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The Four Best Spots for Vegan Khao Soi in Bangkok in 2024 – Local Vegan Delights

The Four Best Spots for Vegan Khao Soi in Bangkok in 2024 - Local Vegan Delights

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024

If you’re a vegan wandering in Bangkok, I bet you’re curious about where to get the best vegan Khao Soi. Well as a passionate vegan and a seeker of the best vegan food out there, I’ve come to appreciate the art of finding exceptional vegan versions of traditional dishes. And today I’m going to share with you what I’ve found in my search for the best vegan Khao Soi in Bangkok in 2024. 

Khao Soi, a beloved Northern Thai noodle soup, typically features a meaty broth and chicken or beef. However, the vegan version can be absolutely incredible, if you find the right one. 

The essence of Khao Soi lies in its creamy, coconut milk-based curry, infused with a delicious mixture of spices and herbs. Let’s not forget the incredible combination of both crunchy and soft noodles and on the side, you’ll usually get some pickled veg, chopped onions and fresh lime.

In a vegan version, proteins like tofu or tempeh often substitute for meat, while vegetable broths are used in the soup’s base. The result is a dish that’s both irresistible and authentically Thai.

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Let’s Check out the Four Best Spots for Vegan Khao Soi in Bangkok in 2024:

1. May Veggie Home

Fully Vegan Restaurant in Bangkok

Location: Find May Veggie Home on Google Maps

First up, May Veggie Home, this place has a welcoming vibe that’s not always easy to find in the city’s usual hectic pace. 

It’s usually busy but still keeps a calm and relaxing vibe. And everyone always seems to be enjoying their dishes, and rightly so – their vegan Khao Soi is a standout.

The vegan Khao Soi has perfectly balanced flavours, with the right amount of spice, creaminess, and that ‘oomph’ you look for in a good bowl of Khao Soi. 

And the rest of their menu – it’s like a treasure trove for vegans. From incredible Pad Thai and sushi rolls to vegan ice cream, it’s a place where you could go every day and still find something new to try.

2. Kaek Kao Kua

Fully Vegan Restaurant in Bangkok

Location: Find Kaek Kao Kua on Google Maps

Then, there’s the hidden gem, Kaek Kao Kua. Tucked away down a serene street, this spot also offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle.

Their vegan Khao Soi is an experience in itself. It’s made using homemade noodles and each bite is filled with flavours of a spicy and sour broth, coupled with a mix of fresh vegetables and crispy fried wontons. 

Some of the portions are a bit small but the prices are more than fair so just order a little extra.  And the guys that run this place are just lovely, adding a personal touch to the meal that makes it even more special.

3. Khun Churn in White

Vegetarian Restaurant

Location: Find Khun Churn in White on Google Maps

Khun Churn in White - Vegan Khao Soi Bangkok

Khun Churn in White is another must-visit for vegan Khao Soi in Bangkok. It’s a vegetarian café that’s incredibly vegan-friendly. Ask them to veganize a dish, and they do it with a smile.

But we are here to talk about their Khao Soi. And what Khao Soi it is! It’s a flavour-packed bowl of vegan goodness that looks, smells and tastes authentic (I think, I’ve never tasted the traditional version).

It’s affordable, too, which means you can indulge, every day, if you want, without a worry. It’s places like this that make being vegan in Bangkok such a joy – great food, great prices, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

4. Suananda Vegetarian Garden – A Tranquil Vegan Oasis

Vegetarian Restaurant and Wellness Centre

Location: Find Suananda Vegetarian Garden on Google Maps

And for something a little different, there’s the Suananda Vegetarian Garden. It’s located within a wellness centre, it’s like stepping into a peaceful, green sanctuary. 

Their take on vegan Khao Soi is a delightful one. The calm of the garden setting, the freshness of the ingredients, and the big bowl of rich, creamy goodness with the perfect amount of spice make it a memorable experience. It’s a great place to go if you’re after a little reset.

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Some Fun Facts About Khao Soi

  • Khao Soi’s origins are said to be a blend of Chinese-Muslim and Burmese influences. It likely came to Northern Thailand with Chinese Yunnanese Muslims who migrated to the region. Its similarity to the Burmese dish “Ohn no Khao Swe” suggests a fusion of culinary traditions along the historic trade routes.
  • Khao Soi is a star at numerous Thai food festivals. In Chiang Mai, which is considered the home of Khao Soi, annual food festivals often feature this dish, bringing thousands of visitors to the area.
  • Khao Soi’s recipe varies not just in Thailand but also across neighbouring countries. In Myanmar, a similar dish known as “Ohn no Khout Swe” is popular and the Lao version is known as “Khao Soi Lao”.

Conclusion – Time to go find your perfect vegan Khao Soi in Bangkok

Exploring Bangkok’s vegan scene has never been more exciting, especially with these incredible spots serving up some of the best vegan Khao Soi you could ask for. 

Each of these vegan-friendly restaurants brings its unique flair to this classic dish, meaning that vegan food is anything but boring. So, time to set off and enjoy vegan Khao Soi in one of these spots, if not all four.

Well, now you know where to find the best vegan Khao Soi in Bangkok in 2024, why not check out some of these other posts where I share the best spots to get vegan versions of other traditional Thai dishes:

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