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Are Wax Melts Vegan? Where to Buy the Best Vegan Wax Melts in 2024

Vegan wax melts in a wax burner

Are Wax Melts Vegan?

Last updated on December 14th, 2023

Well, just like candles, regular wax melts are often not vegan. This is because the common way to make wax is not vegan-friendly. Sometimes wax melts or candles can be made using beeswax or other animal-derived ingredients such as stearic acid, which can be used to harden soap and candle wax. 

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Can I Get Vegan Wax Melts?

Yes, It’s easy to get vegan wax melts. Despite the fact that I just said they often aren’t vegan, that’s not the case for all of them. With so many things I talk about, it’s not as simple as just grabbing the first ones you see but vegan alternatives are available if you know where to look.

Can Wax Be Vegan?

Yes, wax can be vegan. Whether or not wax is vegan comes down to what the wax is made of. Candle and wax making has had a long history and in the early years, candles were not something to give your home a relaxing atmosphere. They were a necessity of everyday life and to make them they used byproducts of anything they could find. Such as animal fats and fish oils, this wasn’t vegan-friendly, or in any way relaxing.

These days there are more options and resources available for candle makers and they are beginning to use options that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and vegan friendly.

What Wax Is Vegan?

Vegan wax is wax that does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. So this means that wax made using any colourings, scents or any other additives that have come from animals including beeswax is not vegan-friendly. 

What Are Vegan Wax Melts Made Of?

These days the most common wax used to make vegan wax melts is soy wax. When sourced sustainable soy is a crop that just keeps performing magic. Vegan candles can also be made using coconut or rapeseed wax.

Is Paraffin Vegan?

Another unclear option when it comes to making vegan wax and vegan candles is paraffin. If we just talk simply about if it has any animal-derived ingredients in it then no, it doesn’t, so paraffin is vegan in that sense.

However, as it’s a byproduct of the crude oil industry its environmental impact comes into serious question. And that’s before even mentioning that potential harm to your health So, while wax made using paraffin may technically be vegan, there certainly is more to the story, take a look at what Cosy Owl say in their article The Truth About Paraffin Wax And Sustainability.

Are Soy Wax Melts Vegan?

Yes, in most cases soy wax melts are vegan. This is simply because the wax is made using soy which is a staple ingredient in many vegan’s lives. However, there is a slight chance that a candle or wax melt made using soy wax may have another questionable ingredient in it. If non-vegan colourings or ingredients are added to create the scents then this, of course, would mean they it’s no longer suitable for vegans.

This doesn’t usually happen, I guess because if someone has made soy wax they likely have the vegan market in mind. But if they don’t confirm whether or not they are vegan, it’s best to just check with them. 

While it’s not actually hard to get your hands on some vegan ones it can still be a challenge to find them when you’re just out and about shopping.

So, I created a list of some of the best vegan wax melts you can easily get online.

Vegan wax melts burning

Vegan Wax Melts On Etsy:

Vegan Wax Melts On Amazon:

And what’s the point in having any of these lovely wax melts without the perfect wax burner? Take a look at this one:

Love Daisyx Candles – Wax Burner Gift Set


Are Wax Melts Vegan Friendly?

Often, yes, wax melts are vegan-friendly but you just need to know which ones to look out for. If they are made from soy you’re probably onto a winner. If they say vegan stick them in your basket and skip home.

Thanks for sticking around to the end. If you’re a fan of things that can make your home smell beautiful then maybe you’ll enjoy reading my post on the Best Vegan Candles.

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