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Can Vegans Eat Gravy in 2024?You Bisto Believe it!

Last updated on December 15th, 2023

Is Gravy Vegan? – And where to buy it

Can vegans eat gravy

The simple answer is yes vegans can eat gravy. The longer answer is vegans can’t eat every type of gravy, so they have to keep an eye out for vegan-friendly gravy.

In your search, you’ll be able to find gravy labelled as vegan, vegetarian or neither because it has meat in it. 

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Is Gravy Vegan?

There are so many types of gravy, and yes some gravy is vegan. But there are also many of types of gravy that have non-vegan ingredients added.

Where to buy vegan gravy?

Massel has a range of options when it comes to vegan gravy, such as:

Here are some other vegan gravy options you can buy online:

Is Gravy Vegetarian?

Can vegetarians eat gravy? Yes, there are plenty of options when it comes to vegetarian gravy. Although not all gravy is vegetarian either, it’s easy to get vegetarian gravy because Bisto’s original gravy, the one in the red tub is suitable for vegetarians. 

However, remember not all gravy is vegetarian-friendly because many of them contain meats such as beef, chicken and turkey.

Let me make your shopping trip easy by answering this question…

What is gravy? 

Gravy is a thick sauce made from stock, seasoning and often, meat juices. Wheat flour, corn starch and sometimes milk can be added to thicken it. It’s typically poured over a roast dinner.

What Makes Gravy Not Vegan? 

It’s not just the gravy mixes that are not plant-based, even when people make gravy at home it’s often a tradition in many homes to add some of the meat juices into the gravy.

So, as a vegan, you’d need to politely decline the gravy or the invitation to a roast dinner if they are serving traditional gravy. (or bring a little tub in your pocket)

Can Vegans Have Bisto Gravy?

Yes, Bisto makes a vegan-friendly gravy now. Their onion gravy has the word vegan in big letters across it. You can get in it at Tesco or on Amazon.  

They also have a meat-free range which is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and there are two flavours, beef and chicken. The only problem it;’s not the Bisto Meat-Free range isn’t always easy to find. You seem to be able to get it from Tesco at the moment.

The original Bistro gravy is a little trickier because the packaging only says suitable for vegetarians. However, I can’t see anything on the ingredients list that’s not suitable for vegans. So, it may be the case that they make it in a factory that also handles non-vegan ingredients. 

Bisto makes an extensive range of different gravy and most of them are not vegan such as their beef gravy, chicken gravy and turkey gravy.

Is Bisto Vegetarian

Again, there are options when looking for vegetarian Bisto, usually the ones that are vegetarian are vegan too because it’s typically beef or chicken extract that is added not milk.

Gravy being poured on potatoes - Is gravy vegan

Is Beef Gravy Vegan?

No, traditionally beef gravy is typically not suitable for vegans, and this is because Bisto’s original beef gravy includes beef extract powder in its ingredients list.  However, you can now get Bisto’s Best Meat Free Beef Flavour Gravy in Tesco.

Is Chicken Gravy Vegan?

No, again typically chicken gravy is not usually vegan either and this is because most brands will use some type of chicken extract such as chicken powder or chicken fat. But the good news is that Bisto’s Best Meat Free Chicken Flavour Gravy is vegan and it’s also available in Tesco.

Does Gravy Have Meat In It?

Some gravy has meat in it. For example, Bisto’s chicken gravy has chicken fat, Bisto’s beef gravy has beef extract and Bisto’s turkey gravy has turkey powder and chicken powder.

Conclusion – Can vegans eat Gravy?

If you’re following a plant-based or vegan diet you don’t have to miss out on this delicious rich thick sauce all over your spuds. You’ll easily be able to find the perfect gravy for your roast dinner online.

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