull up a stool here on a Friday night and you could be in any traditional taverna in Valencia.

Yes! La Tavernaire is a fully vegan tapas bar in Valencia! And it’s in one of the coolest parts of the city, Ruzafa.

Vegan tapas in Valencia

I absolutely love this place because you don’t feel like a special vegan, eating special vegan food in a special vegan restaurant. You feel like you’re just a regular person enjoying tapas on a Friday night in Valencia.

Inside it’s pretty snug and personal so it’s especially nice on a cooler Valencian evening. But this means on the busier nights squeezing in can be quite the embrace!

Now we’re talking about Valencia so cool evenings aren’t exactly what this city is known for so if you still want to enjoy superb tapas while feeling Ruzafa’s warm air there are a few high tables outside.

Vegan food in Valencia

They’ve got loads on offer, vegan paella, vegan croquettes, vegan fajita wraps and the best vegan patatas bravas in Valencia!

This is also a great place to keep the beer flowing….oh and it’s pretty cheap too! What’s not to love?!

Find La Tavernaire on Google Maps.

2. Miss Sushi – For Vegan Sushi in Valencia

Find Miss Sushi’s Location on Google Maps

You’ve guessed it, Miss Sushi sells sushi!

This is absolutely the place to go if you want vegan sushi in Valencia

Vegan sushi Valencia

You’ll find a bunch of these restaurants around Spain and three in Valencia. Miss Sushi’s prices are good and even though the decor is a bit out there, hot pink and silver, it’s still a relaxed and quite casual place.

There are loads of vegan options on the menu and they offer so much more than just the usual avocado and cucumber rolls. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every vegan option – so that makes me an expert…in eating at least!

You can also try the combo plate, this gives you a selection and is perfect for lunch. And if you’re going with someone that doesn’t like sushi, no sweat, there are other things like noodles, poké bowls and Japanese potatoes – YUM! Check out their vegan menu.

I’ve tried all three of the restaurants in Valencia and they all offer a great standard of delicious sushi but my favourite by far is the one in Cortes – the food was always the best here and the guy that works there is friendly and speaks great English.

Find your closest Miss Sushi on Google Maps.

If you’re looking for some other types of Asian food in Valencia check out Best Vegan Asian food in Valencia, Spain.

3. Jardin UrbanoSunny Spot in Ruzafa

Find Jardin Urbano’s Location on Google Maps

Jardin Urbano is a fully vegan restaurant in a beautiful sunny spot in Ruzafa in Valencia. 

It has vegan options for pretty much anything you’re looking for, breakfast, brunch, lunch dinner, dessert, coffee or drinks. 

Jardin Urbano - fully vegan restarant in Valencia

Take a look at Jardin Urbano’s fully vegan menu

They have set menus for breakfast brunch and lunch and they are great value! You can also order some simple favourites such as vegan pancakes and vegan sandwiches. 

Oh, and I’d better not forget the amazing selection of vegan tapas. Such as vegan patatas bravas, guacamole with veggies and nachos and Spanish tortillas.

So, if you’re looking for an amazing selection of vegan food in Valencia head to Jardin Urbano for one of the best fully vegan restaurants in the city. You can sit out on their front terrace to enjoy the rays or find a table inside to get a bit of shade.

Find Jardin Urbano on Google Maps.

4. La Tastaolletes – For Vegan Tapas, Vegan Burgers and so much more!

Find La Tastaolletes on Google Maps

La Tastaolletes has made it to my list because of the pure quality of their dishes! The food is absolutely fab and it’s a great option for vegan tapas, as well as regular vegan dishes.

This vegetarian restaurant is on the outskirts of El Carme, the old town of Valencia. You can sit inside if the weather is too much but sitting outside on the tree-lined street is a beautiful way to enjoy your lunch.

Vegan friendly restaurants in Valencia

La Tastaolletes really is a vegan and vegetarian paradise. I’ve probably eaten here about 10 times and tried a lot from the menu. The stars of the show are the Vietnamese summer rolls and the Beyond burger. Now, I feel the need to say, the Vietnamese summer rolls don’t actually taste like any Vietnamese summer rolls I’ve tried before but nonetheless, they are incredible.

And the burger, well, sometimes when you get served great mock meat burgers in a place that sells meat it can be concerning. But as this place is vegan and vegetarian you know the burger is meat-free, because otherwise, I’d be doubting it. This burger is as good as any burger I’ve ever eaten. Even in my meat-eating days. I almost ordered a second one!

These are just two things from their menu but there are so many great vegan options to try. So it’s a must-try spot to get vegan food in Valencia.

Find La Tastaolletes on Google Maps

5. Lo de Ponxe En El Kinto Pino – For a Vegan Health-kick

Find Lo de Ponxe En El Kinto Pino on Google Maps.

Well, this place is almost therapeutic! Lo de Ponxe En El Kinto Pino is a cosy little macrobiotic and fully vegan restaurant in Valencia. 

Every bite of the food makes you feel like you’re doing your body a favour! So, if you’re conscious about what you put into your body or you’ve had a heavy weekend and need to do some repair work this is the place for you.

Vegan friendly restaurants in Valencia

They offer a set menu with a few different options to choose from. To be honest, I never really know what I’ve ordered so it’s a surprise when it lands on my table. But it’s always been rich and wholesome vegan food and usually full of flavour.

As the menu is macrobiotic it’s quite heavy on beans, vegetables and healthy grains, which can be boring if not done with love. This food is far from boring so they must be pouring bucketloads of love in. Oh, and the portions are always generous and the price is more than fair.

This spot really is unique in Valencia. I haven’t come across anywhere like it for healthy vegan food in Valencia.

Find Lo de Ponxe En El Kinto Pino on Google Maps.

6. Khambu – Vegan Junk Food in Valencia’s Old Town El Carmen

Find Khambu’s location on Google Maps.

Here’s another full vegan restaurant in Valencia. This one you’ll find in the charming old town of El Carmen and it has a huge range of vegan junk food

Whatever you’re looking for, vegan burgers, vegan hotdogs or nachos, fries or vegan nuggets, you’ll find it all at Khambu. It’s fast food that you can order to take away or sit in their modern-style vegan restaurant to eat it. 

And another positive is that it seems to not only be a favourite with vegans but non-vegans too.

Find Khambu on Google Maps.

7. Restaurante Copenhagen

Find Restaurante Copenhagen’s location on Google Maps.

If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant with a little more class and style, Valencia has that too. In the heart of Ruzafa, you’ll find yet another fully vegan gem of a restaurant.

Restaurante Copenhagen is a vegetarian restaurant that lets vegans in Valencia enjoy something a little more on the fancy side.

Now, don’t get me wrong, nobody is sweeping the crumbs from the table as you chew, thankfully! But there’s a style to the restaurant, the menu, the presentation of the food and a slightly higher price tag. Only slightly higher though, the food is really good value for a fancy restaurant. 

Their menu offers a huge selection of vegan tapas, salads, and mains such as Beyond burgers, noodles, tacos and curry. And you can find some amazing vegan desserts on their menu too.

Find Restaurante Copenhagen on Google Maps.

Find Mongkut’s location on Google Maps.

No list of mine is complete without a mention of Thai food, and with food this good, it’s easy to add it to the list. 

Thai Mongkut is one of my favourite spots in the city and if you’re looking for vegan Thai food in Valencia nowhere comes even close!

As soon as you walk in, the traditional yet modern decor is sure to take you to a faraway place but if there’s any chance it doesn’t, your first bite absolutely will. 

They serve one of my favourite Thai dishes, Kao Soi, a spicy soup from Northern Thailand. If you’re a fan of Thai food and have never tasted this then prepare for something special. It’s a rich and spicy soup with rice noodles in it and crunchy noodles on top. 

They also have all the regular favourites like curries and pad thai.

Their menu has allergy symbols next to each dish so you know exactly what’s vegan-friendly. But if you’ve any questions I’m certain one of the friendly staff members will help. Check out Thai Mongkut’s menu.

Find Mongkut on Google Maps.

So, that’s it! That’s my opinion of the best vegan restaurants in Valencia, Spain! I hope enjoy the food and the absolutely wonderful city of Valencia!

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